11/15 Patch Notice (Completed as of 21:50 UTC+9)


Greetings, Regulars!

This is the Tower of God: New World team.


A patch will be released on 11/15 to fix certain issues found in the game.


The game may restart during the patch, and the patch’s data will be applied once you restart the game after its release.


We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.


Check below for more details.



◆ 11/15 Patch Notice


✅ Patch Schedule



Southeast Asia






Time Zone





Starting Time

11/15 21:45

11/15 13:45

11/15 07:45

11/15 04:45

Ending Time

11/15 21:55 > 21:50

11/15 13:55 > 13:50

11/15 07:55 > 07:50

11/15 04:55 > 04:50

* The patch schedule may be subject to change.


✅ Patch Details

- Fixes the issue where the ‘Alliance Ranking’ information is displayed as ‘Not Translated’ in the Alliance Expedition screen.

- Fixes the issue where [Demonic Fragment] Hoaqin occasionally launches various sword blasts when using his Special Move 'White-style Spirit Sword: The Rise of the Dead'.

- Fixes the issue where [Demonic Fragment] Hoaqin's 'Incinerating Flame of Death' skill was occasionally not hitting the enemy.


✅ Notes

- The game may restart once the patch is complete.
- In order to prevent data loss, make sure to completely exit the game before the patch begins

- The patch data will be downloaded and applied once you restart the game after the patch’s release.



We will keep doing our best to provide a better gaming experience in the future.


Thank you.





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