01/03 Update Details


Greetings, Regulars!

This is the Tower of God: New World team.


A new year has just begun ~! 🌞


Let’s give a warm welcome to the new Teammate brought by this Update: [Dollmaker] Verdi!


When she sees a cute person, Verdi usually tries to turn that person into her doll...!!

Meet Verdi in the game~ 🐙


Access the game after the update and participate in SSR [Dollmaker] Verdi’s Growth Missions, and kick-off the new year with the Check-in Event!


Gather your Alliance Member’s strength and challenge the opposing Alliance!

Conquer their Tower in the new event “Tower of Alliances”!!


The Formation Strategy Lesson Event will join the event line-up on 01/10 ~


Check below for more details on the first update of 2024!



◆ 01/03 Update Details

* The images included in this notice were taken in a test environment and may differ from the actual screen.



◆ New Teammate

-  SSR [Dollmaker] Verdi has been added.


◆ [Dollmaker] Verdi

(Grade: SSR / Element: Purple Element / Role: Ranged)

- SSR [Dollmaker] Verdi’s Summon, Codex, Soulstone, Archive, and Gem Shop data have been added.

- [Dollmaker] Verdi can be obtained through Summon Teammate, SSR Soulstone, and SSR Purple Soulstone.


▶ Check out [Dollmaker] Verdi’s Introduction Video
* The video was produced based on the test environment and is subject to change by the time of the Update.


◆ [Dollmaker] Verdi Skills Info

Skill Type

Skill Description


Special Move

Verdi summons a giant octopus which fires a giant shinsu cannon, dealing 320% of Verdi’s ATK as DMG 10 times. The giant octopus pushes away all allies and enemies when it appears. Verdi becomes immune to status effects while using this skill.



A small octopus shoots ink at an enemy to Blind enemies in range for 8s. Inked enemies have their Purple Element Resistance decreased by 40%.



A giant octopus tentacle appears near the enemy and strikes to deal 800% of Verdi’s ATK as DMG and Stun them for 3s.



Verdi’s ATK increases by 16% every time she uses a basic attack or skill on the same enemy. (Unlimited stacks)

The stacks reset if the attack target changes, or if the target is Knocked Down, Knocked Back, sent Airborne, or pushed back.

* The information above considers the skills in level 5.



◆ New Costume

- 1 new Costume has been added.


✨ Verdi ‘Cozy Dream’

- This Costume can be obtained through specific bundles.



▶ How to Equip Costumes

- Go to [Main Lobby > Teammate], and select the Teammate you purchased/obtained a costume for.

- Tap the [Costume] button in the bottom right to select, and equip the Costume.


▶ [01/03 New Bundles]

For more details on the new costume, check out the [01/03 New Bundles] notice.



◆ New Other Story

- New Other Story ‘Verdi’s Hobbies’ has been added. Vespa and Verdi slowly begin to understand each other through the ‘Witch Observation Log’ in this cute story.

- Clear the Story Act 6-2 to unlock the Sides. Enter the [Story Mode] > [Side] in the top right-hand corner to access the new Other Story.




◆ Happy New Year Check-in Event

- Event Period: 2024/01/03 (Wed) After Maintenance  -  Before the Next Update Maintenance Starts

- Event Details: Access the game everyday during the event period to receive Check-in rewards!


◆ Tower of Alliances

- Event Period: 2024/01/03 (Wed) After Maintenance -  01/13 (Sat) 08:49:59 (UTC+9)

- Event Details: Challenge the Tower made up of the opponent Alliance members' team and win the battle!


◆ Verdi’s Growth Missions

- Event Period: 2024/01/03 (Wed) After Maintenance  - 01/18 (Thu) 08:49:59 (UTC+9)

- Event Details: After obtaining SSR [Dollmaker] Verdi, complete missions, and collect points to earn another [Dollmaker] Verdi and other various rewards!!!


 ◆ Formation Strategy Lesson

- Event Period: 2024/01/10 (Wed) 09:00 - 01/24 (Wed) 08:49:59 (UTC+9)

* The Event will be available on 2024/01/10 without any additional maintenance.

- Event Details: During the event period, select different formations and battle opponents to receive Tokens that can be exchanged for various items in the Event Exchange Shop!


For more details on the event, check out the [01/03 In-game Events] notice.

▶ [01/03 In-game Events]



◆ New Year Bingo Time

- Event Period: 2024/01/03 (Wed) After Maintenance - 01/18 (Thu) 08:49:59 (UTC+9)

- Event Details: Play the New Year Bingo to earn rewards!



● How to Obtain Bingo Tickets:

- Special Bingo Tickets and Bingo Tickets, required to participate in Yellowy's New Year Bingo Time! event, can be obtained through the following content:


Ticket Type


How to Obtain

Bingo Ticket


(Quick Loot Excluded)

1 Ticket is distributed every 1 hour of accumulated Loot

(1 Day: 24 Tickets)

Daily Missions

Daily Mission Points

Receive 100 Points to receive 10 Tickets (Daily)

Maintenance Compensation

Receive 20 Tickets after the Maintenance is complete

Special Bingo Ticket


Bingo Products Purchase

▶ 2024 Bingo Products Shortcut 

Exchange Shop

Exchangeable with Suspendium

* You can obtain Bingo Tickets from the Loot for the accumulated time from the start of the event at 2024/01/03 (Wed) 09:00 (UTC+9) until the end of the update maintenance.
* If the Loot accumulation time reaches MAX before 09:00 (UTC+9) on 2024/01/03 (Wed) 09:00 (UTC+9), you can obtain Bingo Tickets after receiving MAX Loot.


◆ New Bundles

▶ [01/03 New Bundles]

For more details on the new bundles, check out the [01/03 New Bundles] notice.



◆ Improvements


1. New Products added to the Workshop Store

- New products that can be purchased with Soul Crystals have been added to the [Workshop Store > Gem Shop]


Unlock Requirements

 Products are added after clearing Adventure Stage 14-40

New Products

Master Key x1, Master Key x3, Master Key x5, Rare Shinsu Sea Whetstone x1


2. New Regulars Welcome Reward Name and Claim Period changes

- Teammate SSR [Black March] Bam, previously distributed as a ‘Pre-registration Reward’ when first accessing the game, will be distributed under the name of ‘New Regulars Welcome Reward’ starting on 2024/01/03.

- The New Regulars Welcome Reward can be received 1 time per server.


Reward Name


Claim Period

New Regulars Welcome Reward

SSR [Black March] Bam

2024/1/3 After Maintenance


Until Further Notice

* For more details on the New Regulars Welcome Reward, please check the [How to Claim the Pre-registration Reward] notice.


◆ Fixes

- Fixes the issue where the cut scene camera occasionally doesn’t work correctly when using certain characters’ Special Moves.



See you at the Top!

We’ll keep working hard to provide a better game experience to our Regulars!
Thank you.





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