Plans for the End of December Official Live


Greetings, Regulars!

This is <Tower of God: New World> PD. Eonsan Jeong.


It's already the last month of the year. 

This year has been very meaningful to me as it is the first time I was able to meet our Regulars.


Since the launch until now, I would like to express our team’s gratitude to all of you who have given us loving support and various opinions despite our shortcomings.


As mentioned when we informed you of our future communication direction, we are preparing an Official Live to communicate with our Regulars around the end of December.


During the Official Live, we will answer questions, and talk about the contents written on the Suggestion board and share information that is currently being developed.


If you send us any questions you have had or your opinions about the game through the Suggestion board, we will prepare to provide answers through the Live.


* The Official Live will be held in Korea. Translation work will be conducted sequentially after the Live ends.


Additionally, if you need help with this update, please submit an inquiry as mentioned in the related notice and we will do our best to assist.



Here is a glimpse of the background art of the Holiday Campaign Event that is being prepared.


The cold this winter is expected to be very severe.

I hope everyone will be careful not to catch a cold and take care of their health.

Have a warm and happy Holiday like the atmosphere of the snowy streets, Regulars!


Detailed schedule for the Official Live will be announced through a separate notice soon.


Thank you.





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