Tarisland Codes

Tarisland Codes

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Tarisland has free rewards that players can obtain by redeeming codes. Make sure to claim them all! This guide has the full list of active codes, as well as instructions on how you can redeem them. New Promo Codes are added from time to time, so be sure to bookmark this page and check back later!

Active Codes

TARIS20242000 Silver Coin
1 Crit Potion
MMO20242000 Silver Coin
1 Attack Potion
10 HP Potion
10 MP Potion
PlayTarisland2000 Silver Coin
20 HP Potion


  1. Click the System icon on your UI (Cogwheel and Wrench icon).
  2. Select Settings on the menu.
  3. Click Redeem Gift Pack to ppen a new screen to enter the code.
  4. Input the code you want to redeem on your character.
  5. Be aware you can only use the code once, and the rewards go to that character only.
  6. Check in-game mail for rewards.