Goddess of Victory: Nikke

Union Raid Boss: Armstrong

A Rapture with a pair of giant arms equipped with various weapons. If you wait for the opportune moment to attack, you'll receive less damage.
153.76M21.63K4.33KUnion Chip x 80
2107.52M21.63K4.33KUnion Chip x 90
3268.8M21.63K4.33KUnion Chip x 100
4268.8M21.63K4.33KUnion Chip x 100
5537.61M21.63K4.33KUnion Chip x 110
6838.99M32.8K6.56KUnion Chip x 120
7838.99M32.8K6.56KUnion Chip x 120
81.15B43.19K8.64KUnion Chip x 130
91.15B43.19K8.64KUnion Chip x 130
101.15B43.19K8.64KUnion Chip x 130
Remaining Ammunition FiringFires many rocket launchers concurrently, dealing damage to a single Nikke.
Stun BulletsFires many special bullets at a single Nikke, dealing damage. The Nikke who is hit cannot move for a certain period of time.
Large Caliber RifleFires an assault rifle at a single Nikke, dealing damage.
BarrageFires many rocket launchers at a single Nikke, dealing damage.
Radiation Rays: DEF DownEmits radioactive rays that temporarily reduce DEF of Nikkes hit by the ray.