Costume Guide - Maid Name C Rubia

Costume Guide – Maid Name C Rubia


  • Only 2 SP makes her versatile for PVP
  • Rubia has access to the potential system, meaning better stats and skills
  • Guaranteed to evade 2 hits (3 with Potential)
  • X shape AOE synergizes well with her other costume AOEs


  • Competes with a lot of other good fire physical attackers: over investing in one element may mean you are under invested in other elements.
  • Not the strongest fire attacker.

Rubia for PVE

In PVE, Rubia is a great choice, but there are many other choices for fire physical attackers.

For example, Lia is the master of mob clearing with the strongest 3x3 nuke.

POV Lathel and Fire Graffiti Anastasia are great at dealing concentrated damage.

LL Elise and Empress Rubia do not have the strongest damage, but are great at shredding DEF.

In that context, Rubia is certainly good for PVE, but she doesn’t have a niche where she deals the highest damage as a PVE fire attacker. She is best used in combination with other fire attackers and with Rubia’s own other costumes. 

She is pretty good for the current fiend boss, but many players are already doing fine with just Lia.

Rubia for PVP

Rubia is very interesting for PVP play because she is the second 5 star unit with evasion, the other being Rou (White Cat and Natures Claw). With both Maid Rubia and Rou now in play, we could see an “evasion meta” with attack teams dual wielding Rubia and Rou for only total 3 SP cost. This indirectly devalues single hit units like Maid Lia, Comeback Yuri, Blood Glutton Justia, and so on.

Rubia’s evasion is arguably better than Rou’s when it comes to reliability. Rubia with Potential is guaranteed to dodge 3 hits. Rou on the other hand has around a 34% chance of dodging 3 times in a row with her luck based evasion skill.

Note that buff removal skills do not trigger on missed attacks, so buff removers like Schera can’t be used to counter the evasion skill. 

Interestingly, Rubia counters herself: Maid Rubia’s two hits are countered by an enemy Maid Rubia’s two evasion ticks. On the other hand, Empress Rubia, who deals 6 hits and shreds DEF, is great for wiping out Maid Rubia. 


Rubia is a great pull: a solid choice for PVE (even if she doesn’t have the highest damage potential) and very powerful in PVP. Even if you don’t get her, if she becomes popular, you will need to tweak your PVP teams to play around her evasion.