Goddess of Victory: Nikke
Material H

Union Raid Boss: Material H

A type of training device. Made using special parts.
187.13M32.8K6.56KUnion Chip x 90
2174.25M32.8K6.56KUnion Chip x 100
3435.63M32.8K6.56KUnion Chip x 110
4596.6M43.19K8.64KUnion Chip x 120
51.19B43.19K8.64KUnion Chip x 130
61.19B43.19K8.64KUnion Chip x 130
71.19B43.19K8.64KUnion Chip x 130
81.64B57.6K11.52KUnion Chip x 140
91.64B57.6K11.52KUnion Chip x 140
101.64B57.6K11.52KUnion Chip x 140
Missile StrikeFires missiles at a single Nikke, dealing damage. Missiles can be intercepted.
Intense LaserFires a laser beam, dealing damage to all Nikkes.
Turret AssaultFires bullets from a turret near Material H at a single Nikke continuously, dealing damage. The turret can be destroyed.
BarrierGenerates a defensive barrier in front of Material H, defending against all attacks.
Signal for HelpMaterial H rapidly produces Raptures and thrusts them into battle.