Notice Regarding Mis-Restrictions Due to an Issue (Restrictions lifted at 11:10 (UTC+9))


Greetings, Regulars!

This is the Tower of God: New World team.


It has been confirmed that some accounts were suddenly restricted even though they were not subject to restrictions.


The matter occurred temporarily due to an internal issue, and the restrictions have now been lifted.


We would like to express our sincere apologies to the Regulars who must have been surprised by the sudden suspension.

Please check below for more details.



◆ Notice Regarding Mis-Restrictions Due to an Issue

▶ Date and Time of Occurrence



Southeast Asia






Time Zone





Mis-Restriction Occurrence

9/22 10:10

9/22 02:10

9/21 20:10

9/21 17:10


Ending Time

9/22 10:30

9/22 02:30

9/21 20:30

9/21 17:30

1st Restrictions Lifted (220 accounts)

9/22 10:30

9/22 02:30

9/21 20:30

9/21 17:30

 2nd Restrictions Lifted (4 accounts)

9/22 11:10

9/22 03:10

9/21 21:10

9/21 18:10

▶ Cause

 - Account mistake occurred due to internal issue

 * Restrictions have been lifted currently for mis-restricted accounts.


▶ Those subject to mis-restriction
 - 224 Regulars



We deeply apologize for any inconvenience caused by the sudden sanctions.

We will provide a separate apology and reward to the Regulars who were unable to play the game due to this issue.


We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

We will be careful to prevent the same problem from occurring in the future.


Thank you.





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