Diablo 4 Season 2 Nightmare Dungeon Rotation and Farming Tier List

In Diablo 4, Nightmare Dungeon allows you to level your Glyphs, obtain loot, obtain great experience for leveling, and challenge yourself all the way to Tier 100. From World Tier III onwards, players can obtain or craft Nightmare Sigils to enter them - directly to the entrance by teleporting!

Every new Season, there are different ones on rotation out of all the numerous Dungeons in Diablo 4 so they do not get too repetitive over time. In Season 2 - Season of Blood, the rotation of dungeons are listed below, as well as a tier list of the dungeons on how efficient they are for solo leveling and Glyph experience farming.

The tier list is by Raxxanterax, who tested the dungeons extensively and calculated the experience gain accordingly with Whirlwind Barbarian. Remember, Nightmare Dungeon efficiency is based on its Affixes and personal preferences.

Solo XP Nightmare Dungeon Tier List

Sirocco Caverns2.041S
Flooded Depths1.932S
Lights Watch1.853S
Belfry Zakara1.764S
Jalals Vigil1.755S
Ghoa Ruins1.756S
Carrion Fields1.597A
Buried Halls1.598A
Vault of the Forsaken1.529A
Sanguine Chapel1.5010A
Grinning Labyrinth1.4111A
Deserted Underpass1.3812A
Forbidden City1.3513B
Steadfast Barracks1.3314B
Broken Bulwark1.3115B
Lubans Rest1.3016B
Tormented Ruins1.3018B
Bloodsoaked Crag1.2720C
Fetid Mausoleum1.2521C
Crusaders Cathedral1.2322C
Renegades Retreat1.1924C
Whispering Vault1.1825C
Sepulcher of the Forsworn1.1726C
Leviathans Maw1.0927D
Heathens Keep0.9228D
Endless Gates0.8829D
Hallowed Ossuary0.8330D

Glyph Leveling Nightmare Dungeon Tier List

Ghoa Ruins1711S
Tormented Ruins1752S
Sirocco Caverns1803S
Hallowed Ossuary1964S
Belfry Zakara2005S
Lights Watch2166A
Deserted Underpass2167A
Flooded Depths2168A
Crusaders Cathedral2199A
Forbidden City22410A
Heathens Keep23611B
Jalals Vigil23812B
Broken Bulwark24013B
Sanguine Chapel24314B
Vault of the Forsaken26516B
Renegades Retreat26717B
Fetid Mausoleum27118B
Whispering Vault27519B
Carrion Fields28920C
Steadfast Barracks29021C
Leviathans Maw29422C
Bloodsoaked Crag30324C
Grinning Labyrinth31225D
Endless Gates31426D
Lubans Rest31527D
Sepulcher of the Forsworn34929D
Buried Halls35230D

Season of Blood Nightmare Dungeon Rotation

World Tier 3: Tier 1 - 20

  • Forbidden City
  • Lights Watch
  • Sanguine Chapel
  • Belfry Zakara
  • Ghoa Ruins
  • Steadfast Barracks
  • Inferno
  • Renegades Retreat
  • Sepulcher Of The Forsworn
  • Broken Bulwark
  • Oldstones
  • Vault of The Forsaken
  • Bloodsoaked Crag
  • Grinning Labyrinth
  • Whispering Vault

World Tier 4: Tier 21 - 100

  • Forbidden City
  • Hallowed Ossuary
  • Lights Watch
  • Tormented Ruins
  • Sanguine Chapel
  • Belfry Zakara
  • Endless Gates
  • Fetid Mausoleum
  • Ghoa Ruins
  • Heathens Keep
  • Leviathans Maw
  • Steadfast Barracks
  • Conclave
  • Crusaders Cathedral
  • Deserted Underpass
  • Inferno
  • Renegades Retreat
  • Sepulcher Of The Forsworn
  • Sirocco Caverns
  • Broken Bulwark
  • Flooded Depths
  • Jalals Vigil
  • Lubans Rest
  • Oldstones
  • Vault of The Forsaken
  • Bloodsoaked Crag
  • Buried Halls
  • Carrion Fields
  • Grinning Labyrinth
  • Whispering Vault

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