10/04 Update Details (Updated on 10/10)


Greetings, Regulars!

This is the Tower of God: New World team.



October is already here, bringing the brisk Autumn breeze.

This update welcomes a new Teammate: SSR ‘[Lightning Pill] Khun Ran’!


A new Other Story has also been added! Find out what happened during ‘Ran's Secret Training’, where he tried to get stronger after the Fall Festival!


While we wait for the October Illusion, let’s challenge ourselves to not miss any days in the Countdown Check-in!


Enjoy your journey in Tower of God: New World!


Check below for more details!



◆ 10/04 Update Details



◆ New Teammate

- SSR Teammate [Lightning Pill] Khun Ran has been added.


◆ [Lightning Pill] Khun Ran

(Grade: SSR / Element:  Blue / Role: Assassin)

- SSR [Lightning Pill] Khun Ran’s Summon, Codex, Soulstone, Archive, and Gem Shop data have been added.

- [Lightning Pill] Khun Ran can be obtained through Summon Teammate, SSR Soulstone, and SSR Blue Soulstone.


▶ Check out [Lightning Pill] Khun Ran’s Introduction Video


[Lightning Pill] Khun Ran Skill  Info

Skill Type

Skill Description


Special Move

Khun Ran throws Espada de la Luz at the enemy, immediately destroying their barrier and dealing 1,200% of his ATK as DMG and Shocking them for 4s.

Shocked enemies receive an additional 400% of his ATK as DMG every second. Khun Ran becomes immune to status effects while using this skill.



Khun Ran dashes at the enemy with the highest ATK and instantly destroys their barrier, dealing 620% of his ATK as DMG and Knocking them Back.

He then jumps toward the same target again to deal 620% of his ATK as additional DMG. Khun Ran becomes immune to status effects while using this skill.



Khun Ran summons a Thunderstorm that lasts for 8s.

If Khun is inside the Thunderstorm, he Conceals himself. Khun Ran's Critical Hit Rate and Critical DMG each increase by 80% when attacking enemies inside the Thunderstorm.



Khun Ran deals 1.5x damage to barriers with basic attacks.

When Khun Ran’s HP drops to 40% or below, he removes status effects from himself and swallows a Lightning Pill (Limit: once).

He enters the Lightning Pill state for 15s, decreasing his DMG taken by 70% and increasing his Swiftness by 120. In addition, while the Lightning Pill is active, Khun Ran’s skills will always be Critical Hits.

When the Lightning Pill state ends, Khun Ran becomes exhausted and his ATK is reduced by 10% for 10s.

 * The information above considers the skills in level 5.



◆ New Costume

- Khun Ran’s new Costume has been added.


✨ [Lightning Pill] Khun Ran ‘Blue Family Silks’


▶ How to Equip Costumes

- Go to [Main Lobby > Teammate], and select the Teammate you purchased/obtained a costume for.

- Tap the [Costume] button in the bottom right to select, and equip the Costume.



◆ New Other Story

- A new Other Story, ‘Ran's Secret Training’, has been added to Story mode.

- Clear Story Mode Act 5-1 to unlock the new Other Story.

 * Enter the [Story Mode] > [Side] in the top right-hand corner to access the new Other Story.




◆ October Illusion Countdown Check-in

- Event Period: 10/4 (Wed) After Maintenance - 10/18 (Wed) 08:49:59 (UTC+9)

- Event Details: Access the game everyday during the event period to receive Check-in rewards!



◆ [Red Wings] Amigocharz Event Boss Battle

- Event Period: 10/4 (Wed) After Maintenance - 10/18 (Wed) 08:49:59 (UTC+9)

- Event Details: Challenge [Red Wings] Amigocharz Event Boss Battle during the event period.



◆ [Lightning Pill] Khun Ran Demo Event

- Event Period: 10/4 (Wed) After Maintenance - 10/18 (Wed) 08:49:59 (UTC+9)

- Event Details: Try out the New Teammate [Lightning Pill] Khun Ran to receive rewards.



◆ Khun Ran’s Growth Mission

- Event Period: 10/4 (Wed) After Maintenance - 10/18 (Wed) 08:49:59 (UTC+9)

- Event Details: After obtaining [Lightning Pill] Khun Ran, complete all 10 missions, and collect points to earn another SSR Ran!



◆ Agency Service Center Bonus Time Event

- Event Period: 10/4 (Wed) After Maintenance - 10/11 (Wed) 08:59:59 (UTC+9)

- Event Details: - Bonus Time effect will be applied to the Agency Service Center request rewards during the event period.



◆ Alliance Expedition Event

- Event Period: 10/4 (Wed) After Maintenance  - 10/14 (Sat) 08:59:59 (UTC+9)

- Event Details: Join an Alliance and take the challenge with your members!



For more details on the events, check out the [10/04 In-game Events] notice.

▶ [10/04 In-game Events]



◆ New Bundles

For more details on the new bundles, check out the [10/04 New Bundles] notice.

▶ [10/04 New Bundles]



◆ Fixes & Improvements

- Fixes the issue where the allies' Shinsu Link rank was displayed incorrectly on the Battle Stats screen in the [Trial Area > Trial of Origin] content.

- Fixes the issue where players who have deleted their accounts cannot be kicked from the Alliance or removed from the Friend List occasionally.

- Fixes the issue where SSR+ [Steel-Armored] Karaka's passive skill ‘Infinite Past Lives’ was not activated occasionally.

- Fixes the issue where the accumulated damage is displayed as 2,147,483,647 in the Underground Laboratory in certain situations.

* Through the 10/4 update, the maximum cumulative damage has been expanded to 9,999,999,999.
The damage will be displayed as 10 billion when exceeding the maximum cumulative damage.
(Added on 10/4)

- Fixes the issue where damage does not accumulate occasionally during battle in Underground Laboratory.

- Changes were made and now Regulars who joined the Alliance during the Alliance Expedition ‘Boss Phase’ will not receive Alliance Points for the current Season (Challenge Rewards can still be obtained).

- Fixes the issue where reward is not paid occasionally even though the final turn bonus reward conditions are met in the [Expedition > Conquest Mode] content.

* Compensation will be paid sequentially via mail after the 10/4 (Wed) Update for Regulars who have met the reward conditions but have not received the reward due to this issue.

* The compensation will be deleted from the mailbox after that period. Please make sure to claim them before they expire.


* [Gift Chest] has been sent to Regulars who experienced this issue through the mailbox. (Distribution complete as of 10/5 17:13 UTC+9).


* Changes applied after the 10/4 Update (Added on 10/10 19:10)

- The [Workshop Store > Gem > Common/Uncommon/Rare Crystal Exchange Shop] item info can be reset up to 9 times per day.

* Reset count refreshes everyday at 09:00 (UTC+9).

- The 'SSR+ Discounted Product' available at the top part of the [Rare Crystal Exchange Shop] reset period has been shortened from 7 days to 1 day.



See you at the Top!

We’ll keep working hard to provide a better game experience to our Regulars!


Thank you.





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