Stellar Blade DEMO Review: A Surprising Triumph in Action Gaming

Stellar Blade DEMO Review: Discover the surprising depth of gameplay of this demo. Engaging combat mechanics and immersive atmosphere await.


Welcome to DotGG's Stellar Blade DEMO Review! Developed by Shift Up and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment, this upcoming action-adventure, Stellar Blade, launches on PlayStation 5 on April 26, 2024. Players take control of Eve, a skilled fighter thrust into a desperate battle to reclaim Earth from a relentless alien threat. The game offers a thrilling third-person perspective (just like Granblue Fantasy or Genshin Impact), demanding mastery of enemy attack patterns and precise counters.

Stellar Blade - Demo Teaser | PS5 Games

Stellar Blade has sparked controversy with its provocative visuals with the recently demo released for PS5 players to sample. The game initially faced scrutiny for its aesthetic choices (sigh...). However, the demo has managed to surprise many, offering a deeper and more engaging experience than anticipated.

What is the combat like?

Stellar Blade - Demo Teaser | PS5 Games

Mastering parries and evades fills Eve's Beta Gauge, which unleashes powerful skills like super armor piercing attacks and enemy combo interruptions. For even more devastating offense, successive parries and combos build the Burst Gauge, allowing Eve to activate buffs and unleash earth-shattering attacks. The PlayStation 5's DualSense controller plays a vital role in the experience, delivering immersive haptic feedback that communicates the impact of enemy attacks and the precision of Eve's weapon strikes.

How about the non-combat gameplay?

Beyond combat, exploration offers a variety of ways to navigate the war-torn world. Players can scale walls and swing on ropes to traverse treacherous environments, uncovering hidden secrets like collectible costumes.

A bustling overworld awaits, filled with NPCs offering optional side quests that flesh out the narrative. Strategically placed supply camps act as checkpoints, allowing Eve to restore health and retrieve stored items. However, beware – using these havens conveniently respawns all nearby enemies, forcing you to strategize your movements.

What's the story in a nutshell?

The story unfolds against a backdrop of humanity's struggle for survival. Driven from Earth after a brutal war against the monstrous Naytiba aliens, Eve and her squad fight for a chance to reclaim their home. As the narrative progresses, Eve encounters Adam, a lone survivor, and together they journey to Xion, the last human city on Earth. Here, Eve forges a bond with the wise elder Orcal and the city's residents, all united in the fight to save mankind and retake their lost planet.

Stellar Blade DEMO Review

At first glance, Stellar Blade may seem like another title capitalizing on suggestive imagery. Yet, beneath the surface lies a robust action game with solid gameplay mechanics. Players are greeted with fluid movement, precise timing windows, and impactful combat interactions. This depth of gameplay sets Stellar Blade apart from its initial impressions.

Drawing inspiration from successful titles like Nier: Automata, Stellar Blade intertwines character development with a captivating atmosphere. Conversations between characters and moments of introspection resonate with players, despite occasional stiffness in voice acting. The game succeeds in immersing players in its world, despite its controversial visual style.

Enemy designs in Stellar Blade are suitably gruesome, matching the intensity of the combat. Flashy special abilities, synchronized with a dynamic soundtrack, add to the excitement of each encounter. Perfecting combat techniques, such as parries and dodges, offers a satisfying sense of accomplishment reminiscent of classic action games.

While not a fully open-world experience, Stellar Blade offers exploration elements akin to Scarlet Nexus or Code Vein. Platforming segments and environmental details enhance immersion, despite limitations in scope. Progression is fueled by skill trees and weapon upgrades, providing depth to the gameplay loop.

Despite its strengths, Stellar Blade still faces challenges. Microsoft's reluctance to release the game on Xbox platforms and potential bans in certain countries loom over its future. However, for PS5 owners seeking an action-packed experience, Stellar Blade's demo offers a promising glimpse into what the full game has to offer.

What we liked and didn't like

Positive takes after playing the DEMO:

  • The game seamlessly combines elements of character action and Kingdom Hearts on steroids gameplay.
  • Combat mechanics are deep and satisfying, featuring standard combo systems, blocking, parrying, dodging, and more.
  • Gear customization adds depth to gameplay, allowing players to tailor their playstyle.
  • Aesthetic inspirations from post-future sci-fi create a unique and immersive world.
  • The soundtrack enhances the atmosphere, with memorable tracks that complement different gameplay moments.

Things we didn't like after playing the DEMO:

  • Inconsistencies in cancelable attacks and timing create a learning curve and detract from fluidity.
  • Pacing issues, such as awkward pauses after knockdowns and cutscene interruptions, disrupt immersion.
  • Performance concerns, including frame rate drops and input delay, affect gameplay experience.
  • Some combat timings feel overly strict, leading to frustration and potentially unfair encounters.
  • Uncertainty regarding the game's direction and how it balances its inspirations may impact overall enjoyment.


Stellar Blade (previously Project EVE) - State of Play Sep 2022 Story Trailer | PS5 Games

While Stellar Blade may not be everyone's cup of tea due to its controversial visuals, its gameplay mechanics offer a satisfying experience for fans of the genre. The demo serves as a testament to the game's potential, showcasing its depth and innovation. Whether intrigued by its aesthetics or simply seeking a fun game to play, Stellar Blade deserves consideration from action gaming enthusiasts. Thank you for reading our Stellar Blade DEMO Review! Appreciate our readers and hope to see you all in the next one.

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