Additional Explanation and Compensation Regarding Modification of the In-game Event Notice


Greetings, Regulars!

This is the Tower of God: New World team.


First of all, we apologize for the inconvenient experience during the event period, which should be fun.

We were unable to communicate quickly because we were seriously reviewing the opinions of many Regulars.


In the process of correcting the Collab Summon notice, we were unable to provide prior notice and sufficient explanation. We deeply apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.


Through the 11/29 In-game Event Notice, we informed you that both [Collab Crystal] and [Collab Ticket] will be replaced by the “Loot Coin Amplification (24H)”, in the proportion of 1:1.


However, we later found out that there was incorrect information in the In-game Event Notice, while the in-game item description was properly indicated as planned.

In the process of quickly responding to this issue, we first modified the event notice.


[In-game Description of Collab Ticket and Collab Crystal]


[Modified Contents of the In-game Event Notice]


Although there was a possibility of misperception during the collaboration event, we modified the text in the existing notice rather than providing a correction through a separate notice, causing inconvenience and confusion to Regulars.


We will review the notices more carefully to prevent the same problem from occurring in the future.

If the notice is incorrect, we will notify you in advance through a separate notice.


Additionally, there was the issue where the guidance for ‘Reach Exclusive Equipment Lv.2 with Yeonhee’ from the Daily Festival (Day 4) was incorrect and the mission cannot be cleared if the Exclusive Equipment was max enhanced before the mission unlocked.


For Regulars who enhanced Yeonhee's Exclusive Equipment before the [12/02 Patch Notice], submit an [1:1 Inquiry] through our Customer Support after this notice until 12/12 23:59 (UTC+9). We will assist you to restore Yeonhee's Exclusive Equipment to +2, which is the event mission condition.

* We will provide a detailed schedule through the inquiry.

▶ Go to [Customer Support]

We have prepared compensation as an apology. Please check below for more details.



1. Compensation for All Regulars who have experienced the inconvenience



All Regulars who created an account before the distribution date







Reward Selection Chest B x1



* You can choose one out of the following items.

  • - Normal Summon Ticket x10
  • - Black Market Ticket x6
  • - Master Key x10

Distribution Date

12/6 (Wed) After this notice

Claim Period

30 days after the distribution date





- The compensation will be sent to the [Mailbox > Notices]. Once claimed, you can check the compensation and choose the item you want through your [Bag].

- You must log into the game within 30 days after the distribution to be able to receive the compensation. It is not possible to provide any further assistance if the compensation was not claimed within the claim period previously specified.


2. Guidance for Submitting Inquiry for Exchanging Collab Ticket


Target Item

Limited to Collab Tickets held before this notice

* Additional Collab Tickets obtained after this notice are not eligible.


1 Collab Ticket will be exchanged for 100 Suspendium if you submit an 1:1 inquiry.





Exchange Complete Time

12/14 (Thu) After the update maintenance


* Exchange will be carried out during the maintenance on 12/14 (Thu), only for Regulars who have submitted inquiries, and you can check the details for exchange upon completion of the maintenance.


* If the inquiry is not received, or the inquiry is received after the aforementioned period, any remaining Collab Ticket will be replaced by the [Loot Coin Amplification (1H)] in the proportion of 1:1 after the 12/14 (Thu) Maintenance, as stated in the in-game item description.





How to Submit an Inquiry

Submit an [1:1 Inquiry] through our Customer Support after this notice until 12/12 23:59 (UTC+9), and we will assist you as quickly as possible.

▶ Go to [Customer Support]


* Only Collab Tickets held before this notice will be exchanged during the inquiry submitting period.

* It is not possible to exchange if you use the Collab Ticket after submitting an inquiry but before exchanging the item.

* It is not possible to provide any further assistance if you submit an inquiry after the inquiry submitting period (~12/12 23:59 UTC+9).



Once again, we apologize for any confusion caused by the unstable operation.


To ensure quick and smooth inquiry collection, we plan to create a separate inquiry submission category. We will inform you of this once again through this notice.


We will keep doing our best to provide a better gaming experience in the future.


Thank you.





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