Mobile Suite Gundam U.C. ENGAGE Pilot Tier List

In this Character/Pilot Tier List for Mobile Suit Gundam U.C. ENGAGE, we'll explore the hierarchy of the pilot that operate the formidable war machines, ranking them based on their attributes, capabilities, and overall effectiveness in combat.

Pilot Tier List

SS Tier• Riddhe Marcenas
• Roux Louka
• Io Fleming
• Mashymre Cello
• Jona Basta
• Uso Ewin
S Tier• Chloe Croce
• Aina Sakhalin
• Kuo Uraki
• Dorel Ronah
• Daryl Lorenz
• Char Aznable
• Banagheer Links
• Shiro Amada
• Kamille Bidan
• Amuro Ray
• Gyunie Guss
• Gaia
A Tier• Loni Garvey
• South Burning
• Karen Joshua
• Terry Sanders Jr.
• Elle Vianno
• Bernard Wiseman
• Dozle Zabi
• Quattro Bajeena
• Cima Garahau
• Jean Luc Duvall
• Annamarie Bourget
• Junko Jenko
• Mash
• Rezin Schnyder
B Tier• Oliver Inoe
• Zabine Chareux
• Chara Soon
• Emma Sheen
• Hayato Kobayashi
• Glemy Toto
• Mouar Pharaoh
• Yonem Kirks
• Fa Yuiry
• Bright Noa
• Akahana
• Kai Shiden
• Garma Zabi
• Mikhail Kaminsky
• Ryu Jose
• Arbeo Pippiniden
• Golboa Sant
• Gene
• Kacricon Cacooler
• Kayra Su
• Neuen Bitter
• Franklin Bidan
• Denim
• Ramba Ral
C Tier• Yazan Gable
• Sarah Zabairov
• Reccoa Londe
• Ortega
• Lila Milla Rira

SS Tier

Riddhe Marcenas

Able to greatly increase accuracy.

Roux Louka

Works well with Blue MS by increasing their ranged sense at the start of battle. Also increases ranged sense of Bombardmesnt MS whenever EX is activated.

Io Fleming

Works well with Green Generic MS by increasing their hit rate and accuracy.

Mashymre Cello

Works well with Red Generic MS by increasing their ranged sense by 64%.

Jona Basta

Great with Support MS, immediately boosting their EX gauge at the start of the battle.

Uso Ewin

Works well with Green Generic MS by increasing their ranged and melee sense when Ex is activated.

S Tier

Chloe Croce

Effective against Newtype MS, increasing hit rate and accuracy against them dramatically, gaining a higher advantage.

Aina Sakhalin

Works well with Green, Red & Blue MS by increasing their melee sense by 64% at the start of battle.

Kuo Uraki

Works well with Green MS by increasing their ranged sense when evading.

Dorel Ronah

Works well with Yellow MS by increasing their ranged sense when evading.

Daryl Lorenz

Works well with Purple MS by increasing their ranged when Ex is activated. Also increases accuracy when using a Sniper MS.

Char Aznable

Accuracy increases as he deals damage. On the right setup, he can increase its accuracy by up to 10 times.

Banagheer Links

Particularly effective on highly evasive MS and has a high accuracy and hit rate.

Shiro Amada

Increases the turnover rate of EX skills of Support MS efficiently.

Kamille Bidan

Works well with Blue MS by increasing their reaction when evading. Also increases Raid MS melee sense.

Amuro Ray

Works well with Purple Sniper MS by increasing their accuracy greatly.

Gyunie Guss

Increases ranged sense when EX is activated


Increases melee sense whenever an enemy is defeated

A Tier

  1. Loni Garvey
  2. South Burning
  3. Karen Joshua
  4. Terry Sanders Jr.
  5. Elle Vianno
  6. Bernard Wiseman
  7. Dozle Zabi
  8. Quattro Bajeena
  9. Cima Garahau
  10. Jean Luc Duvall
  11. Annamarie Bourget
  12. Junko Jenko
  13. Mash
  14. Rezin Schnyder

B Tier

  1. Oliver Inoe
  2. Zabine Chareux
  3. Chara Soon
  4. Emma Sheen
  5. Hayato Kobayashi
  6. Glemy Toto
  7. Mouar Pharaoh
  8. Yonem Kirks
  9. Fa Yuiry
  10. Bright Noa
  11. Akahana
  12. Kai Shiden
  13. Garma Zabi
  14. Mikhail Kaminsky
  15. Ryu Jose
  16. Arbeo Pippiniden
  17. Golboa Sant
  18. Gene
  19. Kacricon Cacooler
  20. Kayra Su
  21. Neuen Bitter
  22. Franklin Bidan
  23. Denim
  24. Ramba Ral

C Tier

  1. Yazan Gable
  2. Sarah Zabairov
  3. Reccoa Londe
  4. Ortega
  5. Lila Milla Rira

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