Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis Character Tier List


We love making a fun character tier list despite the fact that there will be some gamers will be angry with our tier positioning. After close to a month playing FFVII: Ever Crisis, we are here to present to you our character tier list for this month [December 2023].

Update Log:

  • Tifa
  • Glenn
S Tier• Sephiroth
• Cloud Strife
• Lucia Lin
• Tifa Lockhart
A Tier• Glenn Lodbrok
• Aerith Gainsborough
B Tier• Zack Fair
C Tier• Matt Winsord
• Red XIII
D Tier• Barrett Wallace

Note: Please don't hunt us down because your favourite character is not at the right tier according to you

Tier List breakdown

S Tier

Sephiroth remains the top magical ice damage dealer thanks to his Edged Wing and Aonibi weapons. Additionally, he possesses the ice arcanum gear that boosts ice damage by 35%!

Sephiroth also possesses gear that amplifies his wind damage by 20%, solidifying his position as one of the top wind physical damage dealers in the game, especially considering the absence of wind arcanum gear thus far.

Cloud remains the top physical lightning damage dealer in the game, attributed to his lightning arcanum gear and lightning weapon, which boost lightning damage by 35%. Moreover, he excels as the best physical water damage dealer, wielding the Maritime Sword and water-boosting gear that enhances water damage by 20%.

Additionally, Cloud has obtained an above-average non-elemental weapon, Zidane's Sword, featuring a high damage modifier. This weapon is perfect for battling bosses with multiple elemental resistances.

Tifa is the latest addition to the S-tier list. She recently acquired an ice arcanum gear that enhances her ice damage by 35%, similar to Sephiroth's boost. Additionally, she obtained the Holiday Gloves, dealing ice physical damage, solidifying her position as a premier physical ice damage dealer.

These enhancements complement her versatility in offensive and defensive debuffs. Moreover, she can support the party by healing using Lifeguard Wraps, showcasing her flexibility in fulfilling multiple roles within the party.

Lucia stands as a premier magical earth attacker, credited to her earth arcanum gear, boosting earth damage by 35%. Additionally, she acquired a high damage modifier magical earth weapon in Holiday Revolver. Previously, the game lacked a dedicated earth damage dealer, and Lucia admirably fills that void.

Moreover, she excels as a formidable ice physical damage sub DPS, proficient in significantly reducing ice resistance through Bald Eagle. Furthermore, she ranks second only to Cloud in terms of dealing physical water damage. While not as versatile in the debuffing role as Tifa, Lucia possesses numerous debuffing weapons like Mad Minute.

A Tier

Glenn maintains his position as the top physical fire damage dealer in the game, even without the support of fire arcanum gear. Additionally, he can boost the physical attack of any party member, including himself, through Pumpkin Lamppost. While Matt can also enhance physical attacks via Bramble Spine, his weapon is more inclined toward a support build rather than an attacker's setup.

Furthermore, Glenn can bolster the party's physical defense, proving particularly valuable in high-level content where debuffing the enemy's offensive stats might be challenging.

Aerith can fulfill various roles for the party, including but not limited to being a magical wind damage dealer, healer, support, and debuffer. I should place her in the S tier, but she doesn't quite reach the heights of specialization like the other characters. She could potentially become the top magical wind damage dealer, but she lacks any wind arcanum gear.

B Tier

Zack stands out as the sole character in the game capable of reducing water resistance, giving him a unique advantage. He excels against water-weak bosses like Ramuh. However, outside of these scenarios, he isn't particularly useful for other content. Additionally, he lacks any elemental gear that enhances his damage.

C Tier

Red XIII can heal, deal above-average fire damage, and debuff, but other characters can perform these tasks equally, if not better. He lacks any arcanum gear that could elevate him to higher tiers.

Similar to Red XIII, Matt can perform various tasks, but other characters excel better than him in those areas. Additionally, he lacks any arcanum gear.

D Tier

Barret can buff magical attack, debuff physical defense, and enhance the party's physical defense, but these are his primary capabilities. Additionally, he possesses the lowest number of gear in the game, making it crucial for him to acquire additional gear and weapons.


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