Grand Master

Marvel Snap Grandmaster Guide: A First Look

In the ever-evolving world of Marvel Snap, a new player has entered the cosmic fray – the Collector's enigmatic brother, Grandmaster. This 2-Cost, 0-Power card is set to make waves with its unique ability: On Reveal, move one of your other On Reveal cards here to the middle location, and its ability happens again.

Who is Grandmaster?

The Grandmaster, also known as En Dwi Gast, is one of the Elders of the Universe, a group of ancient and immensely powerful beings who have existed since the beginning of the universe. His insatiable appetite for games and contests has made him a prominent figure in the cosmic hierarchy. The character made his cinematic debut in "Thor: Ragnarok," where he ruled the gladiatorial planet of Sakaar with an eccentric flair.

Grandmaster's position in Marvel Snap

In the intricate mechanics of Marvel Snap, On Reveal takes center stage, and Grandmaster emerges as a key player with a unique ability to synergize seamlessly. Positioned as a combo piece, Grandmaster triggers desirable effects, lending consistency and an economical additional playline to more ambitious decks.

Day 1 Grandmaster Decks

Bounce Grandmaster

On Reveal Negative Grandmaster

Grandmaster Patriot Surfer

Spotlight Ranking

Grandmaster, Loki, Hitmonkey

This week's spotlight shines on Series 5 cards, with Grandmaster taking center stage. His ability to target a broad range of cards makes him a valuable acquisition, especially considering the continual addition of on-reveal cards to the game. Predictions leaning towards Grandmaster in bounce decks make him a strategic investment. Joining him in the spotlight are Hitmonkey and Loki.

Loki, a long-standing meta powerhouse, continues to reign supreme despite attempts to rein in his power. Players have found innovative uses for Loki, such as incorporating him into Thanos decks for hand rerolls. The untapped potential of this Series 5 card suggests that Loki's influence on the meta is far from over.


Grandmaster's entrance into Marvel Snap signifies a potential game-changer, positioned as a versatile combo piece enhancing deck consistency. His strategic value is accentuated by the inclusion of high-impact cards in this week's spotlight, making him a worthwhile addition to any player's roster. As Grandmaster aligns himself with Iron Lad as a pivotal 12th-card combo piece, the promise of enhanced deck performance and untapped potential makes him a compelling choice for players seeking to elevate their Marvel Snap experience.


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