One Punch Man: World Tier List

Crush rivals with our One Punch Man World Tier List! Who to reroll for? This comprehensive Tier List reveals the best picks for launch!

Introduction to the One Punch Man: World

Welcome to DotGG's One Punch Man: World Tier List 2024! Are you ready to rise through the ranks of One Punch Man World and challenge the strongest heroes? Look no further! This comprehensive guide equips you with the knowledge to strategically reroll and secure the most powerful characters from launch. Whether you're a seasoned gacha veteran or a new recruit ready to train, this Tier List & Reroll Guide will help give you a head start in the game!

"One Punch Man: World", a top-tier multiplayer action game, offers players a thrilling gaming experience on par with PC ACT games. With a strong focus on offense and defense, players can seamlessly execute counterattacks after evading or blocking, and gain an advantage by exploiting enemy vulnerabilities. By unleashing different skill combinations, players can chain together fluid combos and unleash powerful bursts of attacks. During battles, players can unleash their hero's ultimate skill, delivering a devastating blow to their foes accompanied by dazzling skill animations. The challenging boss levels test players' skills and strategies as they face new attack patterns and skills.

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Introduction to the "One Punch Man" Anime

Saitama is a hero for fun. After three years of intense training, he became an invincible strong man, obtaining unbeatable power. However, due to his overwhelming strength, he effortlessly defeats any monstrous opponent with just a single punch."One Punch Man" narrates the tale of the most powerful hero in the realm of ordinary individuals.

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One Punch Man: World Tier List ft. Payneblade

In this video, we explore the tier list for One Punch Man: World, brought to you by the dedicated YouTuber PayneBlade. Known for his expertise in the game, PayneBlade has been playing since the beta testing phase and dominating the global server since launch day. He shares his insights and breakdowns of the current character rankings.

[One Punch Man World] - Updated Global Tier List
SS-TierTerrible Tornado (Tatsumaki)
Speed-O’-Sound Sonic
Saitama (Dreamworld)
S-tierPuri-Puri Prisoner
Metal Knight
Genos (Cyborg of Justice)
A-tierTriple-Staff Lily
Genos (Arms Mode)
Golden Ball
Spring Mustachio
C-tierSmile Man
Lightning Max
D-tierMumen Rider
Saitama (Job Hunting)
Names of Characters and Their Respective Tiers

Tier List Explanation

SS-Tier: Can't Go Wrong Investing

The Strongest Character in One Punch Man: World Right Now!

The best characters to build and you can't go wrong building them up and dumping your resources on them!

  • Tatsumaki: Takes the top spot as the most dominant force and easiest to use DPS character.
  • Zombieman: Remains a top contender, considered the best melee character with exceptional damage and survivability.
  • Speed-o'-Sound Sonic: Retains his position as the best dodging and technical character in the game.
  • Saitama: Still boasts incredible damage but requires skillful play due to his charging mechanics and negative crit damage.

S-Tier: The META Characters

These are the best characters to invest your resources in to upgrade them. They basically have the best package from utility to damage compared to other characters. S-tier characters boast:

  • Dominant Performance: They excel in both damage output and survivability, excelling in various game modes.
  • Versatility: They adapt seamlessly to different team compositions and battle situations.
  • Game-Changing Abilities: Their unique skills possess powerful effects that significantly impact the flow of combat.

It's best to aim for these character if you choose to do those rerolls. Consider them the Saitama of the bunch.

A-Tier: The Strong Contenders

A-tier heroes are formidable forces, falling just short of the S-tier's dominance. They possess:

  • High Damage Potential: They dish out impressive damage, making them valuable offensive assets.
  • Solid Utility: Their skills offer valuable support or crowd control, enhancing team functionality.
  • Reliable Performance: They consistently demonstrate effectiveness in their designated roles.

Consider them the Genos of your team – reliable allies who bring significant firepower and support to the table.

B-Tier: The Well-Rounded Fighters

B-tier heroes are solid all-rounders, offering decent damage, utility, and survivability. They:

  • Perform Well in Specific Situations: They excel in particular team compositions or game modes.
  • Offer Niche Roles: They possess unique skills that can be strategically valuable in specific scenarios.
  • Provide Consistent Support: They contribute steadily to team performance without excelling in any one area.

C-Tier: The Potential Rookies

C-tier heroes have potential, but they may require specific team setups or niche situations to truly shine. They:

  • Struggle in General Gameplay: They might lack the damage, survivability, or utility to consistently perform well across various game modes.
  • Require Specific Investment: They might need significant resources or team synergy to unlock their full potential.
  • Offer Situational Value: Their skills might be useful in specific circumstances, but not versatile enough for broader application.

Think of them as the Saitama disciples of your team – they have the drive and potential, but they need the right guidance and team support to truly excel.

D-Tier: The Training Ground Heroes

D-tier heroes are currently recommended for early game progression or specific training purposes. They:

  • Have Clear Weaknesses: They struggle significantly in most aspects of gameplay, lacking damage, survivability, or utility.
  • Limited Usefulness: Their skills offer minimal impact beyond early-game content.
  • Outshined by Other Options: Better alternatives often exist within the same role or team composition.

One Punch Man World OPM Reroll Guide!

One Punch Man World offers a unique reroll system to kickstart your hero journey. This powerful tool lets you repeatedly roll for characters until you land the perfect roster. But maximizing your advantage demands strategic rerolling! Focus on A-Tier and S-Tier heroes: These elite fighters boast dominant damage, unmatched versatility, and game-changing abilities. They'll propel you through challenges and unlock your team's true potential.

Unlimited Rerolls, Guaranteed Rewards: The initial reroll grants unlimited attempts with guaranteed SSR characters. Each refresh costs in-game currency, but the first 10 are free! Choose Wisely, Swap Results: Once satisfied, save your roll. But what if you like parts of different rolls? The system lets you swap individual results, crafting the dream team from multiple attempts. Start Strong, Dominate Early: By securing top-tier heroes, you'll easily progress through early content and events. This head start sets the stage for future victories and epic battles.

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