G-STAR 2023 Wraps Up with a Flourish: XD Entertainment Pte Ltd Steals the Spotlight with Sword of Convallaria

G-STAR 2023 lit up with XD Entertainment Pte Ltd, XD Inc., stealing hearts with a dazzling preview of "Sword of Convallaria." The booth buzzed with excitement, setting the stage for the global release in 2024. Among gaming giants like NCSOFT and Krafton, XD Inc. stood out, hinting at a dynamic future in gaming. With innovation and Convallarian magic, XD Inc. is not just in the game; they're rewriting the rules.

G-Star 2023 at Busan, South Korea

The curtains have closed on the 2023 G-STAR, Korea's largest gaming event, held at the BEXCO Exhibition & Convention Center in Busan from November 15th to 19th. Organized by the Korea Association of Game Industry (K-GAMES) and managed by the G-STAR Organizing Committee and Busan IT Industry Promotion Agency, the event showcased an impressive 3,250 booths, surpassing the previous record set in 2019.

'Sword of Convallaria' Booth

Among the myriad of gaming titans present, XD Entertainment Pte Ltd, XD Inc. stood out, proudly unveiling their highly anticipated game, "Sword of Convallaria," slated for a global release in 2024.

The Sword of Convallaria booth transformed into a vibrant hub, attracting avid gamers and cosplayers alike, leaving an indelible mark on the G-STAR 2023 experience.

Reflecting on the event, XD Entertainment expressed gratitude to the G-Star community, acknowledging the overwhelming support received. "Our G-Star community was nothing short of amazing! A sincere thank you to everyone who visited, shared their enthusiasm, and became part of our journey. Your unwavering support fuels our passion, and we genuinely hope you had a fantastic time at the Sword of Convallaria booth."

Gaming Industry Titans

The G-STAR 2023 event also witnessed the participation of industry giants such as NCSOFT, Krafton, Netmarble, and others. These companies showcased their commitment to diversifying gaming portfolios, transcending from mobile role-playing games to various genres on diverse platforms.


Notably, NCSOFT, renowned for the Lineage franchise, made a significant return after an eight-year hiatus. The company stole the spotlight by revealing seven new games across different genres, emphasizing a strategic shift to diversify content and capture a broader audience.


Wemade, the main sponsor for two consecutive years, unveiled two exciting titles, including "Legend of Ymir," an RPG based on Norse mythology, and the mobile baseball game "Fantastic 4 Baseball."


Netmarble, on the other hand, presented three games currently in development, including "Demis Re:Born," "RF Online Next," and "The Seven Deadly Sins: Origin," aiming to fortify its position in the industry.


Krafton, known for PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS, showcased the adventure game "Dark and Darker Mobile," placing a strategic bet on the mobile adaptation of the popular first-person dungeon escape game. Google Play, making a return after four years, held a media showcase on cross-platform gaming.

Other Events

In addition to the game reveals, G-STAR 2023 focused on subculture games, recognizing their increasing popularity. The event featured side events, including a subculture game festival, offering visitors a chance to immerse themselves in cosplay and connect with like-minded enthusiasts.

To ensure a safe and seamless experience, organizers implemented strict security measures, including advance ticket sales, online registration for invitations, and thorough inspections of costumes and props for cosplayers.


So, G-STAR 2023 was a blast for XD Entertainment Pte Ltd, XD Inc., especially with the sneak peek of "Sword of Convallaria" – talk about setting the gaming world on fire! The buzz at the event is just a taste of what's to come. With the game hitting the global stage in 2024, XD Inc. is like the cool kid on the block, mixing innovation with epic storytelling with their NeoPixels.

G-STAR 2023 was just the beginning of XD Entertainment's journey to shake up the gaming scene. Get ready for "Sword of Convallaria" to drop and for XD Inc. to keep bringing that fresh, creative vibe to gaming. The future's looking seriously bright – we from DotGG can't wait to see what XD Entertainment cooks up next!

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