08/03 Update Details


Greetings, Regulars!
This is the Tower of God: New World team.
The first <Tower of God: New World> regular update is here!
Thank you to all Regulars who sent their support to Tower of God:  New World> after the Grand Launch on 7/26!


This update welcomes a new Teammate: 🔥[Destined Path] Hwaryun, an 💖Exciting Vacation Countdown Check-in  event, and the ⚔️ Alliance Expedition Event, where you can join forces with your Alliance members to defeat the Boss and receive Weapons!
We will keep working hard to bring various events and new content for our Regulars!
Enjoy your journey in Tower of God: New World!
Check below for more details!

◆ 08/03 Update Details



◆ [Destined Path] Hwaryun
     (Grade: SSR / Element: Red Element / Role: Support)
- A solid Teammate for a Red Element Team! The Guide who will help our Regulars find their way through their adventure, [Destined Path] Hwaryun will  be released!
- SSR  [Destined Path] Hwaryun ‘s Summon, Codex , Soulstone, and Archive data will be added.
- [Destined Path] Hwaryun can be obtained through Summon Teammate, SSR Soulstone, and SSR Red Soulstone.




▶ Check out [Destined Path] Hwaryun’s Introduction Video!
◆ [Destined Path] Hwaryun Skills Info

 Skill Type

 Skill Description


Special Move

Hwaryun jumps towards the Weakpoint enemy to deal 800% of her ATK as DMG. She swings her staff to deal 400% of her ATK as DMG to other enemies and Knock them Back. She then increases nearby allies' Swiftness by 40, and their ATK by 40% for 12s, and creates a barrier equal to 800% of her ATK for 8s.



Hwaryun throws her staff, dealing 800% of her ATK as DMG and decreasing the Swiftness of enemies in its path by 40 for 10s. If the target is a Weakpoint enemy, they are Stunned for 2s.



Hwaryun carves a path toward the Weakpoint enemy. She then orders all teammates to quickly move to the Weakpoint enemy and attack them while the path is active. The path lasts for 10s and increases the Swiftness of allies on it by 80.



Hwaryun finds the enemy with the highest ATK at the start of the battle and marks them as a Weakpoint. She increases her allies' Critical Hit Rate by 40%, and ATK by 40% when they attack the Weakpoint enemy. When the Weakpoint enemy is defeated, all teammates' Energy increases by 400 and Hwaryun finds a new Weakpoint target.

 * The information above considers the skills in level 5.



◆ New Story Mode Act
- Adds Story Mode’s Main Story Act 5  ‘Evankhell's Deep-Sea Fish’.
- Act 5 is divided in 3 Side Acts:
     ● Act 5-1. Evankhell's Deep-Sea Fish: Clues from the Past
     ● Act 5-1. Evankhell's Deep-Sea Fish: The Administrator's Test
     ● Act 5-1. Evankhell's Deep-Sea Fish: Royal Enforcement Division
- Act 5 is unlocked after clearing Adventure Stage 11-40.



◆  Hwaryun’s Growth Mission
- Event Period: 8/3 (Thu) After Maintenance - 8/16 (Wed) 08:59:59 (UTC+9) (13-day period).
- Event Details: After obtaining SSR Hwaryun, complete all 8 Growth Missions to receive SSR Hwaryun one more time!!

◆  Exciting Vacation Countdown Check-in
- Event Period: 8/3 (Thu) After Maintenance - 8/16 (Wed) 08:59:59 (UTC+9) (13-day period).
- Event Details: Summer vacation is around the corner! Access the game every day for 7 days while you wait to receive rewards!


◆ Alliance Expedition Event
- Event Period: 8/3 (Thu) After Maintenance - 8/13 (Sun) 08:59:59 (UTC+9) (10-day period).
- Event Details: Join an Alliance and take the challenge with your members!

For more details on the event, check out the [8/3 In-game Events] Notice.
▶ [08/03 In-game Events] Notice



◆ New Bundles

- New Special Items will be added to the Shop!

 New Bundles

Sales Period

New Lucky Draw Pack

8/3 (Thu) After Maintenance - 8/16 (Wed) 08:59:59 (UTC+9)

(13-day period)

New Teammate Summon Pack

New Teammate Guarantee Pack

New Teammate Celebration Pack


For more details on the new bundles, check out the [New Bundles] Notice.

▶ [New Bundles] Notice



◆ Changes
● The content of the ‘Free Daily Pack’, available through the [Shop > Bundle > Daily] will be modified.
- Suspendium x10 > Normal Summon Ticket x1
● The Daily Free Challenge attempts for the Arena will be adjusted.
- 2 times per day > 5 times per day

◆ Fixes & Improvements
* We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. Please refer to the notice linked below for more details on related compensations.
▶[08/03 Maintenance Correction Measures] Notice

- Fixes the issue where the duration of [Pink Knit Sweater] Goseng Yeo’s Exclusive Equipment skill was omitted from the skill description.
- Fixes the issue where the final victory/defeat results were incorrectly applied during normal battles in Ranker Arena.
- Fixes the issue where the Friend Support count is not being reduced properly in certain circumstances while playing the Adventure.

- Fixes the issue where certain buttons from the Chat window are cut off in certain screen resolutions.
- Fixes the issue where the level information in the Limit Break guide was not translated to certain languages.
- [Dark Spirit] Katan appearance improvements.
- Fixes the issue where [Gamer] Khun Hatzling Ultimate Move’s voice would still come out even when playing with the 3x Battle Speed.
- Fixes the issue where the character would become transparent when attacking while [Rapper] Dede Cancho’s active skill ‘Get Lost’ status effect was in place.
- Fixes [Princess] Endorsi victory animation.
- [Anima] Narae Seonwoo camera and animation have been improved.
- Fixed the issue of being unable to proceed with the [Action] button to automatically start the quest when returning to Story Mode from looking at the World Map.
- Fixed the issue where, after receiving the Fragment Collection reward and returning after moving to another map an error pop-up was displayed.
- Fixed the issue where the screen rotates after moving to a character in the Story Mode.
- Fixed the issue where the camera position was incorrectly placed when continuing to move in the world map while playing the Story Mode.
- Fixed the issue where the Story Icon above the character is displayed out of order when the resolution is changed.
- Fixed the issue where the Alliance Mark is not updated immediately when re-entering the Alliance after changing the Alliance Mark.
- Improving the Hot Deal products with the earliest ending time to be sorted at the top in the In-game Shop > Hot Deals Tab.
- Fixes the issue where depending on the time the account was created, the red dot from the New Regular’s First Mission event would not appear.
- Fixes the issue where the equipment Stats were displayed incorrectly in the pop-up that appears when selecting, releasing, equipping, or swapping equipment.
- Fixes the issue where the Limit Break icon would disappear when going back and forth between the Teammate List and the Codex in certain devices.
- The red dot in the Event icon in the Main Lobby is being improved to ensure that it is updated following (UTC+0) time.
- Fixes occasional crash issues on certain devices.
- Fixes the issue where it was not possible to install the game due to lack of memory space despite having enough free space on certain iPhone models.
- Fixes the issue where it was not possible to proceed with the Tutorial when entering Adventure Stage 3-2 with [Red Rose] Ha Yuri borrowed as Friend Support.
- Adds an automatic scroll feature to allow seeing the reward you will receive immediately when claiming an Achievement Reward from the Ranking Board.
- Fixes the issue where certain texts were not displayed correctly when typing in the Chat in Japanese.
- The issue where parts of specific maps were cut off from the left screen when playing Conquest with foldable devices.
- Fixes the issue where after a Teammate was defeated in Conquest, it was still possible to add them to another team.
- Fixes the issue with the enemy's character skill voice output.
- When Rapport Lv Rewards are claimed, a V mark will be displayed.
- The background for Adventure Chapter 9, Chapter 10, and Story Mode’s Act 4 will be improved.
- Graphic improvements of Enemy Monsters (5 types of Royal Guards, Red Guy).
- Fixed the issue where the value of Lv 3 skill description for [Dual Swords] Kon not being displayed normally.


See you at the Top!
We’ll keep working hard to provide a better game experience to our Regulars!
Thank you.




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