Dev. Note #8


Greetings, Regulars!

This is <Tower of God: New World> PD. Eonsan Jeong.


It's already the end of January.

Are you progressing well with the things you planned for the New Year?


Today, let’s talk about tomorrow’s Update and the progress of improvements that will take place in February.


Then, let’s check the details below, shall we?


* The screenshots in this Dev. Note were taken in a test environment, and may be subject to change. Due to the nature of the test environment, all images are displayed in Korean. We ask for your understanding.



[Main Contents of the 1/31 Update]


1.  ‘Anaak’s Red Forget-me-not’ Story Campaign



If you have read the Tower of God webtoon, I think you will be well aware of the heartbreaking story of Annak and her mother. The 1/31 Update will introduce a moving Story Campaign that follows Anaak after she makes a wish on the Red Forget-me-not to change her sorrowful past.



Anaak wandering through dim memories with her mother, and her desperate dream to return to that time...

As I write this, I'm about to shed a few tears. During the development process, our Dev. Team did their best to ensure that Anaak's feelings were properly conveyed. We look forward to our Regulars to enjoy ‘Anaak’s Red Forget-me-not’ Story Campaign.



2.  ‘Climb the Tower!’ Event: Red Forget-me-not Version


The ‘Climb the Tower!’ minigame event is back to our Regulars with Anaak’s Red Forget-me-not concept. Do you remember that this Red-Forget-me-not version minigame was briefly played in the minigame segment of the last Official Live?



Instead of the item ‘Banana’, which allows you to quickly climb by riding Bong Bong when you collect 3 of them, this time you can collect Red Forget-me-nots.


Also, in the previous version, if you exceeded the 1,000th floor, there were platforms that you could not step on, making it impossible to break additional records. This time, the problem will be resolved through balance adjustments, so play the minigame and compete by sharing your records with other Regulars.


Along with the ‘Climb the Tower!’ minigame, you can obtain various items through separate event missions, so stay tuned for this event!



3. Hoaquin’s Illustration Update


As we mentioned in the previous Suggestion Feedback, Hoaqin's illustration has been reworked.



As a widely loved and used character, we updated his illustration to have a closer resemblance to the Hoaquin in the original webtoon. You can check out the updated illustration in the game after the 1/31 Update.



The following is about the improvements that will be reflected through the February Updates.



[February Updates Improvements]


1.  Ignition Weapon Preset Function


First, let me introduce the ‘Ignition Weapon preset function’ that many Regulars have been waiting for. I've mentioned this several times through previous Dev. Notes, but this time I'd like to share it in detail.



Basically, the Ignition Weapon preset function can be used through the ‘Preset’ button at the bottom right of the Equipment screen. The UX is designed to be as similar to the existing formation preset function as possible.


When you save the Ignition Weapon that the character is equipped with as a preset, the name of the preset is first saved in basic numeric form, and you can then manage it by modifying it to the name you want. You can save up to 30 presets.



2.  Ignition Weapon Mark Function through the Icons


Since each Ignition Weapon has different options, it needs to be replaced with a different Ignition Weapon depending on the situation. To help in this case, the Icon Marking feature will be added to allow Regulars to leave an icon on the Ignition Weapon.



A total of 4 icons will be available, and I hope you find this feature useful, such as by indicating the priority of Ignition Weapons you frequently wear according to the options.



3. Multi-deck Stage Saving Function


This function is also one that many Regulars have been waiting for. The ability to save victory rounds in multi-deck stages will be added in February.



Improvement will be made so that you can save intermediate results even when you defeat the round, and even if the game shuts down, you can continue the battle in progress the next time you log in.



4. Tower of Alliances Event Improvements


Next, I will tell you about improvements to the Tower of Alliances event. I would like to thank our Regulars for showing interest and giving feedback in the first Tower of Alliance event. This event will be re-introduced in February with the following improvements.


① Competition between Similar Rivals by Applying New Matching Rules


② Quick Results Function to Alleviate Tower of Alliance Progression Fatigue



③ ‘Skip’ Function



This is a function designed to prevent the entire ally team from getting stuck due to a specific defense team. This will allow Regulars to skip strong opponents first and compete with the next opponent when conquering the Rival Alliance’s Tower.

Even if you skip that floor, you can try again through the ‘Retry’ button on the Tower of Alliance screen.


I hope you use this function wisely! Sometimes it is better to skip powerful enemies first and try again after you grow stronger.


④ Displaying Tower of Alliance Occupation Status in the Battle Results Screen



You can check how the battle you just played affected the overall occupation status through the newly added UI on the battle results screen. I hope this will help you immediately recognize the current situation as the battle progresses.


⑤ Alliance Members’ Defense Deck Performance Details



Many of you must have been curious about how your Alliance members are fighting and whether the defensive deck you set is performing well. Through the February Update, you can check both the battle status and defense status of your Alliance members.


In addition, when you check the defense status, you can view the performance of the defense deck in detail. We hope you enjoy the more interesting Tower of Alliance by looking at how your Alliance members are performing on both the attacking side and defending side.


⑥ Ferocious Battlefield Information



A Ferocious Battlefield Mark will appear where many battles are taking place in the Tower of Alliance. Such information can be useful to battle more effectively by checking which floors your Alliance members are struggling at, by exchanging, and creating new strategies to overcome those floors!



5. Friend Support Notification & Rewards


Many Regulars use the Friend Support feature when facing difficult battles. With that in mind, a new feature that allows you to show your gratitude to the friend who lent you their Teammate will be added.



When borrowing a Teammate, your friend will automatically receive a thank you message and a small reward!


This feature aims to encourage our Regulars to add and update their Evoy Team with their strongest, and most useful Teammates to receive rewards and thank you messages.



6. Clear Record Replay Feature


After clearing multiple stages using the Auto Progress feature, there’s a chance our Regulars may want a way to check how you cleared those stages.



A feature that allows you to check your Clear Record will be added through an Update in February. A ‘My Record’ icon will be displayed in the top right side of the Adventure screen, and it will store your cleared battle records of the last 3 months. How about using this new feature to share your knowledge and experience with other Regulars?



7. New Ranker Arena Practice Match


Considering that the Ranker Arena was conceived to have its ranking and opponents changing, we ran into a situation where challenge attempts ended up exhausted when facing only Rankers on a higher level, or higher Rankers could no longer find opponents to battle against.



To make up for this, a new ‘Practice Match’ will be developed to allow practicing with lower ranked Rankers. Practice matches’ results do not influence your rank, but will count towards clearing Missions and playing will earn you Instruction Manuals, making this new mode a great opportunity to practice before challenging high Rankers or a new way to obtain Instruction Manuals and to clear missions.



My heart is a bit heavy because so far Dev. Notes only covered what we plan to improve, and we were not able to share more concrete details.


I hope this Dev. Note answers a lot of our Regulars’ questions!


Winter’s cold wind is still blowing, so make sure to take care of your health!

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s Update.


See you in the next Dev. Note!


Thank you.




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