Zenless Zone Zero Reroll Guide

This is our ZZZ (Zenless Zone Zero) Reroll Guide! Find out how to reroll, the fastest route, our reroll tier list, and rather it's worth it to reroll or not.

Welcome to our Reroll Guide in Zenless Zone Zero (ZZZ). This guide covers how to reroll, the fastest route (video guide), our reroll tier list, and whether or not you should do it!

How to Reroll in Zenless Zone Zero

Depending on when you decide to play the game will depend on how easy the reroll experience is, but to reroll in ZZZ:

  1. You must create a new account every time you want to reroll and unlock Signal Search.
  2. Upon logging in, you should be rewarded with at least 20 master tapes, or 30+ if you login during the event period (2024-07-04 thru 2024-08-13)
  3. Upon unlocking Signal Search through progression of the main story, you can either roll at that point, or wait until you reach level 8 more master tapes for a total of 60+ summons on the standard banner.
  4. Roll on the Standard Banner, as you're guaranteed to get an S rank agent within 50 pulls.
  5. After rolling on the banner, you should have earned enough currency to purchase more in the store.
  6. If you do not get who you were aiming for, create a new account and start the process again.

Fastest Route

Check out this video guide for how to get 70 summons in 40 minutes!

Reroll Tier List

Top Picks

If you're able to get any of these, especially the two limited units, consider your luck amazing. They can fit with most team setups.

Lycaon - Best stun DPS in the game, bar none. He also works with any team setup.

Rina - Great electric support unit, boosts electric damage when enemies are shocked, making her a good pick for electric mono teams. Also has an invaluable team wide PEN % buff, allowing the team to ignore enemy defenses, which is perhaps the best way to increase overall damage..

Secondary Picks

All of these agents are still incredible in their own right. Good if you want to go for a particular team, such as Fire.

Soldier 11 - Great fire damage dealer, especially when paired with units who are good at stunning.

Nekomata - Incredible Physical DPS when paired with other physical such as Billy

Grace - Amazing electric applicator, allowing herself and any other electric agent on her team to deal considerably more damage.

Koleda - Fire stun unit that works very well with Ben, who is a great defensive unit.

Is Rerolling Worth It?

This entirely depends on two factors:

  1. Are you playing during a time frame when you're rewarded with a lot of free summons just from creating a new account and logging in?
  2. Do you care about which S rank agent you get in the standard banner?

If you answered yes to both of those, then I would definitely say re-rolling is worth it. With the skip cutscene feature added, you should be able to breeze through the main story and reach level 5 in no time in order to get the maximum amount of summons in the shortest amount of time.

If you answered no, as long as you summon on the standard banner, you are guaranteed to get a S rank agent within 50 pulls, so just play the game normally as you would and "roll" with who you got!


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