From Saitama to Pay-tama – One Punch Man: World Microtransactions

One Punch Man: World microtransactions shocks and KO'd players with a $50 reroll plus a $1,000 character pack. Hero or villain?


Crunchyroll Games and Perfect World Games gave gacha gamers a shock of their lives with an outrageous One Punch Man: World Microtransactions decision! The highly anticipated mobile game, One Punch Man: World, launched with a mighty punch, but not the kind players expected. What started as a seemingly free-to-play experience with accessible hero acquisition quickly morphed into a monetization scheme that left players feeling defeated. Gone are the days of free rerolling from the Closed Beta Test (CBT), replaced by a $50 price tag for the privilege.

Reddit users were quick to discuss about the Starter Selection Draw offer

But the true gut punch comes in the form of a $1000 SSR Character Pack, even with a "generous" 90% discount. This drastic shift has left the community feeling betrayed and questioning the game's true intentions. Is One Punch Man: World destined to become the villain of its own story, or can it redeem itself with fairer monetization practices?

One Punch Man: World's Starter Selection Draw - From Free to Payout?

The Monetization

One Punch Man World Microtransactions: Serious Starter Pack

The launch of One Punch Man: World should have been a hero's triumphant entrance, but instead, it's facing a villainous backlash thanks to its monetization decisions. One of the most criticized aspects is the Starter Selection Draw, a crucial reroll mechanic that went from free in the Closed Beta Test (CBT) to a $50 paywall in the live game. This sucker punch has left players feeling betrayed and questioning the game's true intentions.

Player's Reaction

Content creators like Payneblade echoed the community's outrage, expressing disbelief at the decision by Crunchyroll Games and Perfect World Games. Reddit users weren't shy either, voicing their disappointment and anger. While some, like Ambitious-Ad-726, argued that spending wasn't essential, the overall sentiment was clear: monetizing rerolls feels predatory and unnecessary.

Payneblade's Reaction About the Monetization Decisions in the Game

This decision flies in the face of gacha game norms, where accessible rerolling is often seen as a way to attract and retain players. By locking it behind a paywall, One Punch Man: World risks discouraging new players and alienating its existing community. As SkyMarshal_Ellie pointed out, the lack of autoplay further pushes away players seeking a casual experience.

The pricing of available packages

Gamers Remembers What Crunchyroll did to Priconne

The potential consequences are concerning. Uninformed players, as LokoLoa warned, might be lured into spending without knowing the game's issues, leading to frustration and ultimately, uninstalled apps. The comparison to "Priconne" by Akarata_ paints a worrying picture of potentially exploitative practices by Crunchyroll.

The $1,000 Punch: One Punch Man: World's Outrageous Character Pack

One Punch Man World's 1000$ SSR Character Pack

In addition to the Starter Selection Draw uproar, One Punch Man: World launched a shocking $1,000 SSR Character Pack. Despite a 90% discount, it still cost a hefty $99.99, sparking questions about the game's direction and audience appeal.

Critics argue that while whales are common in gacha games, this pack's size and unexplained value make it stand out. Even with the proclaimed discount, the price remains out of reach for most players, intensifying accusations of predatory tactics.

The $1,000 pack sets a concerning precedent, potentially alienating most players and fostering a pay-to-win atmosphere. The perceived focus on wealth over skill may tarnish the game's reputation. Developers must address concerns and adopt fairer monetization practices to avoid lasting damage to the community's trust.


In conclusion, the monetization of the Starter Selection Draw is a self-inflicted wound for One Punch Man: World. It stands in stark contrast to industry standards and risks jeopardizing the game's future. Only time will tell if the developers will listen to the community's outcry and adjust their strategy, but for now, the fight against this monetization scheme rages on.

Additionally, the $1,000 punch risks creating a divisive environment, prioritizing a select few over the entire player base. Will the developers heed the community's calls for change, or will the game bear the lasting bruise of this controversial pricing strategy?

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