12/18 Suggestion Feedback


Greetings, Regulars!

This is <Tower of God: New World> PD. Eonsan Jeong.


It's already been two weeks since we uploaded the first Suggestion Feedback.


Thankfully, many comments were left, so it took us some time to organize them as we had checked them thoroughly.


We would like to thank our Regulars once again for the continued love and support in our game, and please pay close attention to the upcoming Holiday Update on 12/20.


We will be able to answer any questions, inquiries or opinions that were not answered in this Dev. Note through the Official Live at the end of December.


Check below for more details.



Q. Ignition Weapon UI improvement


There were some opinions that the UI was inconvenient in changing the Ignition Weapon and checking the equipped weapon.


Accordingly, through the 12/20 Update, the Ignition Weapon swapping function will be added. Also, the equipment screen will be improved so that it remains the last selected screen between the Normal Equipment and the Carrier unless you close the app.


We are also looking into ways to make it easier to see which teammate is wearing what weapon, and what weapons are associated with the set effect of the Ignition Weapon being equipped.


Additionally, some commented that it was difficult to notice which Ignition Weapon was acquired because the red dot was not displayed. In the case of the red dot, we are reviewing whether to prioritize - set effects or each equipment's performance. We will provide further information once the details are finalized.



Q. The Secret Floor Auto clear function


Through the 12/20 Update, a function to auto-clear the Secret Floor at once according to the specified Master Key quantity will be added.



Q. Hoaqin’s illustration change


As we continue to receive the related feedback, we are planning to rework  Hoaqin's illustration to a more appealing appearance.



Q. Alliance mark diversification


We agree with diversifying the design of the Alliance mark as a means to express the Alliance in a unique way.

Thank you for your feedback. We will also consider ways to obtain Alliance marks as rewards for Alliance events.



Q. Lack of Black Market benefits for Regulars who have completed all SSR+ teammates' Limit Break


I think that if you have completed the Limit Breaking of all SSR+ teammates, you may be reluctant to proceed the Black Market Summon.


We are currently providing an SSR+ Selection Chest when reaching a 200 summon bonus in the Black Market, but we will consider whether there is anything we can do to provide our Regulars a little more motivation.



Q. Gem (Crystal Exchange Shop) item diversification


We are also reviewing the diversification of items within Gem (Crystal Exchange Shop) applying in January. Once more details are confirmed and the Update schedule becomes concrete, we will announce it through a notice or the Dev. Note.


Additionally, about adding Alliance Store items as previously announced, Master Keys and Rare Shinsu Sea Whetstone were added through the 12/14 Update. On 12/20, the rates of items appearing in the Workshop Store will also be available so that you can check them.



Q. Lowering the difficulty of the Trial Area and removing the limit on the clear counts of the Trial of Origin


There were opinions that the Trial Area was difficult to clear due to its high difficulty. Trial Area expansion and balance adjustments will be reflected in the 12/20 Update.


Additionally, there were opinions requesting that the Trial Area should be changed to repeatable content or that the limit on the clear counts for the Trials of Origin should be removed.


We thought the reason for this opinion was that Regulars wanted to supplement their growth materials a bit more. Through the content currently being prepared, we will provide a source of additional growth materials and enhance content enjoyment.


Q. Complaints regarding the collaboration progress


We have carefully reviewed all the various opinions we received while conducting the collaboration. It was an opportunity to see once again how many people love the ‘Tower of God’ IP.


In fact, we have been checking all of the opinions that Regulars have sent. However, in the case of collaboration, it takes quite a long time to prepare a contract and actual development, and there are some difficult parts such as arbitrarily adjusting the update schedule outside of the time of contract. Therefore, despite much feedback from Regulars, the update was carried out in accordance with the contract schedule.


In the future, we will do our best to show our Regulars the original webtoon’s characters in a more attractive way. During the future collaboration event, we will also do our best to make it a festival that as many people as possible can enjoy in an easy and fun way.



Q. Possibility of Collab teammates' return


As you commonly know, collaboration is a form of providing services through a license agreement for only a specific period of time. Therefore, unfortunately, it is difficult to provide additional sources of acquisition, and we would like to inform you that there is no confirmation regarding the return of the Collab Teammates.


However, we are considering how we can help with the further growth of teammates already acquired, and we will continue to add a variety of attractive teammates from the original webtoon to ensure that there is no inconvenience in forming a team.



Q. A function that allows surplus equipment to be used prior to the enhancement hammer when enhancing equipments


It is natural to want to use the low-grade equipment you get while climbing the Tower as an enhancement material before using the hammer.


On the other hand, we think that those who are just starting out may want to preserve at least one piece of equipment and equip it for their teammates.


Therefore, as an optional feature, we will improve it so that Regulars can select equipment as an enhancement material that will be used preferentially.



Q. Removing SR Soulstones from Agency Service Center rewards


Since the SR teammates’ value is relatively low, it has been suggested that the SR Soulstone should be replaced with other items in the Agency Service Center reward.


The Dev Team’s intention was to obtain Common Crystals through using SR Soulstones after Limit Breaking all SR teammates, and then exchange them for various growth goods or SSR teammates at the Gem (Crystal Exchange Store).


However, you may have felt that the process was not reasonable. We will review the Agency Service Center reward list and see if there are any changes that would be good.



Q. A way to reduce server load regarding the 'Equip / Unequip All' feature


Thank you for your suggestion on how to reduce server load when implementing the 'Equip / Unequip All' feature.


We have reviewed the contents, and are continuously reviewing various cost and technical aspects to check if there are any points that can be improved.


In addition to the aforementioned improvements to the Ignition Weapon UI, we will gradually apply comprehensive UI and convenience feature improvements with each update.



Q. Inconvenience regarding the forced transition to low-power mode during the Auto-progress mode


Basically, we thought that Regulars who use auto-progress mode are likely to not be looking at the screen, so we designed the game to be in a low-power mode to reduce battery consumption.


However, we agree that watching our teammates’ battle can also be fun, so we will provide an optional feature to disable low-power mode.


We are considering various options regarding the pop-up which informs Regulars of switching to low-power mode when starting the auto-progress mode, such as ‘Don't show for today’ or having the last selected option applied to the next auto-progress mode.



Q. Stage clear information sharing feature


We are preparing to provide team information and a replay function for the stage you cleared. In particular, it seems that many Regulars are curious about the battle records of stages cleared through the auto-progress mode. It is expected that some of the questions about combat records will be resolved if this function is added.



Q. Request to share teammates’ illustrations and wallpapers


We will continue to provide illustrations and wallpapers through CM Notes or community events in the future.



Q. Loot and stage clear reward improvement


The rewards you can get from Loot will be increased through the Astrolabe content, which will be added in the 12/20 Update. We will provide more detailed information on this through a December Dev. Note.



Q. Tri-Essence Facility page 3 unlock conditions


We often see opinions expressing anxiety about the additional Tri-Essence Facility pages. In the short term, there are no plans to open page 3 yet.


Even if it is opened in the future, we will develop it in a more reasonable form than the 2nd page awakening condition - 'obtain an A-rank stat at all slots'.


In other words, we will ensure that the stats that have been obtained in the desired form in the current state will not have to be adjusted to open additional pages.



Q. Statistics on entire / each server teammate usage rate on each floor


There are some technical difficulties in providing information about the entire server in the form of statistics.


However, although it may be in a slightly different form, we are preparing a function that can view again the stage clear history for each server. We will also prepare a function in which Regulars can check their clear records and the records of other Regulars who recently cleared.



Q. Challenge feature for previously cleared stages


We are concerned about replaying the previous stages as there is a risk that it will become simple repetitive content. We will consider whether there is an alternative that can be proposed, such as adjusting the difficulty level and providing slight variations in the same stage such as Easy, Normal, and Hard modes.



Q. Difficulty in winning in the Formation Selection Arena since only strong opponents are matched


We are currently adjusting it to match opponents with a higher chance of winning through various correction devices. We will continue to monitor this and make improvements.



Q. Adding & Selecting Lobby Background music


Due to the current development schedule, it may be difficult to provide it quickly, but we will prepare a theme song setting feature to provide various BGM in harmony with the background.



Q. Grant various options to equipment according to the position of teammates


We received feedback about providing and changing various options so that Regulars can equip equipment with abilities appropriate for each position. I think this will be improved to some extent if the Ignition Weapons are combined considering character characteristics.


We are preparing to continuously provide a variety of the Secret Floor dungeons and weapon types along with characters, and we plan to introduce two additional types of Ignition Weapons around January.



Q. Melee dealers have lower performance than ranged


In fact, melee teammates are not particularly inferior in performance to ranged teammates currently.


Since there are specialized parts for each teammate's characteristics, we hope that you will find the strategy you want by experimenting with combinations with teammates and Ignition Weapons.


To provide more fun to our Regulars, we will develop various contents, as well as hold community events such as a Strategy King event in the future.



Q. Releasing an event where using stamina constantly or playing repeatedly


First of all, thank you again for your love for the game. Although we are not aiming for a game that must be played for a long time once logged in, we will continue to prepare mini-games such as ‘Climb the Tower’.


We will also further activate content such as the Arena Simulation for strategic exploration. In addition, we are preparing to provide more repetitive content based on the stamina in 2024.



Q. Story event UI improvement - Event stamina can be checked on the main lobby screen


We will review and consider whether the UI will become more complicated if this feature is displayed in the main lobby.



Q. Other bugs and lagging


① Report that Blarode's Reeling skill is snatching the wrong enemies after the Update


This issue was corrected with the 12/02 data patch. To explain the cause of the issue in more detail, it was due to the order in which Blarode's skills were used with the skills activated by Ignition Weapon's set effect.


In order to compensate for the parts that feel different from the existing experience, we have improved it if the skill affects only an individual teammate, it does not affect the existing experience. And if it affects other teammates, it is activated preferentially. This is scheduled to be applied on the 12/20 Update.


Therefore, we would like to inform you that even after application, when Runda's 4 set bonus skill is activated, it may work differently than you think.



② Report that Child Endorsi stops and does nothing during the battle with Zahard


The Dev Team checked the details of the case, and as a result, it was confirmed that the problem was caused by Zahard's Exclusive Equipment Lv.4 skill not functioning imperfectly. Thank you for reporting, and this issue will be fixed in the upcoming 12/20 Update.



③ Report that the ‘Decreasing enemies’ DEF by 80%’ effect of Cheonhwa Hong’s Special move is not applied.


Upon checking, there is currently no problem with the Cheonhwa Hong's special move, but if you have any information to convey such as a specific situation, please contact us through the suggestion board in our Official Forum or Customer Support and we will check further.


④ Report that the excess EXP was not replaced with Shinsu Sea Whetstone and paid to the inventory when enhancing the Ignition Weapon


When strengthening the Ignition Weapon, the excess EXP is replaced with Common or Uncommon Whetstone and paid to the [Bag]. However, although the payment was processed normally on the server, there was an issue where it appeared as if it was not paid due to lack of synchronization in the part shown in the game.


Even if the item is not displayed in the [Bag], it is sent normally in the actual game. You can check the received item in the [Bag] when reconnecting the game, and we will fix this problem through the 12/20 Update.



⑤ Other issues related to optimization, such as game crashing and infinite loading


Game optimization is continuously in progress with each app Update, and we will strive to create a more comfortable game.



We have responded to the feedback of the Suggestion board that has been uploaded over the past two weeks.


We would like to thank you all for your continued feedback, and I hope our Regulars finish this week well.


I will soon deliver news through the Dev. Note and the Official Live.


Thank you.






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