Goddess of Victory: Nikke
Grave Digger

Union Raid Boss: Grave Digger

A monster who rules the underground world. The momentum of its giant drill must be stopped.
158.08M32.8K6.56KUnion Chip x 90
2116.17M32.8K6.56KUnion Chip x 100
3290.42M32.8K6.56KUnion Chip x 110
4397.73M43.19K8.64KUnion Chip x 120
5795.46M43.19K8.64KUnion Chip x 130
6795.46M43.19K8.64KUnion Chip x 130
7795.46M43.19K8.64KUnion Chip x 130
81.09B57.6K11.52KUnion Chip x 140
91.09B57.6K11.52KUnion Chip x 140
101.09B57.6K11.52KUnion Chip x 140
Lethal CutterHurls out saw blades, dealing damage to all Nikkes.
Drill MissileFires missiles at a single Nikke, dealing damage. Missiles can be intercepted.
Drill BreakGrave Digger strikes, dealing damage to all Nikkes.
Direct ChargeGrave Digger strikes, piercing through cover and dealing damage to all Nikkes. Can only be stopped through Special Interruption. Should an attempt at Special Interruption fail, Grave Digger will deal damage.