Potential Quick-Start Guide

Quick-start guide to using potential

Step 1: Go to the Companion menu and select a unit.

Step 2: Go to the costume sub-menu, select the costume you want to improve, and then select "Upgrade"

This will take you to the Potential page for the selected costume. Each costume has its own Potential page.

Each circle on the potential page represents an unlockable upgrade. There are three different types of circles:

  • Small light circles: Stat upgrades that apply to all costumes for the character. These are called "Permanent Stats" in game.
  • Medium dark circles: Stat upgrades that only apply when you select this costume as the "bonded" costume. Only 1 costume can be "bonded" at a time. These are called "Bonding Stats" in game.
  • Large dark circles: These are costume skill upgrades.

Step 3: Unlock the circles

Other than the first few circles (which require gold only), most of the circles require magic crystals and gold to unlock. The magic crystal element must match the character's element. Magic crystals are farmable with torches (see below).

The large circles, however, require both magic crystals AND a "Tear of the Goddess", which seems to be a rare non-farmable item. So far, the only ways to get Tears are from the event shop and from the Golden Thread shop. Since they are rare, expensive and not farmable, you should choose carefully how to use your Tears.

The progression track for unlocking more circles is shown by the black lines connecting the circles. E.g. for Knight of Blood Justia, it is necessary to first unlock the candle skill upgrade in order to access the other two skill upgrades.

Step 4: Set your bonded costume

Once you return to the character screen, go to the "Info" tab and you will see a circle on the top right showing which costume is "bonded". You can choose only 1 costume to "bond" at a time, but you can change the bonded costume freely by clicking the circle costume avatar.

Depending on your Potential upgrades, each costume will give different "Bonding Stats".

Example: When White Reaper Justia is bonded, this Justia gets +44 ATK.

When the bonded costume is changed to Blood Glutton, this Justia gets +34% HP instead (but loses the +44 ATK).

How to farm Magic Crystals

Magic Crystals can be farmed from the elemental caves in the Path of Adventure pack.

Initially, you have to enter the Path of Adventure pack to manually access the elemental caves. Clear the boss in each cave (defeat 5 mobs to make the boss appear) to unlock the next difficulty level (Normal > Medium > Hard). Once you've cleared the boss in each difficulty level, you'll be able to do daily auto-runs in that difficulty level, the same way as you do daily auto-runs for hunting grounds, gold and slime.

Hunting Grounds, gold and slime farming uses "cooked rice", whereas Magic Crystal farming uses "torches". Torches reset daily.