Dev Note #10.5 [Updated on 17:48 UTC+9]


● Additional guidance on expanding Revolution's supply channels


First of all, we apologize for any confusion caused by the example screen under development related to the expansion of supply channels. We will provide additional guidance on improvement directions. 


Please note that the example images were taken under test environment conditions and the displayed values are subject to change. 


In addition, we are aware of the valuable opinions provided by many Regulars regarding the sources and products of Revolution. With that in mind, we intend to proceed with improvements in the following two directions.


1. Supply channel exchange balance
In-game supply channels remain as previously outlined, however, please note that the example images were taken under test environment conditions and do not represent actual applied values. We plan to make improvements to better assist your use of Revolution, and we will also ensure that Revolution-related items can be obtained through various events in the future. Please refer to the upcoming Update Details Notice for the actual applied values.

2. Retroactive application for Regulars who already purchased the existing products

In order to alleviate the burden of acquiring items/Currency through other products, we are preparing to improve existing products, including "Underground Pass+," and add new products. However, please be advised that with the expansion of supply channels and adjustments to products, the value of Revolution Currency may fluctuate.


We plan to separately apply retroactive measures regarding your purchases according to the changing value of items and provide additional items/Currency. We will provide more detailed information via announcement at a later date. 


We'll strive to provide a seamless playing experience with the new update as outlined.

Thank you. 


Greetings Regulars.

This is <Tower of God: New World> PD, Eonsan Jeong.


First and foremost, we apologize for causing an unsatisfactory and disappointing playing experience despite the extensive additions, modifications, and improvements made for the 3/27 update. We feel that we should have prepared more meticulously for the updates that Regulars have been anticipating for a long time. 


We are currently working to quickly improve the areas that were lacking after the update and would like to explain the changes that will be reflected in the 4/11 update, taking into account the feedback provided through various channels.


* The screenshots in this Dev Note were taken in a test environment and may be subject to change. Due to the nature of the test environment, some images are partially displayed in Korean. We ask for your understanding.



● Expansion of Revolution Supply Channels


With the implementation of the Revolution system, there was a significant shortage in the supply of items and currency necessary for its growth. Originally, we planned to provide these through newly added Monthly Missions and events.


However, since the update was scheduled for March 27th, even if the Monthly Missions had been opened along with the 3/27 update, there would have been insufficient time to complete them considering the number of days remaining in the month.  Therefore, we decided to start the Monthly Missions on April 1st to ensure that players have ample time to take on the missions. However, this unfortunately led to our Regulars experiencing a greater scarcity of the relevant items.


From March 28th through April 1st, we provided some Revolution items through push rewards, and in April, the Monthly Missions were officially opened. In addition to this, we came to the conclusion that it would be better to allow Regulars to utilize the Revolution more quickly to aid in their growth and combat.


We aim to increase the versatility of Soul Crystals while providing more opportunities to use the coins obtained through the Arena.


* Workshop Store: 4 new products that are available to purchase using Soul Crystals will be added to the Common Crystal Exchange Shop.

* Arena Store: 4 new products that are available to purchase using Arena Coins will be added.






In addition,  we arranged for Revolution Fragments and Shining Revolution Fragments to be exchangeable using event currencies in the Scarf in the Flowery Spring Event Exchange Shop.


Furthermore, in the Hell Train Arena Season 1 event which begins on 4/11, various growth currencies, including Revolution items/currency, are arranged as rewards for reaching each train car.


Lastly, we will expand the highest floors of the Trial of Chaos and Trial of Origin and configure them to ensure materials can be obtained in those Sections as well.

With the implementation of these changes, we hope to create a more seamless gameplay cycle where Revolution items and Currency can be obtained through in-game play, assisting in the progression of adventures.

  • ● New Event: Tower Fun Run Event

As an event linked to the ‘A Scarf in the Flowery Spring Part 2' campaign, the new addition of Tower Fun Run will be added. This game applies the concept of circling the school playground, which is the background of the campaign, using dice. On the game board, [Regular] Ha Yuri appears. The dice consist of random and Guaranteed dice.


Guaranteed dice can be obtained as rewards when you land on certain Tiles of the board, and additional progress is possible by moving on to the Bonus Tiles of the board.


Furthermore, a convenient feature allowing players to throw as many dice as they want at once will be added, providing a more enjoyable experience when compared to previous events.






We will dedicate a greater focus to ensuring the overall coherence of the game. We will aim to eliminate any aspects that may feel overly burdensome or cumbersome due to repetitive gameplay, similar to the challenges encountered in the previous Untrustworthy Doors Event.


Additionally, we've received feedback that the configuration of the campaign itself tends to be similar to previous events. In light of this feedback, we will strive to provide a renewed sense of novelty for each campaign.


  • Survey Event and April Live Broadcast Plans


Following the scheduled update on April 11th, we will be conducting a survey event. We will be gathering feedback not only on the update itself, but also on any suggestions or topics you would like to discuss. Based on the compiled feedback, we aim to hold a live broadcast in the fourth week of April to facilitate further communication.


During this live broadcast, in addition to presenting prepared content, we will engage in interactive communication through chat to address any questions or concerns you may have, thus creating a platform to alleviate any uncertainties or frustrations.


We kindly request your active participation and interest in providing detailed feedback during the survey, as it will enable us to prepare more specific responses. We will announce the schedule of the live broadcast as soon as it is confirmed.


  • As we conclude...


In this Dev Note, although we primarily addressed the additional content arranged for April 11th,  we are also aware of other issues that will need to be attended to. Through our operations and communication in April, we will strive to create opportunities for further progress. We appreciate your understanding of any shortcomings in the highly anticipated March update, and we promise to put forth our best efforts in providing the best <Tower of God: New World> gaming experience.


Thank you.








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