01/11 Suggestion Feedback


Greetings, Regulars!

This is <Tower of God: New World> PD. Eonsan Jeong.


2 weeks have already gone by since I greeted everyone in our Live stream.


I was very nervous, and stuttered a lot because it was my first Live, so I’d like to thank everyone who joined me and watched it.


The preparation process was also not smooth and I’m sure that there were parts that were a bit disappointing.


I will do a lot better next time!


Now, after our Live, it is time to talk about the suggestions received until the beginning of January.



Q. Inconveniences after the 1/3 Update


Our Regulars mentioned how having the exchange amount set to the maximum quantity possible resulted in unwanted and/or accidental exchanges in the Bingo Exchange Shop. Before anything else, we’d like to apologize for the inconvenience caused.


We considered using the max. quantity for exchange during the planning phase, and failed to consider the inconveniences it could cause. The default exchange count was set to 1 through the app Update released on 1/4, and just in case there’s any Regular who didn’t update their app, we highly recommend visiting your marketplace and doing so.


We plan to show a confirmation pop-up for situations that use Suspendium, or other similar approach to ensure a safer process.


On a different note, there was an issue in Tower of Alliances where the Combat Power of Teammates dispatched to the defense decks was lower than usual when displayed on different contents. This issue had no influence over the Stats applied and was only an incorrect visual display that was also fixed through the 1/4 recommended app Update.



Q. Tower of Alliances Event Participation Improvements


Many Regulars are climbing to the top as the new event, Tower of Alliances, starts. However, we receive comments about how Regulars who couldn’t join an Alliance were not able to meet the event’s participation requirements and cannot participate at all.


Considering that the rival Alliance dispatches their decks at the start of the event, there was a possibility of this point being exploited. To prevent this, participation was limited to Alliances with 10 or more members for minimum battle requirements, and to members who joined prior to the beginning of the event.


To prevent cases where joining an Alliance was not possible for not knowing the schedule, we’ll inform our Regulars through the mailbox (in-game notices) and a notice of the schedule in advance.


We’ll also make improvements so that it is a bit easier to find schedule information even in the game.



Q. Requests to change the default Auto Clear count to 1 in the Secret Floor


This case is similar to what we’ve seen in the Bingo Exchange Shop and the default count being set to the max. value.  When using Auto Clear in the Secret Floor, the default amount of Master Key to be consumed will be set to 1. The change will be applied after the build Update in mid-January.



Q. Adding a VIP System and Pass Prices


This was also a topic brought up through the comments during the Live, mentioning that there are way too many Passes and that they are too expensive. We completely understand this concern, and will review internally if there is any room for improvements. We’ll let you know what we decided.


As for a VIP System, each player may see this differently, so we are carefully evaluating this topic. All Regulars who show their love and support to the game should feel that their needs are met and their feelings understood, so we will talk about this in detail again as soon as possible.



Q. Adding a “practice battle” to Alliance Expedition


We received requests to add a practice mode to Alliance Expedition. Considering Alliance Expedition is a mode where you can cancel the ongoing battle and challenge it again, we are leaning towards releasing new content to bring more fun to the table instead of adding a practice mode. We will keep doing our best to speed up the development and release various contents.



Q. Adding Content Involving All Servers


Another suggestion we received asked us to add a new content that involves all servers, considering that each server has different growth and ranking achievement levels. A game mode to determine who is the strongest Regular among all servers is currently being developed and we aim to release it somewhere in March. We’ll share more details through our Dev. Notes once things are a bit more concrete.



Q. Add equipping Ignition Weapon and equipment feature in the Arena simulation


We agree to add this feature, but it will be added after other improvements and developments that are of higher priority are complete. Details and schedule for this will be informed through a future notice.



Q. Underground Laboratory Reward Diversification


Currently, the reward obtainable from Underground Laboratory is limited to one type - Data Shard, which is available in the Research Lab, so many Regulars asked if the rewards could be a little more diverse.


As of now, there are no plans to provide additional rewards to the Underground Laboratory. However, we plan to expand the max. level of the Research Lab so that our Regulars can utilize the accumulated Data Shards more, and this would be updated around mid-January.



Q. Usage of Costume Exchange Ticket


There was an inquiry about whether there is any content that the Costume Exchange Ticket, an item can be obtained when acquiring a duplicate costume, can be used.


It's been quite a while since our Regulars received Costume Exchange Tickets, and we apologize for not being able to provide contents where you can use the Tickets quickly.


Currently, we are preparing to allow our Regulars to select a costume using the Costume Exchange Tickets around the end of March.

According to our operational plan, we will prevent the acquisition of duplicate costumes as much as possible.



Q. It is Difficult to Recognize the Administrator’s Blessing


We received feedback that it was difficult to recognize the activation conditions for the Administrator's Blessing because there was no information provided.


Since using the Administrator's Blessing appears as a mission-clear condition, and is highly utilized in-game, it may have seemed even less intuitive. We will review and make improvements to enhance awareness, such as placing the Administrator's Blessing on the basic UI at all times.



So far, we have responded to the feedback we received until the 2nd week of January.


We wish you a happy new year in 2024, and we will continue to communicate more with our Regulars in the future.


Thank you.





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