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<Tower of God: New World> Summer Vacation Update has arrived! 🏄
This update welcomes 2 new Teammates: [Thorn] Viole, and [Maniacal] Xia Xia,  and adds Swimsuit Costumes to help 6 Teammates beat the summer heat!!


But wait... what happened during the vacation with Xia Xia?!
Find out in the Story Event - Xia Xia Dangerous Vacation ♪ ~Sunset Beach Episode~
We will keep working hard to bring various events and new content for our Regulars! 😎
Enjoy your journey in Tower of God: New World!


Check below for more details!

◆ 08/16 Update Details




- SSR+ [Thorn] Viole, and SSR [Maniacal] Xia Xia have been added.

◆ [Thorn] Viole
(Grade: SSR + / Element: Red Element / Role: Ranged)  
- SSR+ [Thorn] Viole‘s Summon, Codex, Soulstone, and Archive data have been added.
- [Thorn] Viole can be obtained through Summon Teammate, Vacation Lucky Draw, and SSR+ Soulstone.



▶ Check out [Thorn] Viole’s Introduction Video!
◆ [Thorn] Viole Skills Info

Skill Type

Skill Description


Special Move

Viole activates the Thorn to increase his ATK by 80% and his Swiftness by 80 for 20s. In addition, he becomes immune to status effects. While the Thorn is active, Viole's skills are enhanced and his basic attacks Jolt targets. However, his Energy is not restored until the Thorn is no longer active.



Viole Teleports to the enemy, dealing 900% of his ATK as DMG and Knocking them Back, before returning to his original position. The skill is enhanced while the Thorn is active, dealing the same amount of DMG to the enemies in the rear.



Viole creates five baangs, deals 400% of his ATK as DMG, and Jolts targets. While the Thorn is active, each baang flies at a random target and explodes, dealing 620% of his ATK as DMG and Stunning targets in range for 3s.



Viole's Swiftness increases by 12 for every Red element ally at the start of the battle. Viole rides the Blue Oar to a safe location when attacked at close range, increasing his ATK by 8% until the end of the battle (Cooldown: 5s, Max Attack Increase: 5 stacks). The cooldown is reduced to 2s while the Thorn is active.

* The information above considers the skills in level 5.

◆ [Maniacal] Xia Xia
(Grade: SSR / Element: Red Element/ Role: Support)  
- SSR [Maniacal] Xia Xia’s Summon, Codex, Soulstone, and Archive data have been added.
- [Maniacal] Xia Xia can be obtained through Summon Teammate, SSR Soulstone, and SSR Red Soulstone.




◆ [Maniacal] Xia Xia Skills Info

Skill Type

Skill Description


Special Move

Xia Xia deploys a Lighthouse to heal whichever of her allies has the lowest percentage of remaining HP by 1200% of her ATK. The Lighthouse also removes that ally's debuffs. The Lighthouse follows the target ally for 5s, healing their HP by an additional 200% of her ATK every second. Excess healing will be proportionally converted into Energy. (Maximum recovery per bonus - 100)



Flashing a powerful light in front of herself, Xia Xia deals 800% of her ATK as DMG to enemies in a fan-shaped area and Blinds them for 8s.



Xia Xia creates a barrier equal to 80% of her Max HP for the 2 allies with the lowest Max HP that lasts for 10s. While the barrier is active, those allies become immune to Critical DMG. When the barrier disappears, Xia Xia proportionally converts the remaining barrier into Energy and recovers.  (Maximum recovery per bonus - 100)



Xia Xia increases the ATK of Red Element allies by 24% at the start of the battle.

 * The information above considers the skills in level 5.




◆ New Adventure Chapter
- ‘25F Garden of Clouds’ has been added.
- Clear the specific stages to receive various rewards such as Equipment, Currency, items, and more!




◆ New Costumes
- 6 Swimsuit Costumes to cool down the hot summer have been added.
🌊 Swimsuit Viole

🌊 Swimsuit Xia Xia

🌊 Swimsuit Shibisu

🌊 Swimsuit Ha Yuri


🌊 Swimsuit Hatz

🌊 Swimsuit Hwaryun


▶ How to Equip Costumes
- Go to [Main Lobby > Teammate], and select the Teammate you purchased/obtained a costume for.
- Tap the [Costume] button in the bottom right to select and equip the Costume.





◆ Story Event - Xia Xia'sDangerous Vacation♪ ~Sunset Beach Episode~
- Event Period: 8/16 (Wed) After Maintenance - 8/30 (Wed) 08:59:59 > 08:50:00 (UTC+9) 
- Event Details: Xia Xia invited a few friends to a vacation! What happens to the invited Teammates once they find out that the trip was actually planned to test FUG Slayer candidates?!! Find out in the Exciting Vacation Story Event!



◆ Vacation Celebration Check-in Event
- Event Period: 8/16 (Wed) After Maintenance - 8/29 (Tue) 23:59:59 (UTC+9)
- Event Details: Access the game everyday for 14 days during the Vacation Event period to receive rewards!


◆ Vacation Mission Event
- Event Period: 8/16 (Wed) After Maintenance - 8/30 (Wed) 08:59:59 > 08:50:00 (UTC+9)
- Event Details: Play the Story Event’s Quests and complete the missions to receive rewards!


◆ Vacation Event Exchange Shop
- Event Period: 8/16 (Wed) After Maintenance - 8/30 (Wed) 08:59:59 > 08:50:00 (UTC+9)
- Event Details: Obtain Event Exclusive Items from the Story Event and exchange them for other items!

◆ Xia Xia’s Growth Mission
- Event Period: 8/16 (Wed) After Maintenance - 8/30 (Wed) 08:59:59 > 08:50:00 (UTC+9)
- Event Details: Complete all 8 missions after obtaining SSR Xia Xia to receive the teammate one more time!    

For more details on the event, check out the [In-game Events] Notice.
▶ [08/16 In-game Events] Notice





◆ Vacation Lucky Draw
- Period: 8/16 (Wed) After Maintenance - 8/30 (Wed) 08:59:59 > 08:50:00 (UTC+9)
- Details: Obtain various items through the Lucky Draw, including SSR+ Teammate Viole, Swimsuit Costumes, and more!

◆ New Bundles
- New items have been added to the Shop.


 New Bundles

Sales Period

Lucky Vacation Pack 1

8/16 (Wed) After Maintenance


8/30 (Wed) 08:59:59 (KST)

(Available for 14 Days)

Lucky Vacation Pack 2

Lucky Vacation Pack 3

Vacation Selection Pack

Xia Xia Vacation Pack

Hwaryun Vacation Pack

Hatz Vacation Pack

Vacation Summon Pack


 New Bundles

Unlock Conditions

Super Rookie SSR Teammate Pack

Purchase all Starter Pack Products (or sales end)

Clear Stage 9-40

(Available for 7 Days)

Super Rookie Summon Pack

Super Rookie Boost Pack

Super Rookie Special Pack

MVP SSR Teammate Pack

 Purchase all Starter Pack

and Super Rookie Pack Products (or sales end)

Clear Stage 15-40

(Available for 7 Days)


MVP Boost Pack

MVP S Equipment Selection Pack

MVP SSR Selection Pack


For more details on the new bundles, check out the [New Bundles] Notice.
▶ [08/16 New Bundles] Notice





◆ New Background Added
- To match the summer season, a limited vacation Background for the Main Lobby has been added.
- Clear the Vacation Story Event Act 1 to obtain the Lobby Background!
- To change the Lobby Background, tap your current Background Character, tap the [Background] button, and select the background you want to apply.

◆ Fixes & Improvements     
* Teammates who receive a bug fix for a skill will also receive a skill balance change. In PVP content, High Ranker Arena allows you to build a new deck every round, we encourage you to try out different decks with different allies.
- Fixed [Data] Zahard indicators and effects being output in the wrong direction when using Lv.3 Special Move. (*Special moves are being applied normally).
- Fixes the issue where using a fan-shaped range skill would affect allies out of range when they turned. 
* Affected Skills: Rak Special Move (Time to Hunt),  Hatz Special Move (White Wave: Single Slash Annihilation!),  Blarouge Active (Needle Rush),  Bokdol Yu Active (Whirlwind Spear), Yeongsuk Active (Flamethrower),  Gyetang Active (Rain of Feathers),  Quaetro Active (Flame Torrent),  Horyang Kang Active (Living Ignition Weapon).
- Fixes the skills that make Ranged attacks on enemy locations wasting energy by pointlessly attacking enemies that cannot be targeted.
* Ranged attack cases: Rachel Special Move (Lighthouse Compression Release), Kurdan Special Move (Disrupt Shinsu), Wangnan Ja Special Move (Antimatter Bomb),  Data Zahard Special Move lv.1 (Lecalicus)
* Cases that should not be targeted: Khun Aguero Active (Manbaronden),  Hoh Special Move (God's Enforcer), Quant Special Move (Swift Strike), Wangnan Ja Passive (Path of the Prince),  Karaka Passive (Infinite Past Lives), Katan Special Move (Puddle Form).

- Fixes the issue of ATK/DEF Increase effect [Black March] Bam’s Prodigy Wave Controller Skill to last until the end of combat.
- Fixes the issue of [Fast Ship] Evan's passive skill that triggers on the first death in combat now triggers before his Special Move, Immortality.
- Fixes the issue where friend support counts could be exploited in Adventure Stage with more than one deck.
- Fixes the issue where combat replay where attribute buffs do not appear to be applied to each Teammates detailed combat strength intermittently. 
- Fixes the issue of new members' Alliance Mark not appearing when they join an Alliance.
- Fixes the issue of borrowed Teammate icons not being displayed when a borrowed Teammate is placed in a slot in the Conquest Mode.
- Fixes the issue of not being able to navigate to Act 3-2 world map after entering Act 1 in Story Mode Replay.
- Fixes the issue of duplicate Teammates appearing in the Codex intermittently.
- Fixes the issue of equipment enhancements not showing decimal gains when dodges and hits have a level gain of 1 or less.
- Fixes the issue where a supported friend's teammates limit break information was displayed incorrectly when slotting the friend and switching teams.
- Fixes the issue of the [Go to Adventure] button not being available when the next chapter is not open after clearing an adventure chapter.
- Fixes the issue of the Teammate selection status not displaying after switching filters in the Friend Support List after selecting a Teammate.
- Improved camera perspective anomalies when moving around the Quest map in Story Mode.
- Fixes the issue of Teammates remaining in the Friend Support List when logging out and playing the game as a guest.
- Fixed the issue where the combat power indication is different before and after the purchase of C+ or below Equipment items in the Workshop Store. 
* Regulars who wish to have your C+ equipment that is currently owned and was purchased through the Workshop store retrieved, submit an [1:1 Inquiry] through customer service within 14 days from when the issue was fixed. 
- Fixes the issue of difference in pre/post-purchase combat power for C-Rank and below in the Workshop Store.
- Fixes the issue of where the Shinsu Link level was displayed as 99 intermittently.
- Fixes the issue where after recovering the Tri-Essence stat, the game would need to be restarted to properly expose the recovered stat.
- Fixes the issue where thumbnails of ranked teammates in the change popup when changing the order of play in multi-deck.
- Fixes the issue of UI overlapping or darkening in certain situations.
- Fixes the issue of selection UI being removed when switching filters while registered for friend support.
- Fixes the issue of Netmarble sound being output when accessing the game even if the sound is turned off in the settings.
- Fixes the issue of the SSR bonus selection screen deselecting when scrolling up/down on Teammates.
- Fixes the issue of an error occurring when joining another Alliance after leaving an Alliance.
- Improved accuracy when switching dates while the app is running.
- Fixes the issue of Tri-Essence Facility Rates [Swiftness] decimal notation not being shown.
- Fixed the New icon not disappearing on the [Quick Results] button in the Regular Arena.
- Fixed the issue where after viewing the Preview Skill of the not obtained Teammates in the Codex the UI of the registered Teammates is displayed on the main screen.
- Fixed the issue where players would not be taken to the Trial of Origin lobby screen after a daily reset and battle.
- Fixes the incorrect UI when selecting the remove support for a supported friend's teammate in a winning round.
- Improved the display of loot reward items on the Tower Map in Adventures.
- Fixes the issue of pop-up touch not working intermittently when disconnected from the network.
- Fixes the issue of the gauge of Enhance Equipment displayed incorrectly.
 -Fixes the issue of Mock Battle Facility, Underground Laboratory, and Alliance Expedition (Major Boss Phase) DMG stats displayed incorrectly when reviewing the battle stats.
- Fixes the issue of enemy kills in Conquest Mode removing BG values from rewards intermittently.
- Fixes the issue of the results changing from winning to losing when playing a replay after winning in Ranker Arena.
- Fixes the issue of incorrect translation of the turn count in Conquest Mode. [Japanese] 
-Fixes certain notations being displayed incorrectly during Conquest Mode. [Indonesian] 
- Fixes the issue of hot deals icon changing size on the main screen.
- Fixes the issue of quick loot initialization information not being updated immediately when the app is in the background.
- Fixes the issue of [Void] Grey Exclusive Equipment required currency being shown as Purple Element Enhancement Extract.

- Fixes the issue that caused the Battle Stats character information window to display 0 Combat Power when replaying High Ranker Arena.
* This will be displayed correctly from the High Ranker Arena battle history on 8/17(Thu) after the bug is fixed.



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