Octopath Traveler: CotC Eltrix Detailed Guide

In this traveler guide, Bohe presents us with a detailed analysis of Eltrix, the Ruler of Grandport. Let's navigate through her strengths, weaknesses, best skills, recommended builds, and all the necessary information to be able to sail the most dangerous seas in the company of our captain!

Welcome, travelers, to this in-depth guide to Eltrix, Ruler of Grandport and Commander of the Orsterran Navy.

In the following paragraphs, we will go into detail about everything you need to know about this Traveler of Memories. I hope you like this work and thanks to the detailed analysis I can shed some light on a frequently asked question, "Should I or should I not guide for Eltrix?"

Let's get to the topic at hand!

Traveler Trailer


Eltrix, Ruler of Grandport and Commander of the Orsterran Navy

Careful. If you haven't played the Bestower of Power arc, you might find some story spoilers in the following excerpt of this article.

The ruler overseeing Grandport and aunt of Queen Alaune. She has been estranged from Alaune for a considerable amount of time, primarily because Pardis III's actions led Queen Ulrica, Eltrix's sister, to tragic measures.

Eltrix consistently combats pirate raids targeting Grandport. Many of these pirates end up joining Eltrix due to their admiration for their strength in fighting and leading the Grandport naval force.

Grandport is depicted as possessing a formidable navy, with many former pirates joining due to the country's strength. Nevertheless, in Bestower of Power Chapter 3, King Osred II mentions that "not even Grandport was able to sink [their] fleet" in past conflicts, highlighting the might of the nation of Wold.

She is the maternal aunt to Alaune and Elrica. Initially, her relationship with Alaune lacks warmth due to Eltrix's animosity toward Edoras, represented by Alaune. This dynamic changes when Eltrix witnesses Alaune's determined fight, eventually evolving into the supportive and caring aunt she was meant to be. A flashback reveals Eltrix's failed attempt to save Elrica and Alaune from Pardis's scheme to eliminate them as unworthy heirs by concealing their identities and smuggling them away, an effort thwarted by Ulrica.

In the English version, Eltrix's resentment toward Alaune is pronounced, stemming from her pride rather than solely her grudge against Edoras, as depicted in the original Japanese text.

For generations, Eltrix's family has safeguarded Grandport through their strength, leadership, and trust in allies. Initially dismissive of Alaune's plea for an alliance, Eltrix believes Grandport doesn't require external aid, even setting aside her grudge against Edoras. However, when Pelagia attacks Grandport, Eltrix acknowledges the necessity of outside assistance.

Her hostility toward Alaune primarily revolves around Alaune's position as the queen of Edoras. Although Alaune isn't accountable for her mother's demise, Eltrix sees her as indirectly responsible for "depriving" her of her sister. Her perception changes only after witnessing Alaune defend Grandport.

During Pelagia's attack on Grandport, Eltrix refuses Alaune's aid, partly due to her confidence and partly due to her refusal to accept help from Edoras.

Eltrix's animosity towards Edoras stems from Pardis's actions, which forced her sister into a marriage to protect Grandport, ultimately leading to her sacrifice. She holds significant resentment towards Alaune simply because she is the queen of Edoras, despite knowing Alaune was also a victim of her father's cruelty and is actively reforming her country away from Pardis's influence. Eltrix even initially refuses to aid Tatloch because of her bitterness towards Edoras for taking her sister away. However, witnessing Alaune and the Ringbearer repel Pelagia prompts her to reconsider her stance.


We know that one of the most careful details in Octopath Traveler: CotC are the characters' voices. The Seiyū who voices Eltrix is ​​Yoko Hikasa. Below I share some of its most famous characters.

Yoko Hikasa, voice of Eltrix


  • When Eltrix has full HP her capabilities are formidable thanks to his skills: Prestige of the Stormy Seas, Summon Gakko, Summon Wappa, and Darkmoon. This allows Eltrix to increase Phys. Atk and Elem. Atk of the entire front row, in addition to reducing the SP cost of their skills, being self-sustaining in terms of BPs, on top of being able to serve as a breaker without the need to hit enemy weaknesses, which is very valuable coming from a warrior traveler. All this added to having a sword nuke that exploits Dark weakness.
  • The barrier provided by his second passive, Summon Ivri, is HUGE. Certainly, the requirement requires a playstyle that takes this passive into account every turn, but the effort is worth it. This helps you get the most out of the skills mentioned in the previous point during complicated battles.
  • Being able to hit enemies weak to the dark element with sword attacks Shadowy Seaslash, and Darkmoon is valuable. This is something that makes her unique. It certainly requires some support for the damage to be relevant, but it certainly makes a difference in crucial moments.
  • Take Command allows Elxtrix to be useful in times when maintaining the barrier is difficult, provoking all the enemies and buffing the Phys. Atk. of all the front row.


  • Eltrix is ​​significantly less efficient when its HP is not full. This can be mitigated in several ways but requires support from 1 or 2 group members.
  • In moments where Eltrix could lose HP, the attackers must always act first than the enemy since, if Eltrix lost life, the Phys. and Elem. Atk. buff granted by Prestige of the Stormy Seas would have no effect. Also, Prestige of the Stormy Seas does not apply when Eltrix is ​​in the back row.
  • His Atk stat is low compared to other warriors. This causes its offensive capacity to not be top-tier. However, his P. Atk. It is similar to Richard's. This should make us note that her real role, in addition to being able to tank large amounts of damage when necessary, is buffing and breaking shields.
  • The Summon Ivri passive requirement is somewhat demanding. Having to break a rotation and not use Summon Gakko can complicate things more than necessary. Likewise, certain travelers can help with this. Alfyn is a clear example, but it means having Eltrix always present when putting together a group.


Physical DamageElemental DamageTankingHealingBuffing and SupportingDebuffingShield BreakingDamage Coverage

I have rated its damage with 4.5 and 4 stars respectively. Eltrix is ​​not capable of doing the damage that a nuker does, however, I find it respectable enough to give it those ratings.

Its capacity as a tank is quite high. Certainly many would point out that Gilderoy, an easier traveler to find (to name one example) would do the job better than her. In this case, I differ. A barrier tank has utilities that allow it to mitigate a greater amount of damage than a conventional tank. In the case of Eltrix, if the barrier provided by Summon Ivri is properly timed, she can take the most powerful attacks and still stand, while the same attack for a conventional tank could be too much. A 3,000 HP barrier may be better than a 30% HP buff. It will not always be like this, but it is a matter of circumstances.

The buff granted by Prestige of the Stormy Seas is what makes Eltrix shine. 15% increase to P. and E. Atk plus a 20% reduction to the cost of skills is no small feat. That is why keeping this buff active is not easy. However, at the right times, it is tremendously meaningful.

Covering 3 types of damage and being able to break shields even without hitting weak points as a warrior is something we cannot ignore. 4* seems to me to be the minimum with which I could assess Eltrix's ability to break shields, taking into account its wide coverage.


Class: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

🔨 Job: Warrior.

🎴 Influence: Wealth.

🗺 Continent: Orsterra.

📌 Location: Memoir

💥 Attributes: Sword, Axe, and Dark.

🎰 Obtained: Travelers of Memories

General Pool: No.

📅 JP Release Date: August 25 2022.

📅 Global Release Date: December 13 20233.


❤ HP: 3,572

🌀 SP: 301

👊🏻 P. Atk: 404

🛡 P. Def: 328

✨E. Atk: 237

🔮 E Def: 246

🎇 Crit: 293

👟 Spd: 270


Passive Skills

  • Prestige of the Stormy Seas (1★): When in front row and at full HP: Raise Phys. Atk. and Elem. Atk. of Entire Front Row by 15% and lower SP consumption by 20%. (Effects do not stack).
  • Summon Ivri (3★): When consuming 3 BP to use a skill, grant Self HP Barrier (potency: 75% of user’s max HP/ does not stack).
  • Light Resilience: Raise own Light Res. by 20%.
  • Dark Resilience: Raise own Dark Res. by 10%.

Battle Skills

  • Swift Sword (Initial): Deal Phys. Sword damage to Single Foe 2 time(s) (potency: 2x75) and raise Speed of Self by 15% (turns: 2). [28 SP]
  • Empowering Shield (Initial): Impart Self with Phys. Atk. Up 15% and Phys. Def. Up 15% (turns: 3-6 based on Boost Lv.).
  • Wild Triple Shadow Impact (1★): Deal Elem. Dark damage to Random Foe 3 time(s) (potency: 3x65). [40 SP]
  • Take Command (2★): Provoke All Foes and impart Entire Front Row with Phys. Atk. Up 15% (turns: 2-5 based on Boost Lv.). [18 SP]
  • Summon Gakko (2★): Deal Phys. Sword damage to All Foes (potency: 150). At full HP: Recover 2 BP. [42 SP]
  • Dispelling Shadow Reaver (3★): Deal Elem. Dark damage to All Foes (potency: 150) and impart with Elem. Atk. Down 15% (turns: 2). [40 SP]
    - Lv.88 | SP Saver: 40→32
  • Summon Wappa (4★): Deal Phys. Axe damage to Random Foe 4 time(s) (potency: 4x45). At full HP: Lower Shield Points even when not striking weak points. [54 SP]
    - Lv.96 | SP Saver: 54→43
  • Shadowy Seaslash (5★): Deal Phys. Sword damage to All Foes (potency: 180). Exploits Dark weakness (damage calculation based on Phys. Sword attack). [55 SP] At full HP: 20% more potent.
    - Lv.99 | SP Saver: 55→44
  • Darkmoon (5★): Deal Phys. Sword damage to Single Foe (potency: 230). Exploits Dark weakness (damage calculation based on Phys. Sword attack). [43 SP] At full HP: 20% more potent.
    - Lv.100 | Potency Up: 230→260

Ultimate Technique

  • Grandport’s Fury (Lv. 1→10) Deal Phys. Axe damage 2 times (potency: 2x125→2x150) and Phys. Sword damage 3 times (potency: 3x125→3x150) to Single Foe. Lower Shield Points with Phys. Axe attacks even when not striking weak points.
    - Uses: 1→2
    - Initial Gauge: 20%→30%
    - Gauge Increase: 15%→20%/BP


  • 3BP Boosted Skill -> Summon Gakko -> 3BP Boosted Skill: This lets Eltrix re-stretch the barrier provided by Summon Ivri every two turns.

Best Builds

First Build

  • Swift Sword (Initial)
  • Empowering Shield (Initial)
  • Wild Triple Shadow Impact (1★)

In her early moments, Eltrix plays a support role thanks to her passive Prestige of the Stormy Seas. It will be difficult to maintain the barrier provided by Summon Ivri without Gakko. Nevertheless, two multi-hit attacks plus a personal buff make her easy to use early on and as a traveler per se.

End Game Build

  • Take Command (2★)
  • Summon Gakko (2★)
  • Summon Wappa (4★)
  • Darkmoon (5★)

This build allows Eltrix to play the role of hit-support or hit-support/tank.

It is not very flexible, since, in my opinion, the combination of these four skills allows Eltrix to be an "all-terrain" traveler. She can break four shields regardless of weaknesses, quite useful in practically any situation. Draw aggro from enemies' most powerful attacks and remain standing, giving +15% P. Atk. to the front row. And finally, she can be an off-nuker looking to exploit an enemy's Dark weakness. All this while being able to keep his barrier active every two turns and his BP reserve at a good level thanks to Gakko.

The viable variants if you have not yet managed to get her to A2 would be to cut Darkmoon if the enemies are not weak to Dark, or to cut Wappa if the enemies are weak to Dark and you need a nuker, as long as you do not need to break shields.



Fortune Weapon:

Most would think of going for a sword focused on P. Atk. However, I think Eltix can get more out of an HP-focused Sword of Fortune. This is because the barrier provided by Ivri will be larger, the damage it will receive will be less and she will be able to act before some enemies, allowing Prestige of the Stormy Seas to be kept active with greater consistency.

HP/P. Atk Fortune Sword: P. Atk.: 374, P. Def.: 20, E. Atk.: 165, E. Def.: -80, Crit.: 90, Spd.: -50, HP: 896, SP: 10

Hell Weapon:

  • For Story Progression: Hollow Series. Good balance of offense and defense.
  • Best for Ivri: The Ruinous Series significantly boosts HP, making the barrier provided by Summon Ivri HUGE.
  • Best for Darkmoon: Stalwart Series. Especially effective for 1-hit damage skills.
  • If you find a wall with Hell Challenges: Try the Abyss Series. Very good for tackling high-difficulty Hell content.
  • When using Eltrix as a support in your group, keep using a Fortune Sword makes Eltrix benefit more from stats rather than pure damage against hellfiends.


Awakening Accessory:

Grandport Lord’s Crest: ·60 P.Atk, 800 HP ·Start of battle: Grant Self HP Barrier (potency: 25% of user’s max HP/ does not stack) ·At Full HP: Raise own Phys. Atk. by 10%

Without a doubt, the accessory that Eltrix gives us when we take her to Awakening IV is undoubtedly very valuable and an option that could be considered BiS for her. The 25% barrier is useful before activating Ivri for the first time, and the 800 HP is extremely valuable for the size of the barrier granted by the aforementioned passive skill.

Other useful accessories are:

  • Airborne Knight's Badge: ·40 P.Atk, 1000 HP ·Raise Sword damage dealt by 15% ·At full HP: Provoke all enemies.

Edea's A4. The best accessory in the game for many. 1,000 HP is incredible for Ivri to take advantage of. Free taunt is useful when we want to play a strategy centered around Eltrix, but it will be important to have a group designed for this purpose.

  • Kota’s Right Glove: Start of battle: Raise Phys. Atk by 30% for 3 turns, but lowers SP by 10% every turn for 3 turns.

Kota's is a fairly powerful accessory when buffing a traveler's P. Atk. If we want to use Eltrix as a Dark nuker, it may be interesting to use this glove since its stat increase potentiates the damage done by Darkmoon, since this skill counts as a sword attack, despite exploiting the weakness to Dark.

  • Sunny Sandals: ·50 P.Atk, 500 HP, 40 SP ·Survive an otherwise lethal attack with 1 HP remaining once per battle ·At full HP: Reduce own damage taken from some attacks by 25% (Does not stack with effects of the same type)

Fiore EX’s A4 provides exceptional survivability. In this particular case, besides the 1 HP "extra life", receiving 25% less damage from some attacks helps keep Ivri's barrier up.

Awakening Stones

IIt will increase Eltrix's consistency in its overall performance.
IIWe will have access to your best build. It allows us to add Darkmoon or Wappa, whether we want to deal Dark damage or break shields (since Gakko must always be present).
IIINECESSARY for Eltrix to cover the tank role. This 50% extra HP will make the barrier created by Ivri relevant, allowing us to play around with this passive.
IVIf you can afford to get the Grandport Lord's Crest it will certainly be a valuable accessory for Eltrix. If you have access to any of the other accessories mentioned above, you could choose to level up Grandport's Fury.
U10I would leave the Ultimate upgrade for last. This is because the order of priority for the best functioning of Eltrix is ​​to reach AIII as soon as possible and then look for the Grandport Lord's Crest. However. If you feel comfortable using any other of the 3 accessories beforementioned, you could choose to increase the Ultimate level before reaching AIV

Synergies and Comps

Offensive Groups

Prestige of the Stormy Seas It's a useful passive. Any group of travelers with powerful attackers like A2, Therion, Cyrus, Frederica, or Lars, can take advantage of the buff that this skill grants to P. Atk. and E. Atk. Few travelers can buff both offensive stats while fulfilling Eltrix's roles as a shield breaker and/or front hit-tank. This puts her in a good position for any offensive-focused group.


In addition to what was mentioned above, Alfyn quickly comes to mind thanks to his Pomegranate Panacea. This snack can help speed up the rotation and not have to use Summon Gakko during some turns, which will allow us to keep Ivri's barrier at its maximum while continuing with the role that Eltrix is ​​playing in the specific battle.


Likewise, Tithi can grant BP to Eltrix thanks to her Donate BP skill, This saves some Gakko turns, making Eltrix and Tithi a good couple that allows us to easily reach the 30% cap in the increase in offensive statistics while keeping Ivri's barrier up.


Sarisa can be very useful as a backpack support for Eltrix. This is because the Head Maid can increase the P. Atk. of the entire front row passively. This would make the buff to Eltrix's offensive capabilities reach the 30% cap passively.

This would mainly be useful for Darkmoon, which despite calculating damage with a sword attack, exploits Dark weakness.


Characters who can keep Eltrix's HP at maximum at critical moments when the barrier is about to break or has almost broken are a great help in maintaining the benefits of Eltrix's passive and the rest of her abilities. Rinyuu, Alaune, or Ophilia are good examples.

Should You Pull?

The decision is not as simple as it seems.

If you have a traveler who covers the tank role efficiently, you might consider not looking for Eltrix. However, let us remember that although Eltrix is ​​capable of playing this role efficiently, her main function will be to keep the buff granted by her passive Prestige of the Stormy Seas active for as long as possible while breaking shields thanks to Wappa and/or deals damage with Darkmoon.

She is certainly not an essential traveler. And by this, I mean that her role as a tank, buffer, shield breaker, or nuker, can be covered by other travelers in the most demanding scenarios. However, the versatility of being able to fulfill all of these roles as a warrior is not easy to find.

Consider guiding her if you don't have dedicated travelers to fill any of the roles that Eltrix can fill efficiently.

Don't forget that the barrier provided by Ivri is sometimes more efficient than a dedicated tank with the maximum buff to defensive stats. This can make Eltrix a necessary tank in particular situations.

Think calmly about doing a "pity" for her in the future. Let's remember that as Traveler of Memories, Eltrix can appear by pulling in this type of recurring banner. This would be the best scenario after December 27th, 2023. However, travelers of this type are usually the most powerful in all of Orsterra. If you are going to invest 6,000 rubies, there could be other travelers that can be your priority depending on your current roster.

If you are lucky enough to have Eltrix you will be able to fill many important roles while obtaining more specialized groups of travelers for specific encounters.


I hope this hard work is useful to the CotC community that so kindly gives me feedback on Reddit.

Let this be the first of many detailed guides about all the travelers who accompany our trips in Orsterra. I have actively opted for Eltrix. This is because, in my current roster, she would be able to cover many roles that I require while other travelers come to accompany me on my adventures.

See you soon in another guide! Don't forget to check our latest Tier List and our Reroll Guide if you are a new traveler around Orsterra. Thank you for leaving any opinion about this guide in the comment section below, or on my Twitter, surely everything will help me to make the next guide much better. Remember to stop at the gate often. And till then, my friend, farewell; May your travels through Orsterra be marvelous!