★Early Access FAQ★ for Regulars!


Greetings, Regulars! 
This is the Tower of God: New World Team.


Many Regulars are playing the Early Access that opened on 7/21(Fri) 
Thank you so much for all your interest and support. 😎😎


We have prepared an ★Early Access FAQ★ to help our Regulars play the game.
We are hoping that this helps the gameplay.


In addition, we will share the answers to the questions that the Regulars are curious about through this notice, so check out the new information down below and continue to climb the Tower!


★Early Access FAQ★ for Regulars


Q1. What is the server structure of Tower of God: New World?

A) Tower of God: New World's servers are not divided by country, and competitions
are server based by default! At the time of the Grand Launch, new servers will be created sequentially, so stay tuned!
* In the case of joining an Alliance or sending/receiving Friend Requests, it can be done regardless of the servers.


Q2. What are the criteria for duplicate nicknames?

A) You cannot set the same nickname within the same server, but there is no problem creating the same      nickname for different servers.



See you at the Top! 
We’ll be working hard to provide a better game experience to our Regulars!


Thank you


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