Po Bidau Blanc Quiz Event (Day 5) Result Announcement


Greetings, Regulars!

This is the Tower of God: New World team.


We’d like to thank everyone for participating in Xia Xia’s [💙 Po Bidau Blanc Quiz Event (Day 5) 💙]!





Let’s find out what the answer is!



💙 Po Bidau Blanc Quiz Event (Day 5) Result Announcement 💙


✅ Quiz Answer



Po Bidau Blanc was sent to the Workshop at an early age. While she does have a maniac and eccentric side, her heart cares deeply for living creatures. While in the workshop, she discovers through discarded research data that the Workshop is experimenting on living creatures, she then begins to look for a [             ] with the purpose of studying how to turn [             ] back to life.


Question: What is the word that fills in the blank correctly?

Answer: No.3 - Ignition Weapon


✅ Reward



All Regulars who choose the correct answer

Suspendium x2,000


✅ Reward Distribution

- Rewards will be distributed in waves on 2023/12/13 (Wed) after the results announcement.


✅ Notes

- Check which account information was used at the time you participated in the event, and then check that account’s mailbox to receive the reward.

- Rewards will be sent to the [Mailbox > Notices], and once claimed, you can check the items through your [Bag].

- Regulars who didn’t get the right answer will not receive rewards.

- Rewards will be sent in waves following the distribution schedule date.

- The reward will be stored for 7 days. After those 7 days, the unclaimed reward will expire, and redistribution will not be possible.



Thank you so much for your participation!

We will keep doing our best to bring fun events to our Regulars!


Check the CM note below if you are curious about the story of Po Bidau Blanc!

▶ 12/14 Update New Teammate ‘Po Bidau Blanc’ Preview 💛


Thank you.





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