Brown Dust 2 Reroll Guide

Reroll Guide

Comprehensive Brown Dust 2 reroll guide. Best characters and gear to aim for beginners and new accounts.

There are several reroll strategies present in Brown Dust 2, which can even be deviated from if you understand what you’re doing. This guide aims to present and explain each strategy, so you can make the best decisions for your own account.

Quick Guide

Brown Dust 2 Infinite Reroll Guide
Credits: Chaerimasu

Preliminary Information

In this game, the gacha is for two things: costumes and exclusive gear.

Costume System

Instead of pulling for characters, you pull for their costumes, which are equivalent to their skills. Having multiple unique costumes for a character means that you have multiple skills available to them, which also means that  they have more flexibility and you have more skill uptime, since each skill has a cooldown. Additionally, costumes have a dupe system, ranging from +0 to +5 (6 copies total to max out). Each dupe boosts the skill in a specific way (See this Costume Spreadsheet). This game very much rewards vertical investment on your units.

Exclusive Gear (EX)

In addition to one or more costumes, each character has their own exclusive (EX) gear, which can only be equipped to them. EX gear come in three rarities: R (3*/4* only), SR, and UR, and they give the characters extra stats in the form of an Exclusive Stat, which are not found in craftable gear. Thus, EX gear are massive boosts to your characters. Fortunately, there is no dupe system for EX gear, so you’ll only ever need 1 copy of a character’s UR EX.

Important: In addition to the exclusive stat, an EX gear has two basic stats, the first of which is fixed, and the second is variable based on the gear slot it occupies. During the reroll, it is recommended to also inspect EX gear to see if it has the correct second basic stat. This isn’t truly necessary, however, as you are able to reroll that variable stat with an uncommon resource later.

Infinite Reroll

This game’s gacha system is introduced to you through Infinite Reroll, a special one-time banner that you can reroll to your heart’s content until you’re satisfied with the ten draws you end up with. Of these ten draws, you get the following:

  • One 5* costume (from a specific pool),
  • One 5* SR EX (you can’t get a UR!)
  • One 4* costume (currently any in the game)
  • One 4* EX (any rarity)
  • Four 3* costumes or EX gear, the gear being of any rarity.

Note that the 3* and 4* EX gear can be of any rarity — you can pull for UR EX gear for either a 3* or 4* from Infinite (possibly multiple 3* UR EX’s too), which is a massive boost to your early game. Trying to reroll for multiple UR EX gear from Infinite however, may take a lot of time.

The Infinite Strategy

Since you can reroll on Infinite as much as you like, the best way to reroll will depend on how much time you’re willing to spend on this stage. Decide on whether you want to settle for 2 or 3 reroll targets (we recommend 2, as 3 is for people with too much time on their hands), then head to the next step: selecting your reroll targets.

Primary Target: Kry UR — Crying Devil

The most important target in Infinite. Kry is an indispensable 4* character with two costumes, one with a knockback skill, and one with a DPS skill. He will carry you through the early game while still being relevant in the late game. Kry himself doesn’t need to be targeted in Infinite, because he is easy to get from the gacha due to being a 4*.

Important: The correct second basic stat is Crit DMG! The three main stats should look like this: Crit Rate • ATK • Crit DMG. Remember that this stat can be rerolled later on.

Secondary Target: 5* Costume

There are 14 5* costumes in the Infinite Pool. All of them are either given to you in the story or are recruitable in the tavern, so it is viable to not go for a specific costume. Choose one of these costumes as a reroll target if you wish to vertically invest in a character.

Lathel — Medicinal Herb Tracker (Story)
Physical Bruiser
Lathel has great costumes, but this one is just okay. You can get three copies of another of his costumes in the story, so you don’t really need this one.
Justia — White Reaper (Story) (PvP Recommended)
True Physical DPS
Justia is a True DMG dealer, making her useful in any content. That said, True DMG dealers like her tend to fall off in the late game, even more so without dupes. Taking a copy of her from Infinite would prevent her from hitting like a wet noodle later on. She is also a beast in PvP.
Justia — Knight of Blood (Story)
True Physical DPS
Justia’s second costume. Despite having similar damage to White Reaper, the latter has a more relevant tile pattern and uses less SP. You should always take White Reaper over this costume.
Scheherazade — The Lapis Witch (Story) (Magic Recommended)
Magic DPS, Dispel
Schera is great, having dispel on all of her costumes, on top of good damage. However, it is hard to recommend her because magic teams need B-Rank Idol Helena, a gacha only costume. Don’t take her from Infinite unless you want to force a magic team (and cope that we get a budget BHelena).
Gray — The Sharpshooter of the Mist (Story) (PvE Recommended)
Physical DPS, Anti-Physical
Base Gray is great, dealing damage based on enemy ATK, and his dupes scale incredibly well. However, this costume deals no damage to magic enemies (Vanguard Gray is the costume that does this, and it’s gacha only).
Alec — The Destruction (Tavern)
True Physical DPS
Alec has the highest base ATK in the game, alongside the highest multipliers. However, Alec’s second costume is gacha only, making him very inflexible compared to Justia.
Anastasia — Gentle Maid (Tavern)
Physical DPS
Anastasia has great DPS, but has zero utility. I would take a different character than her from Infinite since you get a ton of good physical DPS’s for free.
Celia — The Curse (Tavern)
Magic DPS, ATK Down
Celia has a great pattern, and skips, but she has awful multipliers, and thus does not function as a DPS. Her utility in debuffing enemy ATK is niche, but may see use in Fiend Hunt if the fiend is physical.
Eleaneer — Piercing Magic Bow (Tavern) (Recommended)
Physical DPS, Dispel
Dispel is currently the best mechanic in the game, and Eleaneer gets to have it on top of really good multipliers. Taking her from Infinite and Tavern to get her to +1 is very strong for your account.
Elise — Lovely Lady (Tavern) (Recommended)
Physical DPS, Defense Shred, Magic Resist Shred
On top of good multipliers, Elise has access to a whopping 50% defense shred, which allows you to force physical teams against enemies with high defense. She also has a really good pattern, skip cross. Her only issue is costing 5SP before +3.  If you take her from Infinite, recruit her in the tavern for +1.
Helena — Top Idol (Tavern)
Barrier Support, SP Battery
Do not mistake this costume for B-Rank Idol Helena; this isn’t the magic team enabler that Schera needs. This Helena is decent, but not worth targeting in Infinite. 
Lecliss — Killer Doll (Tavern)
Physical Tank, Taunt
Lecliss has the highest base HP in the game (alongside Teresse), and makes for a very good tank. You don’t really need dupes on her, so recruit her from the tavern instead of taking her in Infinite.
Rafina — Steel Engine (Tavern)
Physical DPS, Barrier Dispel
Rafina has good numbers on top of having skip cross as a pattern, but because dispels are applied after damage is taken, her barrier dispel is kind of pointless.
Seir — Demon’s Daughter (Tavern)
Magic Tank, Self-Heal Counters
Having base HP just a little below Lecliss, Seir makes for a fantastic tank that can heal herself whenever she gets hit. Just like Lecliss, you do not need dupes on her.

Optional: 5* SR EX

Getting an exclusive gear for your DPS will make your early game much easier. Prioritize this over getting a specific 5* costume if you want to optimize your early game over your late game. Also remember that the variable basic stat can be rerolled later on, so you can decide if you want to reroll for the correct basic stat as well.

Justia EX — Royaldite
Recommended Third Stat: ATK or ATK%Statline: ATK% • ATK • ATK
Eleaneer EX — Freischütz
Recommended Third Stat: Crit DMGStatline: ATK% • ATK • Crit DMG
Elise EX — Rose Selection
Body (Always prioritize Elise herself over her gear)
Recommended Third Stat: not important, but HP% > DEF > HPStatline: ATK • DEF • HP%

Notable Mentions: Wiggle and Emma UR

Wiggle is a powerhouse in the early game with his UR, while Emma’s knockbacks become way more consistent with hers. However, 3* UR EX gears are quite easy to come by from the daily draw, so only target either of these in Infinite if you either want to optimize your early game, or if you like suffering with another layer of RNG.

Wiggle UR — Dangerous Bomb
Recommended Third Stat: Crit DMG
Statline: ATK% • ATK • Crit DMG
Emma UR — Scholar’s Emblem
Recommended Third Stat: Crit DMG
Statline: Crit Rate • Crit DMG • Crit DMG

True Reroll

After progressing through Pack 1 for a bit, you’ll gain access to the real gacha system. If you want to, you can try to reroll (with several accounts) for several copies of a rate up banner with your starting rolls (20 tickets). Now why would one want to do that?

  • Every banner has a “Pickup Event,” where you are given 10 tickets for each copy of a rate up costume you pull. With enough rerolls, you can possibly chain into a +1 or even +2 rate up costume. To put it into perspective, there’s a 6.41% chance to get +1 in 30 pulls, and a 2% chance to get +2 in 40 pulls.
  • A high level 5* costume may be worth more for your account than what you’re rerolling for in Infinite.

Of course, in order to make a true reroll work in a reasonable amount of time, we must make some concessions. Trying to go for a true reroll with an optimal Infinite reroll would take way too long. Here are some possible sacrifices we can make to save time:

  • Limit the number of reroll targets. Have a maximum of 2 targets, because 3 takes way too long.
  • Be flexible with your reroll targets. Instead of choosing a specific pair of things to reroll for, you can instead look for one of several combinations. For example: You can reroll for Kry UR and one of either Elise, Justia, or Eleaneer.
  • Don’t bother optimizing weapon mainstats in Infinite. We can simply reroll those main stats later down the line.

Lastly, whether it is worth doing a true reroll or not depends on what costumes are currently being rated up. Your Infinite strategy may even change depending on the rate up banner you’re rerolling for. Consider asking in the Community Discord for targeted advice!