Fantasy Premier League (FPL) Best Meta Team and Players – Gameweek 25

Want to be a Fantasy Premier League champion? Even just have beat your League, or your friends this week? This is our guide to the the best FPL team for the upcoming Gameweek, to help you prepare you for transfers, Wildcards, and Chips!

Team Explanations

To determine the best team for this Gameweek, we take into account a variety of factors and rules so that it is consistent all year long. We may revise this as time goes, and will look to refine them further over time so that you can get the best use out of them.

  1. Team value is equal less than or equal to £100m.
  2. We recommend players that have the potential to score the most for that week only, based on our latest player Meta Tier List. We may sometimes plan for an upcoming Double Gameweek, Blank Gameweek, fixture issues, and so on, which we will note. We recommend using the Meta Tier List for further planning of your players going forward!
  3. We may hint at Wildcard or Chip usage for the week but they are not considered in creating the team (for example, when a lot of key players injured).
  4. We may sometimes include "off meta" players that are not highly owned or not yet well known, that may offer a good risk to reward ratio. We will note this if this is the case.

Gameweek 24 Review

Gameweek 24 Team Pick

In Gameweek 24, we scored 72 points. The biggest miss was indeed with the Arsenal players, with Saka and Gabriel being the most obvious picks in hindsight. Unfortunately, we thought West Ham could put up more of a fight! Barring that, our first week of recommendations was satisfactory as we look forward to the chaos that is ahead for Gameweek 25.

Gameweek 25 Overview

At last, the exciting Double Gameweek is here! The biggest talking point of the week so far is all about how Man City and Liverpool will do. Interestingly, the official FPL social media account shared the stats of Triple Captain activation - which obviously alludes to... Haaland (if only he had blanked last week...). That is not to say De Bruyne and Alvarez will do badly, it's a very tight pick this week.

As for Liverpool, the news Alexander-Arnold and Allison being out makes their defense lineup a little risky. Who will start? Who will get the full minutes? Will Bradley play in both games? We don't want to guess. And Salah is back! You could swap out Luis Diaz + Saka for Salah and a more budget option if you wish to do so (and it's very tempting to change last minute here).

Luton and Brentford, despite their Double Gameweek, doesn't look too tempting. We've given the edge to Morris over Adebayo, and Barkley could be played here. Toney is also an obvious shout too, but you can only have three forwards and he is more expensive.

Speaking of, Brighton look great looking ahead. Mitoma played the full 90 minutes last week and could perform well here, as well as Groß and the rest of the team.

The next week brings blanks to Liverpool, Luton, Chelsea, and Spurs so also keep that in mind.

Lastly, regarding the Triple Captain chip - it looks like all the wired in players will be using this on Haaland. If he does well, it could mean a bad time if you also don't participate here. If you are chasing though rather than trying to hold, you could take a risk on another option such as Foden or even Salah. Or use Bench Boost instead if your team aligns well.

Nervous times ahead, but we hope everybody has a good week!

Best FPL Team - Gameweek 25

Gameweek 25 Team Pick - Pitch View
Gameweek 25 Team Pick - List View
  • Team Value: £98.7m
  • Chips: Triple Captain, Bench Boost
  • Captain: Haaland, Foden, Diogo J, Dawin
  • Bench Options:
    • Pickford
    • Doughty

Player Replacement Options

  • Man City: De Bruyne, Alvarez
  • Luton: Adebayo, Barkley
  • Liverpool: van Dijk, Salah, Bradley?
  • Brentford: Toney
  • Son, Richarlison, Groß, Gordon