New Weapons for Yuffie and Glenn

The recent release of the Arctic Star (Yuffie) and Ultimatic (Glenn) characters has stirred up excitement among players. Let's dive into the intricacies of their abilities and potential impact on your gameplay.

Arctic Star (Yuffie):

Stats at Different Overboost Levels (OB):

  • OB0: [PATK: 232] [MATK: 178] [HEAL: 153]
  • OB10: [PATK: 556] [MATK: 427] [HEAL: 214]
  • OB+20: [PATK: 580] [MATK: 445] [HEAL: 229]

Notable Abilities and Traits:

  1. Arctic Star Passive Stats:
    • 40 Boost PATK / 36 Buff/Debuff Extension (Stats/Pot./Res.): This passive ability significantly boosts Yuffie's Physical Attack (PATK) by 40 and extends the duration of buffs and debuffs by 36. This is a crucial stat boost that enhances Yuffie's offensive capabilities, making her hits more potent on the battlefield.
  2. ATK Boost I:
    • Yuffie benefits from an additional ATK Boost I, emphasizing her focus on physical attacks. This further amplifies her damage output, ensuring that she remains a formidable force when engaging enemies.
  3. PATK Boost I (x2):
    • With dual instances of PATK Boost I, Yuffie's Physical Attack Materia receives an extra boost, emphasizing her role as a physical damage dealer. This synergizes well with her overall kit, allowing her to hit harder and contribute more effectively to battles.


  1. Stout Bravery [Mag. Non-elem.]:
    • Duration: 30s
    • PATK Up (+10s) from Low to Mid
    • Range: Single Ally
    • 9% Heal for the targeted ally
  2. Feisty Spirit [Mag. Non-elem.]:
    • Duration: 24s
    • PATK Up (+8s) from Mid to High
    • Range: Single Ally
    • 9% Heal for the targeted ally
    • Additional 24s PATK Up (+8s) from Mid to High for self
    • 9% Heal for the targeted ally
  3. Feisty Spirit+ [Mag. Non-elem.]:
    • Duration: 26s
    • PATK Up (+8s) at High level
    • Range: Single Ally
    • 12% Heal for the targeted ally
    • Additional 26s PATK Up (+8s) from Mid to High for self
  4. Feisty Spirit++ [Mag. Non-elem.]:
    • Duration: 30s
    • PATK Up (+10s) at High level
    • Range: Single Ally
    • 13% Heal for the targeted ally
    • Additional 30s PATK Up (+10s) from Mid to High for self


Arctic Star (Yuffie) introduces a distinctive support dynamic by being the first weapon to buff more than one ally's offensive stat. This innovation adds a layer of strategic depth to team compositions, especially for those who prioritize boosting multiple physical attackers.

While Arctic Star (Yuffie) may not be deemed a must-pull, its uniqueness opens the door to intriguing possibilities. Players who enjoy experimenting with diverse team setups or foresee a need for multi-offensive stat buffs might find this weapon particularly appealing.

Considering its potential impact on both Yuffie and another physical attacker, players may want to weigh the decision to pull based on their preferred playstyle and the current needs of their team. The versatility offered by Arctic Star (Yuffie) suggests that it could carve out a niche in future content where diversified offensive boosts become crucial.

In the dynamic landscape of gacha games, having a character or weapon that introduces novel mechanics can prove valuable in adapting to evolving challenges. Keep an eye on Arctic Star (Yuffie) as it might just be the missing piece in creating a formidable and well-balanced team for your adventures.

Ultimatic (Glenn):

Stats at Different Overboost Levels (OB):

  • OB0: [PATK: 236] [MATK: 171] [HEAL: 156]
  • OB10: [PATK: 566] [MATK: 410] [HEAL: 218]
  • OB+20: [PATK: 590] [MATK: 427] [HEAL: 234]

Notable Abilities and Traits:

  1. Skullknocker [Sigils: 1 ⬤] (4 ATB):
    • Sigils: 1 ⬤: This signifies the presence of a sigil associated with the Skullknocker ability. Sigils often introduce unique effects or enhancements to the associated skill, adding an extra layer of strategy to Glenn's arsenal.
    • (4 ATB): The skill requires 4 Action Time Bars (ATB) to activate, indicating a moderate charging time before the ability can be unleashed.
  2. 54 Boost ATK / 36 Boost Phys. Ability Pot.:
    • These passive boosts significantly enhance Glenn's offensive capabilities. The 54 Boost ATK improves his overall Attack stat, making his attacks hit harder. Additionally, the 36 Boost Phys. Ability Pot. amplifies the potency of his physical abilities, ensuring maximum impact during battles.
  3. ATK Boost I:
    • The presence of ATK Boost I further emphasizes Glenn's proficiency in physical/magical attack materia. This additional boost contributes to a higher damage output, making him a formidable force in the frontlines.
  4. PATK Boost I:
    • The dual instances of PATK Boost I enhance Glenn's Physical Attack Materia, reinforcing his role as a physical damage dealer. This boost ensures that his attacks remain consistently powerful throughout battles.
  5. ✖ Sigil Boost I:
    • The Sigil Boost I signifies an additional damage when breaking x sigils.


  1. Ruinra Smash [Phys. Non-elem.]:
    • 400% Phys. Non-elem. Damage
    • Range: Single Enemy
  2. Skullknocker [Phys. Non-elem.]:
    • 520% Phys. Non-elem. Damage
    • 10% Crit Rate
    • Range: Single Enemy
  3. Skullknocker+ [Phys. Non-elem.]:
    • 620% Phys. Non-elem. Damage
    • 10% Crit Rate
    • Range: Single Enemy
  4. Skullknocker++ [Phys. Non-elem.]:
    • 1040% Phys. Non-elem. Damage
    • 10% Crit Rate
    • Range: Single Enemy


Ultimatic, Glenn's latest addition, brings another physical non-elemental weapon to his arsenal. While not entirely unique in its category, it distinguishes itself with higher damage modifiers compared to his recent non-elemental weapon. This improvement in damage potential could make Ultimatic an appealing choice for players looking to enhance Glenn's offensive capabilities.

One notable feature is its added bonus of extra damage to circle sigils. This presents a positive aspect for players who strategize around sigils, providing an additional layer of damage output during battles.

However, Ultimatic may not be classified as a must-pull for all players. Its enhancements, while commendable, might not significantly push the envelope in terms of groundbreaking mechanics. Those who already possess a formidable set of weapons for Glenn may find Ultimatic as more of an incremental upgrade rather than a game-changing addition.

As with any gacha decision, players should consider their current roster, playstyle preferences, and the specific needs of their team. While Ultimatic may not revolutionize Glenn's gameplay, its increased damage potential and compatibility with circle sigils could make it a worthwhile investment for those seeking incremental improvements in their strategic arsenal.


The Arctic Star (Yuffie) and Ultimatic (Glenn) characters bring a new level of power and strategy to your Final Fantasy Ever Crisis team. Consider their unique abilities and how they synergize with your existing roster to maximize their potential on the battlefield. Good luck, and may your gacha pulls be filled with these formidable additions!


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