Marvel Snap Miek Guide: A First Look

Miek, the insectoid warrior from the "Planet Hulk" storyline, is the newest card this week to be joining the roster in Marvel Snap. He is a 1-cost 1 power card that reads: “After each turn, if you discarded any cards, gain +1 Power for each and move.” 

After each turn, if you discarded any cards, gain +1 Power for each and move.

The discard archetype has faced challenges maintaining meta-relevancy since the nerf to America Chavez. Miek's addition sparks hope among players for a potential resurgence of the archetype. Still, questions linger – can Miek elevate the discard strategy back to its former glory, or is this another spotlight week worth skipping?

Who is Miek?

Miek is a character from the comic "Planet Hulk" storyline. He belongs to the insectoid species known as the Sakaarans and becomes an unlikely ally to Thor, forming a bond that transcends species and appearances. Miek's physical appearance includes a humanoid insectoid body, complete with four arms and a distinctive exoskeleton.

Miek’s Position in Marvel Snap

Miek debuts in Marvel Snap not just as a 1-cost card but as a contender within the discard archetype for the position of a scaling threat. Going head-to-head with established staples like Morbius and Nebula, Miek introduces a unique mechanic that has stirred discussions about his viability in the current meta.

Many players draw parallels between him and Morbius, both having the ability to gain power upon discarding. However, Morbius's ongoing ability allows him to gain power regardless of whether he is played. This flexibility enables him to dodge tech cards, act as a surprise power source on the final turn, and be less punishing for players when drawn off curve.

Being a 1-cost card, Miek faces inherent vulnerability to Killmonger. Killmonger's ability to target the entire board undermines Miek's movement mechanic, limiting its effectiveness.

Another comparison is with Nebula. While both cards are terrible when drawn late, Nebula offers staggering value potential when played on turn 1, with the chance to reach 7 or 9 power without requiring additional commitment. In contrast, Miek presents a lower power potential and demands a more substantial commitment from players, making it hard to justify choosing him over Nebula in most scenarios.

Movement as a Strategy

Movement is one of the strongest effects in the game, even though move decks might not be considered top-tier at the moment. The ability to position your power through movement creates a dynamic that adds a layer of uncertainty to your opponent, making it harder for them to position their tech cards and hard to accurately predict how much power they need to win a lane. Cards like Vision and Werewolf by Night are staples in their respective decks for this reason.

While movement can be a powerful strategy, random movement introduces uncertainties for players. Miek's ability to move to random locations may hinder strategic planning and force players to rely on chance, impacting the overall payoff.

It remains to be seen whether a move discard list can be viable, synergizing with Kraven and cards like Miles Morales. However, both archetypes struggled with the issue of consistency for the past few months, and it is easy to see a mix of the two being much worse. 

Day 1 Miek Decks

Standard Discard Miek

Move Discard Miek

Hela Lockjaw Miek

Spotlight Rankings

Miek, Annihilus, Phoenix Force

This week’s spotlight features two series 4 cards, Miek and Phoenix Force, and the series 5 card, Annihilus. While the viability of Miek remains uncertain, Annihilus and Phoenix Force have firmly established themselves as staples in their respective archetypes, earning a dedicated fan base for their unique playstyles.

Both Annihilus and Phoenix Force have shown to be capable of performing very consistently at the highest level of play. Many dedicated Phoenix Force one-trick players have claimed spots in the top 100 of the global rankings, showcasing the potent capabilities of this card. I personally took an Annihilus junk deck to the top 30 global rankings last season. 

For new players still building their collection, this week might warrant a pass. However, for those further along in their collection journey, this week's spotlight offers a compelling case, particularly for Annihilus. As part of a viable 3-card package, Annihilus is sure to maintain meta relevance like Darkhawk, and I expect to see future top decks utilize it. Phoenix Force and Miek are also not bad additions to your collection, though I would prioritize getting Loki the week after if you do not own him. 


Miek will most likely find his place as a standard discard staple, but it is unlikely that he can push the archetype back to tier 1. It remains to be seen how impactful his effect will be. He comes out with pretty decent cards this week, but with many stronger cards scheduled, it is best to evaluate your collection and plan your resources accordingly. 


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