Everglow Tree Event Boss Battle Guide

Best characters and team for the Everglow Tree Event Boss Battle.

Christmas is over, but the battle is just beginning! Netmarble kicks off the holiday season with a fresh boss battle, being the first to utilize healing mechanics to increase score. Not too big of a surprise, since they recently released 2 new healers, in Gustang and Blanc, but here's how to maximize your score in this event so you don't end up like Paracule!

Your score on this boss is increased by the amount you heal your allies. This means that self heals like Urek ultimate, lifesteal from Bergamot set, regeneration from Rak EE, buffs and shields etc do not count towards score.

In addition the boss summons minions, which you can either choose to ignore or to clear as much as you can. Sock Puppet 1 is a generic crowd control minion, but Sock Puppet 2 inflicts a nasty debuff on you that reduces healing. The boss ultimate also comes with a debuff that can essentially kill you instantly if not cleared. Therefore, it is vital to bring debuff removal to the boss.

  • Gustang - Our star healer. This character is everything for this boss, which is why I recommend using even if yours is 0 stars, no investment. At red 3, he has a fat 2800% aoe heal on ult along with debuff removal, 2400% in individual healing on 3rd skill, boosts all healing done by everyone by 40%, boosts all attack by 40% which in turn boosts all healing by 40%, and also does damage to clear summons.
  • Evan - The sung hero. A fairly obvious pick, since he heals and also removes debuffs. Most importantly, he helps us survive the full battle.
  • Lozeal - Another fairly obvious pick. Her raw healing actually comes in second after Gustang and it covers all 5 units. She also removes debuffs.
  • Blanc - The hidden MVP. She doesn't actually heal much since most of the time we are above the HP threshold to trigger her skill, and her field often doesn't hit our team. However, she comes in clutch when Evan ult is down. More importantly, she buffs Gustang with Bam's stat buff, while also giving him debuff and status effects immunity to resist both antiheal and cc from the sock puppets. This is also why we place Gustang in the front, despite him getting buffed less often by El set.
  • Yeon - Now we cooking. At first thought she seems like a no-brainer to include to clear summons. But then you try the fight and think about it more deeply and realize she clears them slower than the boss summons them so there seems to be no point, and you should bring another healer instead. But then you get in the kitchen and realize that the boss summons close to him, meaning that it takes time for the puppets to walk up, valuable time needed for your Lozeal and Gustang drones to reposition in front of him midway through the fight and absorb damage to trigger his El set, which is more valuable in the later stages since you are getting hit harder more often. Yeon allowed me to get a 15B score with no/suboptimal ignition weapon (20B possible at 385-405 link with optimal build), whereas testing with other units in the alternatives list below gave me lower scores.
  • Karaka - May help you survive if your Gustang is not as invested and you still want to put in the front, or if you lack survivability in general
  • Bam - Blanc without the heals. Can double stack buff on Gustang
  • Xiaxia - Single target healer that doubles as an energy buffer for Gustang, vs a stat buffer like Bam
  • ChungChung - A decent healer option if your other ones are less invested
  • Nya Nia - Another OK healer option. Worse than ChungChung since you want heals more often rather than big overheals

The build for this one is pretty cut and dry. You want 4 piece El set on everyone. While it may not trigger all the time, mid fight your drones will mostly be the ones tanking, allowing you to trigger the 50% atk speed boost on most, letting you get your heals out more often to break boss bar barrier caps. You want to prioritze attack roll ignition weapons, since that is what all your healing scales off of. On Yeon you want crit damage/magic pierce for slots 4 and 5, the rest should prioritize defensive stats. If particular units have trouble surviving, you can try 2 piece Runda 2 piece Myeonwol on all healers except for Gustang, who would use 4 piece Bergamot. For buff choice since the recommended team has 3.5 debuff removers, you should go for 10% heal bonus. If you have are replacing some of the debuff removers you should go for 30% status effect immunity.

There is no set optimal timing on this one. The best timing will be based on your team composition, your swiftness stats, rng of how the enemy units move, damage taken etc. Retrying multiple times with full auto worked for me, but if you are doing manual just make sure you time Evan ults well to help you survive.

Happy holidays everyone!


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