Limbus Company: Dead Rabbits Boss Meursault

Stats (At Uptie IV)
Ineffective [x0.5]Fatal [x2]Normal [x1]


Bat Strike

46 (45+1)
Atk Weight
Coin Amount
Skill Power5 (+6 per )
If the target has 5+ Rupture, Coin Power +2
[On Hit]
Inflict 2 Rupture


46 (45+1)
Atk Weight
Coin Amount
Skill Power4 (+4 per )
[On Use] If the target has 6+ Rupture, Coin Power +1
[Clash Win] Inflict +2 Rupture Count
[On Hit]
Inflict 2Rupture
[On Hit]
If the target has 4+Rupture, inflict 2 Offense Level Down


48 (45+3) 
Atk Weight
Coin Amount
Skill Power4 (+2 per )
[On Use] If the target has 3+ Rupture, Clash Power +1
[On Use] If the target has 6+ Rupture, Coin Power +1
[Clash Win] Inflict 2 Offense Level Down
[On Hit]
Inflict 4 Rupture
[On Hit]
If the target has 6+ Rupture, inflict 2 Offense Level Down next turn



46 (45+1)
Atk Weight
Coin Amount
Skill Power7 (+6 per )
[On Hit]
Inflict 1 Rupture


Passives, Buy Time x3 Res
Clash Power +1 against targets with Rupture
Clash Power +2 if the target has 5+ Rupture Count
Support, My Responsibility x3 Res
When 1 ally with the fastest Speed hits an enemy with 3+ Rupture, inflict 1 Offense Level Down (3 times per enemy per turn)


Dead Rabbits Boss Meursault is a rather unfortunate case of being a Rupture ID that inflicts mostly Potency, barely any Count, and eats all the Count up with all his coins.

His skills without conditionals active roll a maximum of 11/14/12, but with conditionals active can roll a maximum of 13/16/17 for clashing purposes. (Not counting his Passive if 3 Gluttony Resonance activates it, potentially giving him +1-2 additional clash power overall)

The conditions themselves are not too difficult to obtain theoretically speaking when on a Rupture team, especially since Meursault himself can inflict Rupture potency. In practice, it still makes putting him in a full Rupture team a hard sell as he will drain a lot of Rupture Count, especially with his skill 3, due to the multitude coin count he has.

In certain scenarios, this can be helpful as he can function as a proper Rupture burster with the proper team and careful strategizing on stacking Rupture on enemies. But for people who don't have a full Rupture team or are just planning to slap him on a random generic team, he does not pull his weight as much.

He also functions similar to Kurokumo Gregor, being able inflict Offense Level down but for Rupture teams instead of Bleed teams, though the amount he inflicts isn't that high either, and most of it is same-turn, so it makes it difficult to utilize effectively. He has a support Passive that can help Rupture teams by lowering the Offense Levels of enemies, but if you have W Corp Meursault, his Support Passive severely outclasses Dead Rabbits Boss Meursault due to being able to inflict a larger amount of Rupture.

In conclusion, Dead Rabbits Meursault is very difficult to work around in a Rupture team, but still has his uses, especially as a Rupture burster. You would need to play carefully and strategically to make the most out of his skills. There's not much he can do outside of a Non-Rupture focused team though.


-Good Rupture burster with Skill 3

-Support passive can debuff enemy attack power


-Inflicts barely any Rupture Count for sustainability

-Eats up a lot of Rupture Count with Skill 3, which means he needs to be played around with

-Clashing power is not good without conditionals active