Dev. Note #1


Greetings, Regulars!

This is Tower of God: New World PD, Eonsan Jeong.


We met for the first time on July 26th, around 2 weeks ago - time is going by so fast, isn’t it? 


Considering all Regulars who are playing and enjoying the game, providing a stable service operation was very important to us. While focusing on quickly responding to the various situations that needed to be addressed in these early stages, sharing the future directions and update plans ended up a bit late.


I apologize for not being able to come and say hello sooner, and sincerely thank everyone for enjoying the game.


The Dev. Team will keep working hard to update our Regulars often!


In this first Dev. Note, we will talk about the upcoming Update and the main concerns the Tower of God: New World Dev. Team has.


Let’s start our conversation by introducing the upcoming August Update!


[New Chapter and “ Exciting Vacation ” Added]


A new chapter, “Garden of Clouds” will be released in the 8/16 Update, 
and to keep up with our Regulars who are quickly climbing the Tower, the Adventure stages will be expanded. 


Related content such as the Ranking Board and Achievements, Boss Battle, and more will also be updated. 


With the hot season in mind, this update brings our first summer event! “Xia Xia’s Dangerous Vacation”
marks the first original story in Tower of God: New World!


An exciting summer story focused on ‘Viole’ and ‘Xia Xia’, who finally make their first appearance in the game, along with one of our Regular’s top picks, Hatz, Shibisu, and Ha Yuri! 


The “Vacation Campaign” was conceived to make sure all Regulars get to enjoy the event, adjusting the balance according to each Regular’s current Growth level, and is divided into a ‘Story Mode’ and a ‘Free Stage’ mode.


Accumulate points by playing the Free Stage, and unlock Story Mode by reaching Mission Points milestones to enjoy a new story! You can also obtain Currency and Mission Items that can be exchanged for items of your choice in the Exchange Shop.


New summer costumes will also be released with the Vacation Campaign!
A special Lobby background has been prepared for the cool summer, look forward to it!


We will give you an exclusive sneak peek at some of the costumes that will be released in this Campaign through this Dev. Note!


[Hwaryun]                                                                     [Ha Yuri]


Stay tuned for more events with fun episodes and original stories in the future!
Here’s the exclusive premiere of ‘Xia Xia’s Dangerous Vacation’ video, check it out!




[New Teammates: “Viole”, “Xia Xia”]

Now, let’s talk about what our Regulars are most curious about: the new Teammates.
This update welcomes “Viole” and “Xia Xia”.


I think webtoon fans know how important these new characters are to the webtoon story.

However, there might be new Regulars who are not completely familiar with the webtoon and may not have seen this part of the story just yet. Taking that into consideration, I will introduce the new characters focusing on features instead of narrative elements. 


‘[Thorn] Viole’ is an SSR+ Teammate, and ‘[Maniacal] Xia Xia’ is an SSR Teammate.
Both characters are Red Element, and will surely be a great addition to Red Element Teams with ‘Hwaryun’. 


[Thorn] Viole is an all-around rear character that can also fit the ranged and Mage roles. He can be used in various modes and depending on the circumstances, he can successfully deal area and single damage. 


He aims to rival Assassin characters as when adding a Close-Range Assassin, Viole can use ‘Blue Oar’, evade, and add ATK buffs to himself. We expect that various meta will be created around Viole.

[Maniacal] Xia Xia is a Support character focused on recovery. She focuses on supporting a single teammate by removing debuffs, and healing/heal over time effects that are activated immediately through Ultimate Move skills.


We also think they will be able to serve as a counter to flat damage dealers with their Blind skill, and will have a role to play against critical DMG focused dealers with the Critical Hit Immunity.



I wanted to share a bit more about Xia Xia’s creation process. Have a first look at Xia Xia’s Ultimate Move, created based on their story of having no choice but to become obsessed with money! Look forward to Xia Xia’s story!

< Xia Xia’s Character Sheet >






[Future Update Plans and Direction]

We plan to continue to update Tower of God: New World at approximately two-week intervals. We're also working on a variety of other Teammates that many of you have been looking forward to, and we have a lot of exciting things planned. 



<Urek Mazino: Many of you have been curious about it, so here's a sneak peak. >


However, we're focusing less on increasing the average gameplay time and more on making sure you're experiencing new and exciting things on a regular basis. No one likes to be forced to do homework. 


In addition to the new Adventure Mode chapters, we are preparing an "Arena Simulation Mode" where you can freely set up decks for your allies and enemies and think about strategy/tactics.Boss battle events, and various in-game events will also be released throughout the year.


In addition, we will continue to work on bug fixes in parallel with each update. 


Also, as far as the overall direction of the update goes, we've been working on a yearly plan and a monthly operational plan during development, 
We apologize for the delay in making this available to the public, as we're still working to get it up and running.

We're going to make some final adjustments so that we can announce it, because disclosure is a promise and we want to make sure we keep our promises. 


We're going to take it in stages, starting with sharing our operational plan for the month at the beginning of the month, and then sharing our roadmap for the remainder of 2023 when we have some predictable alignment between planning and live operations. 



[Regarding Suggestions and inquiries]


We are listening to the voices of our Regulars from all over the world through Naver cafes, Forums, and Discord.

Among these, we would like to inform our Regular’s about the details we are preparing and the details on what Regulars are curious about. 

◆ Summon Teammates Rate(s)

We have investigated the details of the summoning of Regulars so far, and we would like to inform you about the TOP 5 details that many people have chosen as Teammates and the total rates obtained so far.
The TOP 5 History is listed below:















The Teammate that our Regular’s selected the most was “Hatz”.
Many people chose him as a Teammate due to him being powerful.


[Appearance Rates] excluded Teammates acquired through the achievement of [100% Summon Mileage Bar] guided based on the log of acquiring Teammates only through [Summon]. 
     ● The [Obtain Amount] below does not include the acquisitions due to the achievement of [100% Summon Mileage Bar] & [First Summon]



Obtained Amount


Public Rates


















As for the Summon rates, the values announced in the Public Rate marks are applied to ‘Normal Summon’ and ‘Friendship Summon’.
The rate notation value is designed to be displayed and applied to the actual server as it is.


In addition, I would like to say that there is no separate correction according to the number of times because the rates of each round are individually pulled. 
When checking the overall rate simulation results, we confirm that there is no difference from the published rates.


◆ Reuse of multi-deck equipment

After Chapter 16, in the multi-deck usage stage, we found that the equipment used in the 1st deck was reused in the 2nd deck. 
This is intentional considering the difficulty of growing all equipment for the same class and element,
We inform you that there will be no separate action for the Regulars who are using this method to play the game.


◆ Current status and measures on Teammates Descriptions

The fix for Goseng Yeo’s Exclusive Equipment has now been done.
During the process, we checked for additional issues, and we are preparing to fix them at the time of the upcoming update on 08/16.

The issue details are below.

[Pitcher]Mule Love’s Exclusive Equipment Skill Lv 1
Before: Pitching Machine's Swiftness increases by 10.
After: Pitching Machine's Swiftness increases by 10 while it is maintained.


[Imugi] Changsoo Yeon Exclusive Equipment Skill Lv 3
Before: The ACC of enemies hit by Keeping Distance decreases by 20.
After: The ACC of enemies hit by Keeping Distance decreases by 20 for 10s.


The actual applied effect does not change, but the information details for our Regulars were fixed.
The omission of the skill description confused the Regular while leveling up these characters.As a result, we would like to offer further guidance if you want to reset your Teammate to their pre-growth state after the skill description for the Exclusive Equipment Skill has been corrected.


Regulars who wish to reset [Pitcher] Mule Love & [Imugi] Changsoo Yeon’s Growth, submit an [1:1 Inquiry] through customer service within 14 days from when the issue was fixed. 


◆ Follow up and measures on Teammates Descriptions

In the future, if such a problem occurs, we would like to set the following guidelines.


1. For cases where the skill description for Teammates are incorrect, we will help reset the Teammates Growth. 
2. For cases when the skill descriptions are correct, but we will manage any incorrect application as a bug and fix it as the one written in the skill description.


As it is a game that provides fun through deck strategy by arranging Teammateswe will not take this issue lightly.


Moving forward, we would like to help you as much as possible so that there is no inconvenience or loss for changes or corrections related to Teammates

◆ About UR Grade

We apologize again for any confusion this may have caused.
During development, the UR grade existed, but was finally changed to the current SSR+ grade at the time of launch.

As a result, the UR Grade that Regulars have been asking about does not exist.
▶ 07/26 Update Maintenance


During the development process, we should have deleted all unused data after the final plan was finalized, but we apologize for any confusion regarding teammates grade and growth that may have been caused by the omission during the review process, and we will continue to prepare well to avoid such issues.


◆ Server Expansion Period

The servers are not divided by country, and a new server is created when the conditions for adding a server are met.
Joining Alliances and Friend Requests are not server specific; you can join an Alliance and add all users no matter what server you are playing on.


Newly created servers are marked with a ‘NEW’ mark to recognize them as the most recent. 


We had a lot of things we wanted to say in this first Dev. Note.
Going forward, we'll continue to work hard to show you how we're actively engaging with you through a variety of channels. Lastly, we have something for the Regulars who read our first Dev. Note.


We hope you enjoy your time with <Tower of God: New World>.


Thank you. 



From the Developer’s & Service Management


[Dev. Note Coupon]



Southeast Asia






Time Zone





Coupon Use Period

8/11 23:59:59

8/11 15:59:59

8/11 09:59:59

8/11 06:59:59

Coupon Code


Reward Items

Suspendium x500


[How to use Event Coupons]


 ● How to Use Coupons (Android)
1.  Open the game → tap the [Profile] icon → tap the [Misc.] button → then select the [Coupon Code] option.
2. Tap the ‘[Promo]TOG Coupon Registration’’ screen.
3. After entering the coupon code notified through the notice, when you tap the ‘Confirm’ button, you are able to receive the coupon reward.


 ● How to Use Coupons (iOS)
1.  Open the game →  tap the [Profile] icon → tap the [Misc.] button → then copy your own ID displayed at the bottom of the Profile screen.
2. - iOS users can use coupons through the page linked below.
[Enter Code]
3. Enter your account ID and the coupon code to receive the reward.

 ● Details
- The coupon reward will be sent to the mailbox.
- Coupon rewards can be received only once for each account.
- Entering coupons in-game is only possible for AOS devices.
- iOS devices can enter coupon codes through the coupon page.
- After entering the coupon, it will be rewarded to the first account that was logged in while accessing the coupon page.
 - If you are unable to receive the reward after entering the coupon, log into the game and tap the “Obtain Quick Loot” Icon.






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