Solo Leveling:ARISE Tier List - May 15, 2024

Solo Leveling:ARISE Tier List – Hunters

The best Solo Leveling:ARISE characters and why.

Welcome to DotGG's Solo Leveling:ARISE Tier List! We rank all the Hunters in the game and provide descriptions for each one. Invest in the best characters for your team!

Solo Leveling:ARISE Hunter Tier List

TierCharacter name
SS TierCha Hae-In 🆕
Seo Jiwoo 🔼
Min Byung-Gu 🔼
S TierEmma Laurent 🔼
Baek Yonhoo (Silver Mane)
Choi Jong-In
A TierLim Tae-Gyu
Lee Bora
Baek Yoonho
Yoo Jinho 🔼
Kim Chul 🔼
B TierHwang Dongsoo 🔽
Kang Taeshik
Park Heejin
Nam Chae-Young
Anna Ruiz 🔼
C TierWoo Jinchul 🔽
Han Song-Yi
Song Chiyul 🔼
Hwang Dongsuk 🔽
D TierLee Joohee
Jo Kyuhwan
F TierPark Beom-Shik
Kim Sangshik

Cha Hae-In

Cha Hae-In is currently the best damage dealer in the game without any major drawbacks. Her playstyle revolves around applying Branded with QTE skill, then spamming skill 1 to stack crit buffs, as it can constantly refresh for a limited duration. Additionally, enemies hit by her skill 2 or support skill prevents them from recovering HP.

Seo Jiwoo

Seo Jiwoo is an amazing hunter who is played as both a shielder and breaker. Her skill set revolves around using QTE, Basic skills, and core attacks to obtain Training stacks. Once she has 3 stacks, they refresh the cooldown of her skills. These stacks are used to either provide the team with a shield or deal bonus break damage.

Min Byung-Gu

A hunter that has tremendous buffing abilities while also being able to heal. While not being the hardest hitter himself, he enables other team members to hit hard via multiple damage-dealt buffs, critical hit rate buffs, and critical hit damage increases. His A1 provides neat additional crit rate and crit damage buffs to fellow light team members.

Emma Laurent

Emma Laurent is a strong breaker with great AoE damage and supporting capabilities buffing the team’s Defense Penetration and Fire Damage with her passive. Although, she requires a good understanding of her kit to take advantage of her buffs when playing manually.

Baek Yonhoo (Silver Mane)

A berserk-like hunter (quite literally). Requires careful HP management for his damage to truly shine. His skills consume his current HP in exchange for more damage, the lower his HP, the harder he hits. Couple this with a powerful bleed effect, and he starts hitting like a truck. While he is a dangerous pick for hard missions, his potential damage output is more than enough to justify using him.

Choi Jong-In

A hard hitting hunter with great debuffing abilities. Choi Jong-in is able to apply defense debuffs, Knock up, and burn DoTs on multiple of his high damaging skills. His passive does not allow him to crit in exchange for 40% more ATK, this lets the user fully invest in his ATK, allowing his burn to ramp up more damage (DoTs can’t crit). His ultimate resets his skill 1 and 2, allowing for massive burst damage. At A1, after his Ultimate is casted, his basic skill triples in damage and has increased AoE.

Lim Tae-Gyu

A manual-heavy character who does great in boss killing due to his ultimate being one of the hardest-hitting moves in the game. However, has trouble clearing out mobs due to long charging skills and lack of AoE options. His other skills do decent damage and break.

Lee Bora

An off-field DPS that buffs dark element teammates and debuffs enemies by increasing the damage they take. Her playstyle is mostly swapping her in, quickly using her skills, and swapping her out. Lee Bora has decent AoE options, good damage output, and a debuff cleanser which can be vital against some bosses.

Baek Yoonho

A break-centric hunter with all his skills dealing great break damage. As all his skills scale with defense, this makes him tanky while having decent damage output. Additionally, he also has a defense debuff on both Ultimate and Passive.

Yoo Jinho

Yoo Jinho is a great free breaker who does a bit of everything. He does good break damage, can slightly heal the team/himself (via passive), stuns enemies, and buffs his own defense, increasing his damage and survivability. A1, A3. and A5 are all strong advancements that make his skillset feel complete.

Kim Chul

Kim Chul is a good shielder with decent break abilities. He has great stunning abilities in his kit that interrupts attacks while also being able to consistently generate small shields that can mitigate some damage. His ultimate creates a zone that reduces damage taken for the team while also providing a bigger shield value for the team.

Hwang Dongsoo

Hwang Dongsoo is a bruiser that is able to output good damage while being able to take hits via defense buffs and self shields. He also has niche ability to remove shields on targets which can be useful in some fights, however that’s all he can offer. There is also a lack of potent sets for Def scaling characters as of right now, which hinders his potential.

Kang Taeshik

A surprisingly strong damage dealer who can keep up with some SSRs in the late game. His main gimmick revolves around applying bleed onto enemies, dealing a percentage of their current HP every 3 seconds. Both A1 and A3 are great advancements, as it increases his ATK and the enemies’ damage taken.

Park Heejin

Without advancements, Park Heejin is just another damage dealer who can spam her ultimate with the help of her passive. As a support, she removes all debuffs and increases Sung Jinwoo’s Ultimate damage, which is a decent buff once you have unlocked Truth: Mutilate.

Nam Chae-Young

An HP based hunter that can interrupt enemy attacks as most of her skills freeze. Being able to deal modest damage and good break while providing ample attack windows with her crowd control abilities. Since the damage of her skills are based on max HP, this innately makes her tanky as well.

Anna Ruiz

A rather straightforward character. Anna Ruiz is able to deal good DPS from her skills and DoTs while also being able to apply ok break damage. She is slightly dependent on RNG as one of her passives has a low % chance to apply DoT on skill hits.

Woo Jinchul

Free SSR from log-in. Unfortunately, his kit is treated as such as well. Does rather mediocre damage and break, and as he’s an SSR, copies are harder to get (if even wanted) when he has SR like skills. He does offer rather good mobility and a dash refill on his skill 2.

Han Song-Yi

Able to deal decent damage when utilizing her kit properly. She also is able to deal poison, which deals Damage over time and reduces HP recovery. At A1, she’s able to generate a shield that procs on her skill 2 which can offer good sustainability.

Song Chiyul

Our first free hunter who does well against mobs with a decent gather on basic 1 and A1 increasing damage dealt to normal mobs by 50%. Unfortunately, most late-game enemies are bosses.

Hwang Dongsuk

A self-buffing breaker who can stun and increase his max HP to deal more damage. While he dishes out solid damage, there are better alternatives for a breaker with better damage or team utility. Scorching Shield can also be clunky to use, forcing your character to move forward. A3 is a notable boost as it creates a shield equal to 20% of the user's HP.

Lee Joohee

A decent healer who is given out for free by progressing through the story. She has team-wide attack buffs and charges the team’s core gauge to 100%. As a support, she provides healing and MP recovery to Sung Jinwoo. A3 is a great advancement that heals 400 MP for the entire team.

Jo Kyuhwan

Does rather OK damage against burning targets at A1, but does not offer any other utility. No Airborne, Knockdown or any kind of break damage. Does acquire a stun at A5 tied to his skill 1, however it only lasts for 1 second.

F Tier - Bad

Park Beom-Shik

Has rather low multipliers on his skills with buffs nothing to write home about. His main gist is having below <30% HP to spam his core skill for 4 seconds, which increases his DPS by a good amount. However this effect can only be proc’d once. His A1 and A3 are decent.

Kim Sangshik

Another underwhelming hunter with low damage multipliers with some Break damage tied to most of his skills. Unfortunately, most of his skills have Weak Break, and there are several alternatives if you are looking for a breaker. A1 reduces his skills' cooldowns, which is a decent effect.


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