Octopath Traveler CotC: A4 Accessories Tier List

Do you want to know which are the best AIV accessories in Orsterra? In this Tier List, Bohe explains to us where they come from, how they are obtained, and which ones can be the most useful when facing the most difficult challenges. Includes Eltrix, Millard EX, and Lumis EX accesories!

It is a pleasure, dear travelers, to be with you again with one more guide for Octopath Traveler: CotC. This time, we will talk about AIV accessories and their usefulness. Also, we will organize them in a tier list. This will allow us to use our resources more efficiently and be able to choose which of these equipment to prioritize when awakening the different travelers in CotC.

Since many might be hearing about these accessories for the first time, let's start from the beginning.

From Where They Come?

As we can see in the image, Lynette can be awakened four times. In each stage of the first three stages, she gets benefits that make her more powerful and more capable of facing challenging adventures.

AI: Base attributes (Phys. Atk., Phys. Def., Elem. Atk., Elem. Def., Crit, Speed) + 30% (Up to 50)

AII: Battle Skill Slots +1

AIII: Base Attribute (HP) +50% (Up to 1,000).

In this example, Lynette has already been awakened three times. However, what happens if we awaken her a fourth time?

Unlike the first three awakenings, where travelers obtain direct benefits, awakening a traveler on a fourth occasion, each one will give us a unique accessory.

In the case of Lynette's example, it would be Late Mother's Shoes: ·60 E.Atk, 40 P.Def, 40 E.Def ·Raise Fire damage dealt by 15% ·Raise Ice Res. by 10%

As we can see, these accessories grant quite significant stat bonuses and effects, which makes them almost every time the best accessories you could equip to the travelers in your group.

How to Awaken a Traveler?

This is achieved using an object called Awakening Stone, the same as appears in the previous images and which will be specific for each traveler. The way to obtain them is by getting dupes from the desired travelers. - Dupe is a term that refers to a copy of a traveler we already have.

These dupes can be obtained by pulling on the active banners in the Guide section or via the Awakening Shard Exchange.

On the Global server, we can exchange an Awakening Stone from any traveler for 1,000 Awakening Shards. With 6,000 of these shards (6 unwanted or non-priority dupes), we could claim any dupe of a traveler from the Chance Encounters we want. This will let us slowly take many travelers to the AIV, giving us access to the best accessories in Orsterra. This system is also useful for obtaining the dupe necessary to upgrade any Travelers' Ultimate to level 10. You also need a dupe for that. In some cases, it will be a priority to raise the level of the Ult, and in others times to do progressive Awakening as appropriate, either due to the character's power or the usefulness of its accessory.

Obtaining the necessary duplicates to take several travelers to AIV is not easy. This is why a Tier List is relevant since it will allow us to know which Awakening Stones we will want to use to awaken our travelers and which ones we can keep to exchange them for shards and thus get more dupes from travelers that give us the best AIV accessories. Additionally, we would know if it is worth looking for multiple dupes of a traveler when their banner is available.


Before moving on to the tier list, I would like to give an example of the logic behind this idea.

Millard works well to make this point clear. He is a traveler situated at the bottom of our Tier List of 5* travelers. This means that even if he can help us finish content, having him at A0 is enough, and thinking about taking him to AIII is not a priority.

In the same way, its exclusive AIV accessory, Ritual Equipment, does not provide much utility, which makes taking it to AIV, not something we want to prioritize either.

This makes Millard's Awakening Stone an excellent currency when getting shards and thus being able to claim dupes from other travelers.

Hasumi works to give a second point of view on the matter. She is a traveler who, like Millard, finds herself in a low tier. This makes getting her to AIII a non-priority, but unlike Millard, Hasumi's AIV accessory, Maiden's Bell, is one of the best gear available.

That is why, although taking her to AIII is not a priority, we will not use her Awakening Stone to exchange it for shards, since getting her AIV sooner or later makes the difference in many of the most complicated battles we can face.

Alfyn will help me close the examples.

He is a Tier S character, and his AIV accessory, Dreamer's Medicine Box, is also pretty good. This makes the idea of ​​awakening him whenever possible a good idea since he will be a useful traveler to help us in our content progression, and obtaining his AIV can become a priority if we have enough dupes/shards.


Having said the above, we proceed to place in the order of priority and usefulness the AIV accessories of all 5* travelers (Let's not forget that on the Global server, there are already AIV accessories for 4* travelers, but we will leave that for a next guide).

This work will have a monthly update so that the most recent travelers added to the banners are always present. In addition to that, we will be able to revalue AIV accessories according to their usefulness in new content.

I want to clarify that this list is based on my opinion and analysis regarding the usefulness and functionalities of each accessory. To this, I add the information I gathered by researching what other veterans who have had many adventures in Orsterra think about 5* travelers' accessories.

The general idea of this work will be to give a guideline that allows you to assess which accessories are a priority to obtain and to consider when facing your greatest challenges.

The available travelers vary from server to server, however, taking into account this work based on the Global server, for new servers like SEA it will be useful to know the value of travelers at a specific moment to plan efficient use of resources in the future.

Octopath Traveler: Champions of the Continent 5★ Travelers AIV Accessories Tier List

Tier S+A2, Auguste, Edea, Frederica, Hasumi, Molu, Odette, Primrose EX, Therese, Z'aanta.
Tier SAlfyn, Agnes, Eliza, Fiore EX, Joshua, Molrusso, Nicola, Nona, Rinyuu, Sarisa, Therion, Tressa, Zenia.
Tier A9S, Aedelgard, Alaune, 2B, Cecily, Cyrus, Dorothea, Eltrix, Falco, Harley, Hayes, Heathcote, Kersjes, Krauser, Lars, Lumis, Lumis EX, Millard EX, Olberic, Primrose, Richard, Roland, Rondo, Serenoa, Sofia, Tikilen, Tithi, Tytos, Yan Long, W'ludai.
Tier BAdelle, Chloe, Eleonora, Fiore, Gertrude, Glossom, H'aanit, Herminia, Kouren, Largo, Lianna, Lionel, Lynette, Ophilia, Promme, Ri'tu, Sofia EX, Theo, Varkyn, Yukes, Yunnie.
Tier CCardona, Gilderoy, Jillmelia, Stead, Soleil, Tressa EX, Viola.
Tier DElvis, Millard, Scarecrow,

Ratings by Categories

Each of the accessories has obtained a rank of 1 to 5 stars in X particular areas:

  • Resistance Debuff: Some accessories apply debuffs to enemies. Their power and quality will be ranked in this section.
  • Stats Buffs: The quality of direct improvements to any of the 8 characteristics of travelers granted by the accessories will be valued in this category.
  • Damage Buffs: This refers to the buffs applied by the accessory to the traveler's damage. It goes beyond statistics and refers to damage types.
  • SP Efficiency: Whether one of these accessories improves the SP efficiency of its wearer or its allies is very relevant. A high score in this section means that the accessory will be helpful in long fights and provide support to healers and attackers with high SP consumption skills.
  • Effect: Some accessories grant unique or significant passive or active effects. Their quality will be assessed in this section.

Tier Explanations

Tier S+: Accessories in this tier are above the rest because they provide tremendously significant improvements to the capabilities of their wearer or the group. In addition, they are capable of significantly reducing some enemy resistance and/or have some unique mechanics that are relevant in critical moments. In almost any case, no other accessories can function like any of these accessories better than they would. They are accessories that even though more travelers continue to appear in new banners, which bring more accessories with them, these accessories will continue to be relevant for a long period. Having a member of your group equipped with these accessories in almost any battle is always a good idea.

Tier S: The accessories in this tier are currently very relevant for the most difficult battles. Also, the buffs they grant are very significant in at least one stat, and/or their passive makes them very versatile and unique. In much of the content including endgame, having one of these accessories will make a noticeable difference.

Tier A: In this tier, we find accessories that help travelers perform their work solidly. However, unlike the higher tier, they are somewhat less powerful and are usually used when we do not have any of the accessories from the S+/S tiers and we need a replacement. However, they can provide useful effects or relevant stats buffs, resistance debuffs, or effects.

Tier B: Accessories in this tier will usually be better than the vast majority of accessories that can be found in different ways than awakening a traveler. Nevertheless, they are usually used to fill spots in the equipment that we do not have better ways to fill with other accessories or their use is in a very particular niche.

Tier C: We will use these accessories only when we do not have a better option. Still, they provide some particular improvement or change in statistics that are often useful in particular situations.

Tier D: Normally we will not want to use these accessories. Even in very particular situations, there will be better options. Even some accessories that can be found naturally by progressing through the content are often more useful. The last option and usable only when you have no other choice. The improvement these accessories provide is just better than nothing.

Tier S+

Number 4's Googles

  • 70 P.Atk, 700 HP
  • Raise damage of Self by 10% when exploiting enemy weakness
  • Extend the duration of enfeebling effects (excluding status ailments) inflicted by Self by 1 turn (Does not stack)
TravelerResistance DebuffStats BuffDamage BuffSP EfficienciyEffect

The increase in stats provided by Number 4's Googles is monstrous. Its damage improvement when exploiting enemy weaknesses as well as its effect of extending enfeebling effects is useful in 100% of cases when facing difficult content.

Playwright's Quill

  • 70 P.Atk, 70 E.Atk
  • Raise Dagger and Tome damage dealt by 10%
  • Start of battle: Ultimate Technique gauge fills to 100%
TravelerResistance DebuffStats BuffDamage BuffSP EfficienciyEffect

Although the increase in Tome damage is irrelevant, 10% additional damage to daggers and 70 extra P. Atk. and E. Atk make this accessory powerful.

The most important feature of this accessory is the passive effect that allows the wearer to start with a full Ulti bar. This exponentially increases farming speed and enables some cheese strategies for many hard encounters.

Airborne Knight's Badge

  • 40 P.Atk, 1000 HP
  • Raise Sword damage dealt by 15%
  • At full HP: Provoke all enemies
TravelerResistance DebuffStats BuffDamage BuffSP EfficienciyEffect

For many the best accessory in all of Orsterra. His description leaves little room for doubt.

HP boosts (as well as speed boosts) are highly valued, and an extra 1,000 HP is a LOT. The 40 of P. Atk. and the 15% extra sword damage are an excellent bonus.

Now, what makes this Badge such a valuable item is its passive effect that enables unique strategies for any enemy that may be provoked. It can be used in multiple ways. From travelers like Eltrix, who greatly benefits from the HP bonus to increase the size of her barrier, to evasion-based tanking with characters like Adelle.

Orlea's Pendant

  • 100 E.Atk, 40 E.Def
  • Start of battle: Cause all enemies to combust (turns: 3) Combust: Deal elemental damage and lower Shield Points by 1 at the end of the turn (will not break target).
  • Raise Elem. Atk. of Entire Front Row by 15% when a combusted enemy is present
TravelerResistance DebuffStats BuffDamage BuffSP EfficienciyEffect

An accessory providing a 100-point increase in a stat is not common.

If this is a rare occurrence, the 15% buff to Elem. Atk of the entire front row passively is even more so. The only other way to do something similar is with Eltrix's passive Prestige of the Stormy Seas, and keeping it active is a bit more difficult than simply wearing Orlea's pendant.

This makes this accessory a fundamental piece when our entire front row does elemental damage during the first 3 turns of an encounter and at any other time when we can apply combust to enemies.

Maiden's Bell

  • 60 E.Atk, 40 P.Def, 40 Spd
  • Raise Light damage dealt by 15%
  • Extend the duration of augmenting effect granted by self by 1 turn (Does not stack)
TravelerResistance DebuffStats BuffDamage BuffSP EfficienciyEffect

There is a fan that grants the same passive effect as Hasumi's accessory (Coveted Brave Fan). However, no buffer in the game is a dancer, and having the possibility of enabling this effect of increasing the duration of the buffs with an accessory frees up the weapon slot, which is extremely functional for many travelers in charge of supporting our group.

In addition to this, as I mentioned previously, increases in HP and speed are tremendously important. In this case, Hasumi's Maiden's Bell grants an additional 40 points to speed which gives us turn order control.

Cait Ecology Records

  • 30 P. Atk, 80 E. Atk, 30 SP
  • Start of battle: Lower Fire Res. of all enemies by 15% (turns: 3)
  • When breaking an enemy, lower their Fire Res. by 15% (turns: 3)
TravelerResistance DebuffStats BuffDamage BuffSP EfficienciyEffect

There is no more powerful accessory when building a group focused on fire damage.

Let's remember that buffs and debuffs have a cap of 30% depending on the source. The Cait Ecology Records are capable of giving us this 30% debuff to an enemy's fire resistance passively; 15% at the start of the battle, and an additional 15% when breaking enemies.

Finally, 80 extra points to the wearer's elemental damage are difficult to find in other equipment. Added to the slight increase in SP, it is appreciated to have one or two additional activations of important skills at critical moments.

Archeologist's Glove

  • 70 E.Atk, 700 HP
  • When breaking an enemy, lower their Wind and Light Res. by 15% (turns: 3)
TravelerResistance DebuffStats BuffDamage BuffSP EfficienciyEffect

If Molu's Cait Ecology Records are the best accessory for fire teams, Odette's Archeologist's Glove is the best accessory for teams focused on light and wind damage.

Granting an additional 700 HP is something that matches A2's Number 4's Googles, which is already quite significant (and also way easiest to obtain).

The 70 additional E. Atk points are useful for many travelers. This flexibility is what makes these gloves quite a versatile accessory in their particular niche.

Rose Sachet

  • 20 E.Atk, 20 Spd, 100 SP
  • Extend the duration of augmenting effects granted by Self by 1 turn. (Does not stack).
  • Start of battle: Raise BP recovery amount by 1 (turns: 3). (Does not stack with support skills and equipment effects).
TravelerResistance DebuffStats BuffDamage BuffSP EfficienciyEffect
Primrose EXn/a★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★

The EX version of Prim never ceases to amaze me. If his skill kit wasn't enough, his AIV accessory is also one of the best in many scenarios.

Grants the same passive as Hasumi's Maiden's Bell, increasing the beneficial effects granted by the wearer by one turn. Although the Rose Sachet only gives us half the speed of the Maiden's Bell, the second passive of the Prim EX accessory is the same as Nona's Large Merchant's Pack, and Rondo's Crest of Ravus, a very useful effect in many concrete strategies.

All this means that the sum of factors makes me place the Rose Sachet in Tier S+ without a doubt.

Mantle of House Shermot

  • 60 E.Atk, 40 Spd, 40 SP
  • Start of battle: Lower Lightning Res. of all enemies by 15% (turns: 3)
  • When breaking an enemy, lower their Lightning Res. by 15% (turns: 3)
TravelerResistance DebuffStats BuffDamage BuffSP EfficienciyEffect

Certainly, high-tier AIV accessories that allow us to reduce elemental resistances only reduce 1 or 2 types of damage. Nevertheless, this should not seem like a small thing, since they are extremely important in facilitating tremendously difficult encounters.

Additionally, what pushes them to be in this tier is that each of them grants significant stat bonuses. In the case of the Mantle of House Shermot, 60 of E. Atk. is always appreciated, but the extra 40 SPD is a game-changer. Having access to equipment that helps us with order control is vital in the most challenging moments.

As if that were not enough, Therese's accessory can, just like Molu's accessory does with the fire element, reduce the Lightning resistance of enemies by 30% by combining its two effects, making it a must at the time of facing enemies weak to this element.

Dragon Claw Clasp

  • 40 P. Atk, 60 Crit, 40 SP
  • Start of the battle: Lower Bow Res. of all enemies by 15% (turns: 3)
  • When breaking an enemy, lower their Bow Res. by 15% (turns: 3)
TravelerResistance DebuffStats BuffDamage BuffSP EfficienciyEffect

Certainly, critical damage is not something highly valued in this type of accessory. However, Dragon Claw Clasp grants a moderate amount of P. Atk. and SP. If one accessory helps us last longer in battle (something that SP bonuses do) prioritizing it will not be a mistake.

This increase in SP is certainly important and the fact that this accessory is capable of reaching the 30% reduction in enemies' Bow resistance by itself makes it, without a doubt, the best accessory for teams focused on damage with this type of weapon.

Tier S

Dreamer's Medicine Box

  • 40 P.Atk, 40 P.Def, 600 HP
  • Raise axe damage by 15%
  • At 75% HP or less: Raise P.Atk by 15%
TravelerResistance DebuffStats BuffDamage BuffSP EfficiencyEffect

Indeed, activating the effect when you are at 75% or less HP and controlling it is not easy. However, the 15% natural increase in axe damage and the 600 HP are widely noticeable when we have a traveler equipped with this accessory in the group.

Maiden's Pendant

  • 100 E.Atk, 40 Spd
  • Grant automatic revival once per battle (revived at 25% of max HP). (Stacks with battle skills)
  • Raise Lightning Res. by 10%
TravelerResistance DebuffStats BuffDamage BuffSP EfficiencyEffect

Maiden's Pendant is an accessory that could easily be in the top tier. Its effect is something that can change the fate of many difficult encounters. Just as any effect that increases the duration of debuffs or buffs gives us free turns, having "an extra life" allows us new turns that would not be possible without it.

The stats provided by Agnes' accessory are incredible. The amount of E. Atk. It is brutal, and giving us speed, which translates into order control, is highly valuable.

The only slight problem is that when reviving with the passive effect, the equipped character will do so without BPs, the Ult bar empty, and with just a few HPs (if this effect has not stacked with anything), which means that sometimes, This effect may fall slightly short. Don't get me wrong, most of the time it works amazingly, but it is this detail that makes me place it in tier S and not in S+.

Medal of the Knights Ardante

  • 30 P.Atk, 80 E.Atk, 30 SP
  • Start of battle: Impart Self with Elem. Atk. Up 10% (turns: 5)
  • Grant Self automatic HP recovery (amount: 500)
TravelerResistance DebuffStats BuffDamage BuffSP EfficiencyEffect

As I mentioned previously, accessories that make us last longer in battle should be highly valued. This is the case of the Medal of the Knights Ardante. The 500 HP per turn is capable of making a noticeable difference in many moments during the most difficult encounters that we can face.

The increase to E. Atk. is high, and in combination with the increase in SP makes this accessory one of the best when equipping it to any elemental attacker in our group. Also, if we have Elize as backpack support, thanks to her passive Hale Elem. Atk Boost III (At full HP: Impart Paired Allies with Elem. Atk. Up 20%.) the elemental attacker equipped with the Medal and having Eliza as a backpack will be able to have a 30% passive increase to elemental attack.

Sunny Sandals

  • 50 P.Atk, 500 HP, 40 SP
  • Survive an otherwise lethal attack with 1 HP remaining once per battle
  • At full HP: Reduce own damage taken from some attacks by 25% (Does not stack with effects of the same type)
TravelerResistance DebuffStats BuffDamage BuffSP EfficiencyEffect
Fiore EXn/a★★★★☆★★★★☆★★★★★★★★☆

This accessory is very versatile. Its increases in statistics can be taken advantage of by a large number of travelers.

Its first effect is similar to that granted by Agnes's Maiden's Pendant. The difference is that, in exchange for a chunk of HP, since here the traveler will remain at 1 HP, they will still be alive at a time when he should have fallen in battle, conserving his BPs and the Ult bar.

Her second passive is quite useful for barrier tanks, such as Eltrix.

Love Journal

  • 60 P.Atk, 80 Crit
  • Raise Sword damage dealt by 10%
  • When breaking an enemy, lower their Sword Res. by 20% (turns: 3)
TravelerResistance DebuffStats BuffDamage BuffSP EfficiencyEffect

An important accessory for an environment that frequently revolves around warriors.

Although the crit boost isn't very useful, 60 P. Atk boost isn't bad at all. If we add the 10% passive increase to sword damage, it is already a solid accessory.

If we add to this a 20% reduction in the damage resistance of this same weapon when breaking an enemy, the Love Journal becomes an essential part of many plans around encounters where we bring warriors (which on many occasions are the most).

Handmade Picture Book

  • 60 E.Atk, 40 E.Def, 400 HP
  • Raise wind damage dealt by 15%
  • When in the back row: Grant front row automatic SP recovery (amount: 20)
TravelerResistance DebuffStats BuffDamage BuffSP EfficiencyEffect

Another accessory that could easily be in the upper tier, but in my metrics, the ability to reduce enemies' resistance to certain types of attacks is something I value slightly more than SP efficiency.

However, in terms of keeping our damage dealers active, the Handmade Picture Book is undoubtedly one of the best options. As I already mentioned, SP efficiency makes us last longer in long battles, which means more chances of emerging victorious.

Furthermore, the fact that this effect is activated in the form of a backpack (being in the back row) allows our attackers to not require accessories that help them be efficient with SP in most cases. This means that they will be able to equip accessories that increase their damage capacity and thus make the entire group more efficient.

Red Hat's Grab

  • 60 P.Atk, 40 E.Def, 40 Crit
  • Raise dagger damage dealt by 15%
  • Start of battle: Lower Phys. Def. of all enemies by 15% (turns: 3)
TravelerResistance DebuffStats BuffDamage BuffSP EfficiencyEffect

Being consistent with my assessment of resistance debuffs, Nicola's Red Hat's Grab could not be below Tier S.

Certainly, the effect applies only at the beginning of combat for 3 turns, but sometimes it is enough to make a big difference in many encounters. Furthermore, it is possible to extend the duration of this effect, which ends up being a key factor.

The damage it increases to dagger users is nothing to sneeze at.

Large Merchant's Pack

  • 80 P.Atk, 30 P.Def, 300 HP
  • Raise Polearm damage dealt by 15%
  • Start of battle: Raise BP recovery amount by 1 (turns: 3). (Does not stack).
TravelerResistance DebuffStats BuffDamage BuffSP EfficiencyEffect

A pretty solid accessory considering the stats it grants in combination with its BP regeneration effect.

It certainly doesn't stack and only applies for the first three turns but I think this time is enough for this effect to make a difference in certain specific strategies.

I placed Nona's Large Merchant's Pack in Tier S above Rondo's Crest of Ravus (both grants almost the same benefits) since the increase in HP (even though it is small) seems more significant to me than the 30 SP that Crest grants.

Blue-Twined Bell Trinket

  • 400 HP, 100 SP
  • When in the back row: Raise Phys. Def. of Paired Ally by 15%
  • Grant automatic SP recovery to the Entire Front Row (amount: 5)
TravelerResistance DebuffStats BuffDamage BuffSP EfficiencyEffect

This accessory might seem slightly inferior to Molrusso's Handmade Picture Book. However, although the SP increase that the Book grants is greater, it requires the bearer to be in the back row.

Unlike what was mentioned, the Blue-Twined Bell Triket grants that small SP recovery regardless of which row the wearer is on. If we add to this the increase of 100 SP directly to the wearer, this gives this accessory certain applications where we could prefer it to the Molrusso one.

The increased defense to the front ally when the bearer of this ally is functioning as a backpack is also something that makes me consider keeping it in Tier S.

Multitalented Maid's Eyeshade

  • 40 P.Atk, 40 E.Atk, 60 Spd
  • When in the back row: Grant Paired Ally automatic HP recovery (amount: 500)
  • Raise Crit. of Paired Ally by 20%
TravelerResistance DebuffStats BuffDamage BuffSP EfficiencyEffect

Ahead of the comments, I agree that this may be one of the most questioned placements in this Tier List.

However, although the increase to P. Atk, and E. Atk is not that high, and the 20% additional critical damage for the paired ally is not very significant; I consider that the 60 Spd to the wearer in addition to the recovery of 500 HP per turn to the paired ally are undoubtedly two elements that make me want to use this accessory in more than one specific build. Only Therion's AIV accessory, Famous Thief's Lockpick gives the same amount of Spd to a traveler.

Famous Thief's Lockpick

  • 40 P.Atk, 60 Spd, 400 HP
  • Raise Dagger damage dealt by 15%
  • When breaking an enemy, have a high chance to inflict paralysis (turns: 3)
TravelerResistance DebuffStats BuffDamage BuffSP EfficiencyEffect

Similar to Sarisa's accessory, the Famous Thief's Lockpick is our best choice if we want to adjust our turn order thanks to the 60 additional points of Spd it grants to the wearer.

We will choose between these two depending on the situation, since the 400 direct HP that Therion's accessory grants could be preferential to the 500 regeneration per turn that Sarisa's accessory grants.

In addition, this accessory grants a little more damage than Sarisa's, so the choice will be a matter of scenarios and specific group builds for particular moments.

Colzione Seal

  • 40 P.Atk, 40 E.Atk, 600 HP
  • Raise Polearm and Wind damage dealt by 15%
TravelerResistance DebuffStats BuffDamage BuffSP EfficiencyEffect

The combination of effects and stats that Tressa's accessory provides makes me consider it a fairly versatile option.

Many travelers benefit from the 600 HP increase in addition to the buff to polearm and wind damage.

They are certainly not very high numbers (except for HP, which 600 is quite considerable), but the ease of obtaining this accessory and its flexibility make me value it above others in lower tiers.


  • 100 E.Atk, 40 SP
  • When breaking an enemy, lower their Elem. Def. by 15% (turns: 3) and inflict poison (turns: 3)
TravelerResistance DebuffStats BuffDamage BuffSP EfficiencyEffect

Another of the accessories that I was very close to placing in the upper tier.

The 100 increase to E. Atk is HUGE, and the 40 SP is quite useful when it comes to skills that do a lot of damage.

The effect of reducing elemental resistances in general and not to a specific element or weapon is strong, and the fact that it happens at the moment of the break is even more so, allowing enemies to be nuked much more easily.

Furthermore, if we were to equip this accessory to Zenia herself, thanks to her Knowledge of Toxicology passive, the E. Atk can be increased even further as well as the damage with Dark attacks if an enemy is capable of receiving poison.


Phew! One more Tier List that I hope will be beneficial for many travelers, to whom I always thank the feedback they give me through Reddit. Being able to present this list can certainly enlighten new travelers (hi SEA friends!) (and some not-so-new ones) a bit about which accessories are the best for the travelers in our group.

This added to knowing the rankings that I have given to these accessories, gives us a better overview of which we should take into account first when facing our great challenges.

This is just one example of how this work of opinion + statistics can be useful, but in the end, what matters the most is traveling and enjoying the trip regardless of the destination! This will surely make our adventures much more memorable.

See you soon. Thank you for leaving any opinion about this Tier List in the comment section below, or on my Twitter, surely everything will help me to make the next edition of the Tier List much better.

Remember to stop at the gate often. And till then, my friend, farewell; May your travels through Orsterra be marvelous!