Wuthering Waves


Huanglongese inquisitor. Pulls puppets with the power of thunder. Judges the weak ones lost in power. Despite a member of Midnight Rangers, acts in a rogue way out of aloof personality


Strings Trial

Normal Attack
Controls Little One to perform at most 4 continuous attacks, deals Conducto DMG. The 4th attack inflicts [Punishing Brand] upon hitting enemies.

Heavy Attack
Consumes certain stamina to control Little One and deal Conducto DMG. Retrieves [Punishing Brand] upon hitting target inflicted with it.
Deal extra Conducto DMG upon retrieving [Punishing Brand].

Plunge Attack
Consumes Stamina to call back Little One and strike to the ground, deals Conducto DMG.

Evasion Counter
Within certain time after evasion, next normal attack deals Conducto DMG.

Manipulating Palm

Controls Little One to attack enemies and deals Conducto DMG, upon hitting target, retrieves 1 [Punishing Brand] and inflict 1 [Punishing Brand]. 1 target can be inflicted with 2 [Punishing Brand] at most.

Pledge to Me

Attacks enemies with Trial Strings and deals Conducto DMG.

While Trial Strings are activated, Trial Strings will attack with Little One and deals Conducto DMG.

Agony Dipping

Increase duration of [Punishing Brand] to 300s.

Potential Target

While Yinlin is off the battle, she gains 3% Conducto DMG bonus every 1s. This bonus can stack up 6 times and lasts for 4s.

Mournful Tips

Yinlin controls Little One to attack target, deals Conducto DMG, and gets 2 [Punishing Brand]. Hitting targets with [Punishing Brand] retrieves [Punishing Brand].
Retrieving [Punishing Brand] deals extraConducto DMG.

Wails in Trial

When Yinlin leaves the battle, she retrieves all [Punishing Brands], for each 1 [Punishing Brand] retrieved, Little One performs 1 extra attack and deals Conducto DMG.

[Punishing Brand] Infliction
The 4th normal attack inflicts 1 [Punishing Brand] upon 1 target.
Manipulating Palm attack inflicts 1 [Punishing Brand] upon 2 targets.
1 target can be inflicted with 2 [Punishing Brand] at most.

[Punishing Brand] Retrieving
[Punishing Brand] can be retrieved by heavy attacks.
[Punishing Brand] can be retrieved by Mournful Tips attack.

Precision Purification

Has 10% chance to return all ingredients in Purification for Forte Upgrading materials.