11/15 Update Details


Greetings, Regulars!

This is the Tower of God: New World team.


Regulars!  °ʚ(*´꒳`*)ɞ° 🤍

Let’s give a warm welcome to the newest Teammate brought by this Update: SSR [Demonic Fragment] Hoaqin!

You can meet Hoaqin in the game after the Update is complete! (ฅ˘⩊˘ฅ)


In addition, The Royal Cook-Off Countdown Check-in Event, where you can receive rewards when logging into the game, new events Formation Strategy Lesson and Yihwa Yeon Boss Battle,

and the Alliance Expedition Event are waiting for our Regulars.


2 New Costumes will also be added, make sure to try them out!! 👗


As announced in the Dev. Note #5, the difficulty of Adventure Stages starting from Floor 16 and above have been adjusted to allow an easier journey to the top of the Tower.


Our Regulars suggestions will always be heard, and we will keep doing our best to provide a better gaming experience in the future.


Check below for more details.



◆ 11/15 Update Details



◆ New Teammate

- New Teammate SSR [Demonic Fragment] Hoaqin has been added.


◆ [Demonic Fragment] Hoaqin

(Grade: SSR / Element: Purple  Element  /  Role  : Warrior) 

- SSR [Demonic Fragment] Hoaqin’s Summon, Codex, Soulstone, Archive, and Gem Shop data have been added.

- [Demonic Fragment] Hoaqin can be obtained through Summon Teammate, SSR Soulstone, and SSR Purple Soulstone.


▶ Check out [Demonic Fragment] Hoaqin’s Introduction Video

* The video was produced based on the test environment and is subject to change by the time of the Update.


◆ [Demonic Fragment] Hoaqin Skills Info


Skill Type

Skill Description

Special Move

Hoaqin launches a huge sword blast which pierces through enemies. The blast slows down significantly when coming in contact with an enemy, dealing 200% of his ATK as DMG and Jolting them for every 0.5s they remain in contact (up to 30s).


Hoaqin deals 400% of his ATK as DMG to nearby enemies, Jolts them, then becomes Berserk for 7s. While Berserk, Hoaqin becomes immune to status effects and enhances his basic attacks: he Teleports to the farthest enemy, deals 200% of his ATK as DMG, and Jolts them with each attack. Berserk duration increases by 1s per Spell of Soul-Eating stack.


Hoaqin becomes immune to status effects and leaps into the air, launching 10 sword blasts that pierce through the enemy. The blasts deal 120% of his ATK as DMG when coming in contact with enemies. Each stack of Spell of Soul-Eating creates 1 additional sword blast.


Hoaqin recovers 20% of his Max HP when an ally or enemy that is not a summoned being dies. He then casts the Spell of Soul-Eating on his sword to increase his ATK by 40%. (Max: 4 stacks)
In addition, Hoaqin decreases the Physical Resistance of the enemies he attacks with skills by 40% for 10s.

* The information above considers the skills in level 5.



◆ New Costumes

- 2 new Costumes have been added.


✨ Bam ‘Second Flipper’



✨ Viole ‘Red Eyes’



▶ How to Equip Costumes

- Go to [Main Lobby > Teammate], and select the Teammate you purchased/obtained a costume for.

- Tap the [Costume] button in the bottom right to select, and equip the Costume.


▶ [11/15 New Bundles]

 New Costumes can be obtained through specific bundles.

 Check out the [11/15 New Bundles] notice for more details.



◆ New Adventure Chapter

- New Adventure Floors ‘34F Giant Mushroom Cave’, and ‘35F Station Platform’ have been added.


[34F Giant Mushroom Cave]

[35F Station Platform]



◆ The Royal Cook-Off Countdown Check-in Event

- Event Period: 11/15 (Wed) After Maintenance - 11/29 (Wed) 08:49:59 (UTC+9)

- Event Details: Access the game everyday during the event period to receive Check-in rewards!


◆ Formation Strategy Lesson

- Event Period: 11/15 (Wed) After Maintenance - 11/29 (Wed) 08:49:59 (UTC+9)

- Event Details: During the event period, select different formations and battle opponents to receive Tokens that can be exchanged for various items in the Event Exchange Shop!


◆ Hoaqin's Growth Missions

- Event Period: 11/15 (Wed) After Maintenance - 11/29 (Wed) 08:49:59 (UTC+9)

- Event Details: After obtaining SSR Hoaqin, complete missions and collect points to earn another SSR Hoaqin and other various rewards!!


◆ Trial by Raging Fire - Yihwa Yeon Boss Battle

- Event Period: 11/15 (Wed) After Maintenance - 11/29 (Wed) 08:49:59 (UTC+9)

- Event Details: Challenge the powerful Yihwa Yeon Event Boss Battle during the event period.


◆ Alliance Expedition Event

- Event Period: 11/15 (Wed) After Maintenance  - 11/25 (Sat) 08:59:59 (UTC+9)

- Event Details: Join an Alliance and take the challenge with your members!


For more details on the event, check out the [11/15 In-game Events] notice.

▶ [11/15 In-game Events]



◆ New Bundles

▶ [11/15 New Bundles]

 For more details on the new bundles, check out the [11/15 New Bundles] notice.



◆ Improvements


1. Adventure Stages Difficulty Adjustments

- The difficulty of stages from 16F ‘The Breezy Sandscape’ to 29F ‘March Battle Testing Site’ will be lowered by changing the Grade of some of the enemies on certain stages.

- The numerical ranges of all enemies' ACC and EVA stats have been adjusted to lower the difficulty of stages 26F 'Starlight Cave' to 29F ‘March Battle Testing Site’.



Stage Difficulty Adjusted

16F - 25F

Every 4 stage on each Chapter

(ex. in case of 16F: 16-4, 16-8, 16-12 … 16-40)


All Stages


All Stages


Every 4 stage on each Chapter

(28-4, 28-8, 28-12 … 28-60)


Every 4 stage on each Chapter

(29-4, 29-8, 29-12 … 29-60)


* We are currently reviewing adjustments regarding reward increases for the adventure stage and so on.

   More details will be available soon through a future Dev. Note.



See you at the Top!

We’ll keep working hard to provide a better game experience to our Regulars!


Thank you.





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