Beginner’s Guide – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Have a question? Here are some answers to some of the most common FAQs.

Q: Can you help me build my team?

A: If you're still in the re-roll phase, check out the Reroll Guide.

If you don't know who to use as a starting team, check out the Beginners Quick Start Guide.

For late game content, you will need to tailor your team to match the enemy's elemental weaknesses and their team formation. The game is pretty well balanced, and there is no "one size fits all" team composition in BrownDust2.

If you need help with building gear, check out Part 1 of the Gear Guide.

Q: What is chain damage?

A: If you hit an enemy more than once in a turn, you will stack 1 "chain" on that enemy. The number of chains you have stacked on each enemy is indicated by a small red chain icon and number next to each enemy during your attack phase. Chain stacks reset at the end of each turn.

The enemies above each have 7 chain stacks on them

Each chain stack on an enemy increases the damage of the next hit by 10%. For example, if you attack an enemy repeatedly in a single turn, the first hit does normal damage (100%), the second hit does 110% damage, the third hit does 120% damage, and so on.

Some units have skills which hit enemies multiple times. These skills are useful for stacking up more chains for higher damage.

Q: Are units with multi-hit skills better than units with single hit skills?

A: Not always. They each have their advantages and disadvantages.

Multi-hit skills are useful because:

  • They allow you to stack chains faster (see above).
  • They allow you to break through enemies with evasion (e.g. White Cat Rou) and enemies that can block only a certain number of hits (e.g. Admiral Sylvia).

Single hit skills are useful because:

  • They are less vulnerable to counterattacks (e.g. Android Queen Lecliss, Desert Flower Sylvia).
  • Overkill damage gives higher points in Tower of Pride (it's difficult to do overkill damage with multi-hit skills, because the game stops counting damage after the hit that kills the enemy unit).
  • Some enemies (e.g. the dark fiend boss) are weak on only the first X hits each turn (so it is preferable to do 1 big hit rather than multiple small hits).

Q: What are the most important field abilities to level up?

A: Highest priority: Gear Crafting (Layla OR Fred, not both) and Alchemy (Schera).

High priority: Dispatch (Olstein) AND Dispatch (Diana). Note that Olstein and Diana's ability have the same names but are different abilities.

Medium priority: Search (Lathel), Absorption (Celia). Note that as of the Jan 2024 patch, using Search + Absorption at the highest level will absorb all blue and green finds on the level. This lets you save a lot of time in your daily routine.

Not necessary to level up: Everything else.

Q: I've seen guides online that say I should be stealing daily. Is using the Steal ability worthwhile?

A: No. Steal used to give you a lot of crafting materials when the game first launched, but the devs subsequently moved the steal rewards into the gear pass. Now, stealing just gives a very small amount of gold which is not really worth the time to do.

Q: Which pack is best for doing daily quests?

A: My preference is to do daily quests in Chapter 8 (Bloody Rhapsody). This is because the daily Search rewards in Ch 8 yield a lot of gold and copper, which are scarce materials required for SR and UR gear crafting. Doing daily bulletin board quests in Ch 8 is a convenient way to clear dailies and collect the Search finds at the same time. Also, the maps have a nice loop layout which make them easy to travel through.

If you're not yet up to Ch 8, Chapters 3 also has copper and gold drops from Search finds.

Chapter 9 drops wood Search finds, so it's convenient to do daily quests there when you are running low on wood.

Note that leather, cloth, peat and iron are extremely abundant, so there is no need to farm them. Only gold, copper and wood are worth farming for.

Q: What's the best way to farm for gold and slimes?

A: The best way to farm is to spend cooked rice in Path of Adventure.

It's possible to get more gold and experience by battling all the enemies that spawn daily in each pack, but the time-to-reward ratio is not great and too tedious for me to recommend doing daily.

It is also possible to earn gold by selling food cooked using Justia's skill. There are some guides online for this, but it takes a lot of effort to learn about all the ingredients and farm for them, and generally speaking the time and effort required to maximize cooking income is not really worth the time for the majority of players. For the average player, it's enough to just cook the best recipes you can with the ingredients you have, and sell them to your nearest shop. Or, if you are lazy, just sell the ingredients directly.

Q: Is it really necessary to hoard more gold? I already have millions and I hardly use any.

Yes. In the early game you use very little gold. In the late game, crafting, upgrading and refining gear is very gold intensive. You will use it up quickly.

Q: How can I try Hard or Very Hard mode?

A: Talk to Elin, the glitching girl sitting on a TV, in each story pack. She will appear in the safe area after you have completed the main quest in that story pack. If you're having trouble finding her, you can use the map (there is an icon showing Elin's location).

Don't attempt more than one Hard Mode or Very Hard Mode at a time. Once you start Hard Mode or Very Hard mode, you will be locked out of doing daily quests in that chapter until you complete the story quest. It's therefore a good idea to challenge them one by one.

Talk to Elin to attempt Hard or Very Hard mode.

Q: My characters are injured/dead and now I'm stuck on a Character Pack, what can I do?

A: Run away and heal! There is an inn located in each Character Pack where you can bring your characters back to full health. The inn location is not always obvious, but you should be able to find it using the icons on the minimap.

Character Packs (in Normal difficulty) are like puzzle game, because you are forced to use a fixed set of characters. Figuring out how to defeat enemies with fixed resources is part of the fun, though if you are still unable to clear a level (even after healing up), there are plenty of guides on YouTube with suggested solutions.

E.g. In the first Character Pack (Jayden's Gate), speak to the nurse on 1F to heal up.

Q: Should I pull on the featured banner for [costume]?

A: This site is regularly being updated with reviews on new costumes, so check back often for fresh content!

Q: Should I pull on the select banner (choose 6 units)?

A: It's generally better to pull on the featured banners. The overall 5-star rates are the same as the featured banner, but there are two things you should know.

First of all, the rates for getting the unit you want are extremely low. Think about rates on the normal featured banner, and divide by 6 for each individual selected unit. Put another way, think about how long it takes you to +5 a unit: that's on average how often you will pull any one of the featured units you want.

Secondly, there are no event bonuses for the select banner. Usually, if you pull the featured costume on the featured banner you are rewarded with 10 tickets, but this does not apply for the select banner.

Q: Who should I +1 with Golden Threads?

A: Each month you can upgrade 1 costume with Golden Threads. Check out this guide for some recommendations on who to upgrade.

Q: Should I pull on the featured gear banner?

A: Generally speaking, the gear banner is not as good value as the costume banner.

Firstly, there is a risk that you could draw the same gear twice. Currently, there are no uses for having multiple copies of unique gears.

Secondly, having more costumes is generally better value than having more gears. There are some battles where you must have the right costumes to win, but there are no battles where you must have specific unique gears to win. The stat boosts from unique gears are definitely helpful but you can clear pretty much all content just by using normal UR gears, rather than unique UR gears.

Of course, if there is a unit that you plan to use long term, then by all means feel free to try for their unique gear.