Mobile Suit Gundam U.C. Engage Reroll Guide

Mobile Suit Gundam U.C. Engage Reroll Guide

How to reroll in Mobile Suit Gundam U.C. ENGAGE and the best Mobile Suits and Pilots to reroll for.

Welcome to the exciting world of Mobile Suit Gundam U.C. Engage! In this guide, we'll explore the art of rerolling and delve into the best strategies for securing top-tier Mobile Suits and skilled Pilots to kickstart your gaming adventure. These tips will help you embark on your journey with a winning edge. Let's jump in!

Install the App & Download

First, install the app and proceed with the download of game data. For efficient rerolling, it's recommended to use the standard download option, which has lower data volume. If you have a Wi-Fi connection, the download process will go smoothly.

Advance Through the Tutorial

Once the data download is complete, proceed with the tutorial. The tutorial can be skipped, but it's advisable to watch it during the first run for a better understanding of the game. From the second time onward, use the skip option to save time.

Receive Diamonds from Presents

From the presents, you will receive 9,500 Diamonds. With these, you can do 3 x 10-draw in the ms gacha, so go ahead and use them in the 72-hour limited gacha. You can also do 2 10 draws in the MS gatch and 1 10-draw in the character gatcha. You don't have any pilots at the start to having at least 10 pilots is good early game.

Draw in the 72-Hour Limited MS Banner

After receiving the Diamonds, proceed to draw in the 72-hour limited MS gacha. During rerolling, it's recommended to prioritize MS (Mobile Suits) that have a significant impact on battles.

Delete User Data

How to wipe data: settings, go to title

settings, create new,

skip tutorial,

draw, repeat until you get desired roll

Time Required

Approximately 3 minutes (※ 1 minute for the 2nd time and onwards)

Number of Draws Available: 35 draws (Diamonds: 9,500 pieces)

We also get the following:

  • 1 Free Regular MS Gacha (Daily)
  • 1 Free Regular Character Gacha (Daily)
  • 1 UR Select MS and Character Gacha Ticket each

Only use the tickets when you get your desired rerolls so you can get the units/pilots that you didn't get.

When to Stop Rerolling

Best result: 3 SS-rank Mobile Suit + 1 SS character

Good result: 2 SS-rank Mobile Suit + 1 SS character

Gacha Draw Probability:

  • 72-Hour Limited MS and Character Gacha: 6%
  • MS Gacha: 3%
  • Character Gacha: 3%

Recommended Mobile Suits and Reasons

Narrative Gundam (Red)

  • BOOSTS RED ALLIES DAMAGE BY 22% for 20 seconds
  • single target damage with 502% modifier
  • increases beam damage by 20% for 30 seconds at the start of battle

Re-Gz (Blue)

  • increases damage of blue attribute allies +22% for (20 seconds)
  • Attack power 578% damage to one enemy
  • Beam damage +20% from 30 seconds after the start of battle

Mobile Suit Gundam (Green)

  • increases damage of green attribute allies +22% for (20 seconds)
  • 433% damage to one enemy, ignoring defense
  • 30 seconds after battle starts/beam damage increases when evading

These mobile suits provide party-wide buffs based on their attributes. All the suits can benefit from the buffs as long as they are the same color as the unit.

Recommended Pilots and Reasons

In the 72-hour limited character Gacha, you can aim to get special pilots. Here are the recommended characters:

Kamille Bidan

  • good with blue attribute mobile suits
  • reaction is high
  • reaction increases evasion rate
  • good to pair with RE-GZ

Banagher Links

  • High level of melee and ranged sense plus reaction
  • Melee sense increases with ex skill
  • When damaged by yellow: melee sense +26%
  • Psycho frame adopted machine: melee sense +38%
  • Remaining HP 60%: Reaction +17%
  • good to pair with Gundam (green)

Char Aznable

  • good with red attribute mobile suits
  • increases range sense by 95% for 10 seconds when the ex skill is activated
  • increases range sense by 38% immediately after the start of battle.
  • good to pair with the narrative Gundam

Compared to machines that have a significant impact in battles, the priority for pilots is lower. Therefore, it's unnecessary to focus on acquiring pilot duplicates. Once you've obtained one special pilot, focus the rest of your efforts on the MS Gacha.

Advancing with Panel Missions

Panel Missions are a vital aspect of your progression in the game. Completing these missions will yield various rewards, including:

  1. 1000 Diamonds.
  2. 10 Character Gacha Tickets.
  3. UR Guaranteed MS Gacha Ticket.
  4. UR Guaranteed Character Gacha Ticket.

After doing your rerolls, focus on accomplishing these Panel Missions. They offer a total of 3000 Diamonds and valuable items such as UR Guaranteed Gacha Tickets, enhancement materials, and skip tickets.

Advance the Story Quests

Once you have done the panel missions, progress through the story quests. Advancing the story not only earns you Diamonds through missions, movie viewing, and cumulative achievements but also raises your rank and unlocks the level cap of your characters and Mobile Suits (MS).

First, focus on advancing the story of the era where the UR MS you acquired during rerolling appears. To efficiently develop your MS while progressing the story, you'll need materials that drop in the story quests of the same era.

Use Diamonds for the 72-Hour Limited Gacha

The Diamonds you collect from panel missions and the story should be used in the 72-hour limited gacha. In the early stages of the game, it's crucial to assemble a variety of Mobile Suits (MS). Therefore, when you've gathered enough Diamonds for a 10-draw, don't hesitate to use them in the 72-hour limited gacha immediately.


To sum it up, this guide on rerolling and aiming for the best Mobile Suits and Pilots reminds us that winning in these games usually boils down to having a good plan, sticking with it, and a little luck on your side. We genuinely hope the information we've shared has given you the know-how to make smart choices and make the most of your gaming fun.


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