Sword of Convallaria Gacha Guide: Rates, Pity and More!

Sword of Convallaria Gacha Guide: How the gacha system works in Sword of Convallaria, what we are pulling for, and what the pity system is.

Guide Introduction

When the global launch of this game arrives, are you diving into the world of Sword of Convallaria or considering it? Whether you're a seasoned gacha gamer or just starting, understanding the game's gacha system, the pity system, and its monetization strategies can help you be a totally Free-to-Play player or a light spender in this game. In this article, we'll break down these three crucial aspects to help you navigate the game effectively with our Sword of Convallaria Gacha Guide!

The game's promotion during S. Korea's 2023 G-Star Event

The Gacha System: A World of Possibilities

The Gacha system in Sword of Convallaria is the heart of the game, where players can summon heroes and units to build their ultimate team. As of now, there are three different banners available, each offering unique opportunities. Let's take a closer look at these banners:

  • First Encounter Banner (For Novices): This banner guarantees a legendary hero within 30 pulls, making it an excellent starting point for new players. It's a limited-time banner, so it's crucial to prioritize it within the first 30 days of starting your account.
This was my gacha pull when I just started the game
  • Rate-up Banners: These banners feature specific legendary characters with a 2% chance of summoning a legendary hero. It's worth noting that these banners have their own pity counters, which we'll explore further in the next section.
The rate-up banner during my experience in the Taiwan server
  • Weapon Banners: In addition to characters, you can also obtain powerful weapons for your heroes. The good news is that these weapon banners use the same summon currency, simplifying the resource management process. Thank goodness weapon banners are totally OPTIONAL as you will be able to farm for powerful weapons in the game without summoning them.

The Pity System: Guaranteed Rewards Await

The Pity system plays a significant role in the Sword of Convallaria. If you’re planning to be a light spender or a totally F2P player, knowing how to hoard your currency and to ensure pity on future featured banners is crucial for your game account. Each banner typically has its own pity counter, and reaching a certain number of pulls guarantees you a specific character or item. Here's what you need to know:

A look into the game's gacha system
  • First Encounter Banner: After 30 pulls, you're guaranteed a legendary character. However, once you obtain a legendary character, this banner will close immediately.
  • Rate Up Banners: These banners also have their own pity counters, usually set at 200 pulls. After 200 pulls, you are guaranteed one of the featured characters. This ensures that players have a fair chance to obtain their desired heroes.
  • No Pity on Some Banners: Be cautious; not all banners have a pity system. If a banner lacks a pity counter, it might be wise to avoid summoning on it to maximize your chances of obtaining valuable characters.

Monetization Strategies: Know Your Options

Monetization is an integral part of any mobile game, and Sword of Convallaria is no exception. Understanding the game's monetization strategies can help you make informed decisions about your spending. Here's an overview of the monetization options in the game:

  • Battle Pass: The Battle Pass offers various rewards as you level up. Once you reach level 25 on the Battle Pass, you can claim a legendary-tier weapon, enhancing your team's power.
  • Purchase Packs: There are several purchase packs available, offering different in-game resources and items. These packs vary in price and content, allowing you to choose the one that best suits your needs.
  • Daily Free Packs: Sword of Convallaria provides players with two daily free packs. Don't forget to claim these packs to receive valuable resources regularly.
  • Currency Exchange: You can exchange premium currency for summon currency at a rate of 150 to 1. This exchange allows you to obtain more resources for summoning.
  • Character Growth: Use gold prisms to level up your characters. The maximum character level is tied to your account level, so keep leveling up to unlock your heroes' full potential.
Language barrier made me wonder if this is a good pull or not

Gacha Guide Takeaway

Exciting news! Developers hint at dropping the pity system to just 100 pulls! Let's hope this makes the global launch even more F2P-friendly. We hope with this our Sword of Convallaria Gacha Guide, gamers will have more understanding about this game’s the pity system, and will be able to make informed decisions about your spending. By leveraging these insights, you can enhance your gaming experience and build a formidable team of heroes to conquer the game's challenges. Good luck on your adventures in Sword of Convallaria when the game drops globally!

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