01/26 Suggestion Feedback


Greetings, Regulars!

This is <Tower of God: New World> PD. Eonsan Jeong.


On 1/16, there was the Half-year Anniversary Official Live.


How was the Live that our team prepared - from the interim checkup of improvements that we promised, to the minigame segment? I hope you enjoyed it. 


We have gratefully checked all of our Regulars’ words of love and support, and we will continue to communicate well with you in the future.


Well, as always, let’s check the feedback you have left so far, shall we?



<Feedback Related to the 1/18 Update>


Q. Growth materials unrelated to the new Teammate's element shouldn’t be obtained in the Hot Deal Summon.

Thank you for your feedback. We will adjust the reward list so that you can obtain growth materials related to the released Teammate in the next Hot Deal Summon.



Q. Regulars should be able to vote for each grade of the teammates in the Ultimate Popularity Contest.


First of all, I’d like to appreciate our Regulars for participating in the Ultimate Popularity Contest. Currently, Yihwa Yeon, Urek Mazino, and Data Zahard are placed in the TOP 3.


There was an opinion that as teammates with good performance in game or were popular in the webtoon are in a higher rank by a large margin, there was no room for a reversal in the event.


Since the poll is being held for all teammates, and the teammate with the most votes will receive a special costume, the Ultimate Popularity Contest has been conducted based on one and the same standard rather than being divided by grades.


If we run the same type of event in the future, we will think more carefully about whether there will be a point that can enable a last-minute flip.


The popularity rankings for all released teammates can be checked within the current event, so it would be a good idea to check which teammate is the most popular among R and SR grade.



Q. Improvements related to the Story Mode: Inconvenience of camera operation and collecting Memory Fragments


Through this update, the new Story Mode that many Regulars have been waiting for has been added. Thank you for enjoying the story Part 2.


Some Regulars said that immersion was broken because they had to perform missions such as collecting Memory Fragments while playing the Story Mode.


However, since there are also Regulars who think positively about collecting Memory Fragments and obtaining rewards, it seems difficult to completely delete this content. Instead, as the Story Mode is the content that our Dev. Team puts the most effort, we will do our best to make it more immersive. 


In the case of camera operation, you can currently operate it by dragging the screen from the top.

We will check and improve this to see if there are any parts that feel uncomfortable or that can provide a better operating experience.



Q. Unplayable event missions and suggestions regarding the mission difficulty


There were some opinions that the player who cleared every Adventure content couldn’t proceed with the event mission such as ‘Challenge Adventure Mode 1 time(s)’. Also, some Regulars said that certain event missions are difficult to clear because the clear condition requires victory rather than simply participating or progressing them.


We would like to apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you. We have taken steps to ensure that missions are cleared if you are unable to proceed with a mission because the content is completed early.


We will continue to make improvements by excluding missions that are difficult to progress - since all stages are completed at that time - from the event or allowing them to be cleared automatically.


In the case of a mission where the clear condition is victory, it is difficult to completely delete the mission as it is considered necessary depending on the situation. However, for content with a low probability of success, we will include participation missions considering the overall event difficulty.



<Products Feedback>


Q. Improving Pass Products


We are reviewing all suggestions regarding the Pass product, and are currently in the active review stage. Improvements to this are being prepared for March.



Q. Selling SSR+ Teammate Reset Products / Items


We are not currently considering selling items or products that reset the growth of SSR+ teammates.



Q. Adding the Mileage System


The mileage system is currently under internal discussion. We will provide guidance once it is finalized.



<Convenient Features Feedback>


Q. Change the default item consume quantity to ‘1’ when using items


I think you may have experienced the biggest inconvenience in the 'Bingo Exchange Shop', which was the content of the last Update. At first, we modified the default exchange quantity at the Bingo Exchange Shop to 1, and then changed the default quantity for the Master Key consumption at the Secret Floor to be the same.


We are currently planning to review this, and will make improvements if it is determined that fixing the default item consumption quantity to 1 is convenient. We will inform you of the contents being modified through the future update notices.



Q. “Remove the red dots that appear when checking Selection Chests”


There are cases where it is convenient when a red dot is continuously displayed for certain types of items even if you checked their menu. However you might have been inconvenienced because the red dots appear in every single Selection Chest.


This will be improved so that if the number of owned items increases, the red dot will be displayed, and if you view the item it will disappear. We will update you on when this will be applied through a future update notice.



Q. “You should add a Ignition Weapon preset function”


The Ignition Weapon preset function mentioned during the Live is being developed and our goal is to release it around mid-February through an update.



Q. “You should add some type of information record to allow checking the amount of Energy Recovery.”


Thank you for your suggestion. Since so far there is quite a lot of information being displayed once you start playing the game, we are concerned that this may look a bit too complicated for new players. We will wait a bit more while monitoring how things evolve and consider such functions.



< Content & Balance Adjustments >


Q. Tower of Alliances Improvement Suggestions


After the first Tower of Alliances event has ended, we have been discussing which areas of it can be improved. During the Official Live, I shared that an improved version of the Tower of Alliances would be prepared for the new season and is scheduled for the end of February.


The improvements are as follows:

① Matching criteria revision from the previously applied account Lv. criteria to now match Alliances in a closer range.

② Adds the Quick Results feature to speed up and make challenging the Tower more convenient.

③ Allows Regulars to skip stages that are too difficult to clear

④ Adds a feature to view Alliance Members’ defense deck performance information

⑤ Adds an Ignition Weapon preset feature



Q. “I think a Alliance Expedition practice mode should be added”


I remember seeing this suggestion before as well. Previously, I mentioned that we intend to create new content instead of adding a practice mode for Alliance Expedition since it's possible to cancel a match and start again. However, we do agree that it is difficult to practice because depending on the decks, the Alliance Expedition battle can end very quickly.


We will first consider making balance adjustments so that the battle doesn’t end too quickly because of area attacks that wipe out the enemy. However, even that is difficult to make improvements related to the fun aspect, so we will add reviewing a separate mode for preview to our plans.



Q. “The Underground Laboratory needs balance adjustments as the boss Lv. increases”


Our Regulars mentioned that as the Underground Laboratory Boss level increases, the difficulty becomes too high, the battle ends too quickly, and it is hard to have fun challenging them. Improvements will be made so that our Regulars can experience the difficulty increase in a gentler, lighter curve.



Q. “Top rank users can’t enjoy Ranker Arena.”


Improvements will be made so that it's possible to battle against other users of any location regardless of your rank. This should be applied somewhere around mid-February through an update.



Q. ACC/EVA Balance Adjustments & Supply Expansion


The overall influence of ACC and EVA, mentioned a lot by our Regulars, has been reduced after balance adjustments made in the 1/18 Update. We could also confirm the effect was noticed by our Regulars after checking their comments in real time.


We’ll constantly monitor the situation to prevent any bias towards ACC and EVA, and will inform our Regulars once the improvements related to Stats supply that are currently being developed are completed.



Q. “Challenging the Trial of Origin by element is just too hard”


The Trial of Origin difficulty has been adjusted in the 1/18 Update. New adjustments will be made if necessary after monitoring the situation.



Q. “I wish the Ignition Weapon testing criteria was added to the Arena Simulation quickly.”


We also wanted to add various criteria to do deck testing quickly, but it is very disappointing that it was not possible due to various circumstances. As mentioned in the previous Suggestions Feedback, adding Ignition Weapons to Arena Simulation is not the top priority, and that it could be delayed depending on development circumstances. So after internal review, it had to be pushed back so we can focus on keeping all the promises we made to our Regulars. We’ll adjust the schedule so that testing Ignition Weapons and equipment becomes available as soon as possible.



Q. “The Trial Area expansion is taking too long.”


Adventure and Trial are constantly being expanded, and we will do our best to speed up the development and release them to ensure there is no shortage of content. The Trial Area will be expanded through an update mid-February.



<Game Bugs & Issues>


Q. “All content is deleted if I close the chat window by accident, it is inconvenient.”


Saving the text that was being written is not something that can be applied quickly due to the many exception cases that exist for each device type. As of now, if any message is being written in the chat, it is set to send the message as soon as the window is closed. However, in the event the text that was being written is deleted, make sure to reach out to CS so we can have a closer look at the case.



Q. Game Issues (Infinite loading, force-close, Karaka passive skill Bug, etc)


First we’d like to apologize for the many inconveniences such issues may have caused. The infinite loading situation is constantly being analyzed and adjusted. A function to save the decks that cleared a match during multi-deck stages will be added around mid-February due to the inconvenience caused to these battles when the game force closes.


We have confirmed that there is a bug in Karaka’s passive skill where the skill is occasionally not applied. This issue will be fixed through an update around mid-February.



So far, we have responded to the feedback we received until the 4th week of January.


We’ll carefully review everything you submit through the Suggestions Board and will do our best to answer as many as possible, so please feel free to share your suggestions with us!


Thank you.






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