Ignition Weapon

Ignition Weapons can be equipped to a Teammate’s Carrier to increase their Combat Power even further.

Ignition Weapons can be obtained by challenging ‘The Secret Floor’.

Carrier Activation

  • To activate the carrier and equip an Ignition Weapon, Regulars must clear Adventure Stage 15-20reach Exclusive Equipment +20, and use 100 Soul Crystals.
  • To view your Carrier, go to [Teammates], select the Teammate, tap [Equipment <> Carrier] at the top right corner of the screen to switch between regular Equipment and Carrier.


  • The Ignition Weapon consists of a total of 5 parts: [Weapon / Outfit / Hat / Shoes / Hands].
  • Ignition Weapon parts are divided into A, B, and C-Rank.
  • The number of Secondary Stats granted by each part varies according to their Rank at the moment of obtention.
Ignition Weapon RankABC
Number of Secondary Stats(At the moment of obtention)3-42-31-2


  • Ignition Weapons have ‘Main’ and ‘Secondary’ Stats.
  • 6 new stats have been added to the Ignition Weapon.
  • Applied parts: ‘Main’ Stats of Shoes and Hands part / ‘Secondary’ Stats of every part

[New Stats Details]

  • Critical Hit Resistance: Decreases the enemy's Critical Hit Rate when hit by an enemy.
  • Critical DMG Reduction: Critical DMG reduction multiplier when hit by an enemy's Critical Hit.
  • Magic Pierce: Affects the amount of damage dealt when using magic attacks.  
  • Physical Pierce: Affects the amount of damage dealt when using physical attacks.    
  • Effect Hit: Affects the chance your debuffs and status effects will miss when applying them to enemies.
  • Effect Resistance: Affects the chance enemy debuffs and status effects will miss when applied to you.

Main Stats

  • Each Ignition Weapon part has 1 fixed Stat, with the exception of Shoes and Hands. Shoes and Hands parts will be granted one of the following status at a set rate.
    • The Stats rates remain the same when obtaining and combining Ignition Weapon.
  • The Main Stat’s value is fixed at the time of obtention, but it increases by a set value once the equipment is enhanced.

[Ignition Weapon Main Stats by Parts]

  • Weapon: ATK%
  • Outfit: DEF%
  • Hat: HP%
  • Shoes: Critical Hit DMG Increase Rate / Critical Hit DMG Reduction / Magic Resistance / Effect Hit /  Effect Resistance
  • Hands: Critical Hit Rate / Critical Hit Resistance / Physical Resistance / Magic Pierce / Physical Pierce

Secondary Stats

  • Secondary Stats are granted from among the stats listed below at a set rate of 1/N. Secondary Stats will exclude duplicates with the Main Stat.
  • When first obtained and enhanced, Secondary Stats appear in 4 Tiers (Very Low / Low / High / Very High) at a set rate of 1/N.

[Ignition Weapon Secondary Stats]

HP% / ATK% / DEF% / Critical Hit Rate / Critical Hit DMG Increase Rate / Magic Resistance / Physical Resistance / Critical Hit Resistance / Critical Hit DMG Reduction / Magic Pierce / Physical Pierce / Effect Hit / Effect Resistance / ACC / EVA

Ignition Weapon Main Status (1) and Secondary Stats (4) will not be duplicated.

  •  Ex.: If you were granted ATK% as a ‘Main Stat’, ATK% will not be granted again as a ‘Secondary Stat’.
  •  Ex.: If you were granted HP% as a ‘Main Stat’, HP% will not be granted again as a ‘Secondary Stat’.

Set Bonus

  • Equipping 2 or 4 parts of the same Ignition Weapon applies a special Set Bonus.
    • Set of 2: Applies a Passive Skill
    • Set of 4: Applies an Active Skill
  • The Set Bonus is applied even if the parts equipped are from different Ranks.

(Example: Equipping a B-Rank Myeongwol’s Umbrella and a A-Rank Myeongwol’s Wristwatch will still apply the Set of 2 Set Bonus)

How to Lock / Equip an Ignition Weapon

Ignition Weapons can be either equipped to a Teammate or safely protected.

Lock Equipment

  • You can lock / unlock an Ignition Weapon through the information page by tapping the [Lock] button.
    • Locked Equipment will not be displayed in the list for Enhancement or Fusion.

Equip Ignition Weapons

  • Tap the empty slot to display the Ignition Weapons you currently own. They can be organized by [Grade / Set / Enhance].

Ignition Weapon Enhancement

You can enhance each part or your Ignition Weapon to increase its Stats.

How to Enhance

  • Ignition Weapons can be enhanced by using Shinsu Sea Whetstone of the matching Grade or by using another Ignition Weapon of the same part.
    • Different parts or locked parts will not be displayed as enhancement materials.
  • Enhancement materials can be selected manually or automatically.
    • When using the [+] button to select materials automatically, it will only select materials from the grades you select.
  • Ignition Weapons can be enhanced up to +20.
  • The amount of EXP required to reach the next level increases as the Ignition Weapon’s grade and enhancement level increases.
  • Upon reaching the maximum enhancement level, excess EXP used to reach the MAX level will be returned as Shinsu Sea Whetstones of the corresponding Grade.

Enhancement Effects

  • Enhancing an Ignition Weapon will increase the Stats of both ‘Main Stats’ and ‘Secondary Stats’.
  • Main Stats Enhancement: Increases by a specified amount depending on the rank of Ignition Weapon.
  • Secondary Stat Enhancement: Every 4 times the Ignition Weapon is enhanced, a new Secondary Stat is added up to the MAX number.
    Enhancing the Ignition Weapon to another +4 after reaching the MAX number of Secondary Stats will enhance 1 out of the 4 current Secondary Stats at a set rate of 1/N.
    • The MAX number of Secondary Stats varies by Ignition Weapons' rank. The rank does not change when enhancing the Ignition Weapon.
    • Number of Secondary Stats varies depending on the Ignition Weapons’ rank and is determined by a set rate of 1/N within the range.
      (A-rank: 3-4, B-rank: 2-3, C-rank: 1-2)

Ignition Weapon Fusion

  • Fusion is a system where you can obtain a new Ignition Weapon by fusing 3 Ignition Weapons.
  • The system can only be used with A-Rank Ignition Weapons.
    • B and C-Rank Ignition Weapons can’t be used as Fusion materials.

How to Fuse

  • Fusion is available through the [Teammates > Select Teammate > Equipment] screen.
  • Select the set part you want to obtain.
  • Choose 3 A-Rank Ignition Weapons to use as fusion materials and proceed.
    • Only A-Rank Ignition Weapons can be selected, and it is not possible to select locked or equipped weapons.

Fusion Results

  • Fusion has no additional costs, and there is no chance of failure.
  • After fusion is complete, you can obtain the resulting A-Rank Ignition Weapon through the main part selection screen.


This guide was written by Netmarble based on the test environment and is subject to change.