[Black Feathers] Silkie-variant Gyetang Event Boss Battle Guide

Best characters and team for the [Black Feathers] Silkie-variant Gyetang Event Boss Battle.

Monkey here, with my first and certainly not last guide here on DotGG. Netmarble has blessed us with an event boss that gives a border has a reward. This is only the second time this has happened, but unlike the previous Amigo boss, this one is fairly stress-free.

Thanksgiving is over but it is never too late to cook a chicken.

Paracule, probably

The gimmick with the chicken is that he gains invincibility for 5 seconds every 15 seconds. Unlike Amigo, he is only immune to status effects, not debuffs, so it is still possible to cheese with resistance and defense shred.

Rachel (pretty one) is built for this boss because he takes extra damage from DOTs. Although it is also possible to use Yeonhee due to no sleep immunity, the timing on the sleep is finicky, and having 4 extra seconds of damage is not necessarily better than losing a defense shredder.

  • Rachel (my star) - is your main damage dealer, due to dot and being a good ranged green dps
  • Edahn - for some reason this particular boss is more vulnerable to defense shred specifically than normal, so Edahn is used for his passive as well as a bit of damage
  • Cheon - the usual resistance and defense shredder
  • Shibisu - our resistance shredder, used over Blarode because this boss is less bursty, so a guaranteed 80% resistance shred is more consistent
  • Apple - accuracy buffer, used to land a few extra normal attacks when boss is vulnerable
  • Leeron - a worse version of Apple in most cases but in this case may actually be better because of Rachel's passive and him being a melee green unit
  • Cendorsi - Rachel from wish
  • Yeonhee - can see extra damage time with sleep
  • Lero - as previously mentioned, defense shred is OP on this boss
  • Narae - another defense shredder, also can make your Cheon survive an extra auto
  • Hwaryun - Standard damage buffer, a bit worse in this case since she is red
  • Blarode - Shibisu alternative
  • Karaka - can tank an extra 1-2 hits, redirect the shuriken, and has defense shred in EE
Prio damage



This should be one of the highest damage dealing comps, if not the highest.

Good luck border hunting, and stay tuned for more guides!


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