Beginner’s guide – daily routines guide

BrownDust2 is filled with great content to keep you busy, but the dailies are also pretty player-friendly and should only take around 10-15 minutes to clear (other than special event activities). Here's a quick guide on your routines for clearing your dailies.

Collect the daily free draws and login items (<1 min)

Every day you get 1 free draw on each of the featured banners and free login items in your mailbox.

Once you have Olstein and Diana, you will also collect daily dispatch rewards (though remember to use the Dispatch abilities again to set it up for the next day). If you have played Last Night at least once, you will get Ancient Crystal rewards delivered together with your dispatch rewards.

Use your cooked rice (<1 min)

You get 40 cooked rice per day. As a new player, I would recommend spending 1 battle (or 1 auto-run for 6 rice) on Hunting Grounds for the daily quest rewards, and the rest of your daily cooked rice on slime or gold farming. In terms of whether to do gold or slime runs, do whichever has the current "day of the week bonus". When both are on bonus, prioritize slimes in the early game, until all of your main units are max level. After your main units reach max level, you can start prioritizing gold. You can never have enough gold, because the late game is very gold intensive.

For the Hunting grounds battle, the recommended areas are Lizardman Altar (for gold and copper ores) and Mountain Keeper's Shelter (for wood).

Craft, dismantle, upgrade, refine gear (2 min)

Craft, upgrade, dismantle and refine gears daily to clear the Gear Pass quests. The rewards are crafting materials and gold.

  • Craft: Usually, you should craft new UR gears if you have enough Ancient Crystals. Otherwise, craft whatever R and SR gears you need to complete your collection for collection bonuses. Once you have crafted all R and SR gears, it is recommended that you craft SR Circlets (if you want to max refining crystals) or R Circlets (if you want to max refining powder). If you don't know what crystals and powder do, check out the resources and currency guide.
  • Dismantle: Dismantle any low tier gears that you craft or pull from the free draws.
  • Upgrade: Upgrade any high tier gears that you have (e.g. SR III-IV, UR II to IV). Remember that to get maximum Last Night scoring (which is an end-game goal), you need to equip all your characters with good gears, so it's not a waste to put a little bit of gold into upgrading your high tier gears, even if they are not your best gears.
  • Refine: Use refining powder only on your best gears. I would generally aim for B B S and then stop there to focus on something else. The chances of getting better than B B S are very slim, so the cost-to-reward ratio drops drastically after you have reached B B S.

Collect finds and Gluttis (1-6 min)


The daily missions require you to collect finds (the blue or green sparkles) and Gluttis (the blue rabbit-ear creatures) from the field. It's up to you as to how much time you want to spend on this.

Bare Minimum Effort (~1 min): To do the bare minimum, just go to any completed story pack area with enemies, walk around, and you'll come across a Glutti and some finds pretty quickly. It shouldn't take more than a minute. Gluttis will run away if they spot you, but you can easily catch them using the boots dash.

A Little Effort (~2 min): To maximize your crafting materials, you should also use the Search ability (Lathel/Jayden) + Absorption ability (Celia) combo, which allows you to instantly collect all blue and green finds on a map without having to run around. The best places to do this are Chapter 8 (gold and copper ores) and Chapter 9 (wood), though gold and copper ores are also available in lower quantities in Chapter 2 for new players. You can use magic circles to quickly teleport between maps from the same story pack. There is a limit to how many times you can use Absorption per day, so make the most of it.

More Effort (~6 min): In addition to the above, if you're going to be running around the maps, you may as well pick up some quest gold while you're at it. You can do up to 3 bulletin board quests a day. I generally pick only the Level II or III quests, other than battleground quests (battleground quests require you to used cooked rice and are too much effort for me), and I usually do them in Chapter 8, because the quests are pretty quick to do and the map layout loops around with few dead ends, so it's easy to sweep manually for gold ores and copper ores.

Note that you should do bulletin board quests before buying from a story pack shop, because completing at least 1 bulletin board quest in a story pack causes the story pack shop to reduce prices by 10%.

The bulletin board

Check out who's in the pub (<1 min)

In addition to fixed story characters (who always stay in the relevant story pack pub until you recruit them), there are always two random characters in the pub that can be recruited. The random characters rotate every 2 hours.

For newer players, it's worthwhile checking into the pub every now and then to see who is available for recruitment. Do not bother recruiting 3 and 4 star characters, because you will easily get them to max level using the gacha draw. Save your precious recruit scrolls for 5 star characters when you see them.

Note that characters can only be recruited once, so once you recruit them from the pub they will not re-appear. Note also that only some costumes can be recruited from the pub (mostly base costumes of characters that were available at launch). Some characters and costumes are simply not available in the pub, e.g. Ventana, Yuri, etc.

Battle in Mirror Wars (1-6 min)

You get 40 free runs of Mirror Wars (PVP) per day. For the bare minimum, you can just do 1 battle and collect your daily quest rewards. However, it is recommended that you spend run all 40 battles and just let your device idle for a few minutes whilst you auto-battle. Playing Mirror Wars earns you Medals, which can be used to purchase a featured 5-star costume once a month.

Collect your rewards (<1 min)

After doing all of the above, remember to collect your Gear Pass Rewards, Season Pass Rewards, the Mission Rewards.

Always purchase the premium pass for each Season Pass for 1000 dia (and make sure you always keep a reserve of at least 1000 dia so that you don't miss out on the premium pass). The premium pass is always worth it, putting everything else aside, you get over 10 draw tickets which alone are worth 2000 dia.

Special events and seasonal challenges

Finally, there are always special events happening in the game, so remember to participate for even more rewards. Regular seasonal events include Evil Castle Tower of Pride, fiend bosses, challenge battles, minigames and so on.