Sung Jinwoo Stats Build Guide

Solo Leveling:ARISE Sung Jinwoo Stats Build

Stat points are gained when the player levels up. Sung Jinwoo gets 5 stat points per level up. We get a healthy amount of stat points at the start of the game due to leveling up rather often.

AgilityCritical Hit Rate
Critical Hit Damage
IntelligenceMPCooldown Reduction

Damage Stats (+ Early game)

Damage Explained - Sung Jinwoo (and other hunters) has multiple factors on how much damage is dealt on an attack. It is important to Distribute your stats correctly to deal optimal damage. Strength and Perception are vital for DPS output at the start of the game.

  • Strength - The amount of total damage you can do, new players are recommended to have 40-50 strength points at the start.
  • Perception - The minimum damage you can do. The % is what the player should be looking at, 85% is a healthy goal on what should be aimed for. The number besides it does not matter.
  • Agility - Increases your Critical Hit Rate, And Critical Hit Damage. This isn't too important at the start of the game, and should be focused on later chapters depending on builds.

Other Stats

These stats are not too important and can be raised depending in the future depending user preferences.

  • Vitality - Increases Defense and HP
  • Intelligence - Decreases skill cooldown and increases MP.

Perception Further Explained

Perception "Averages" damage dealt by increasing the minimal damage the player does. Let's say you're able to deal a maximum of 10000 damage based on your ATK stat. The effects of Precision would be as follows:

  • 50% Precision
    5000 - 10000 Damage
  • 70% Precision
    7000 - 10000 Damage
  • 90% Precision
    9000 - 10000 Damage

Agility/Crit Further Explained

Agility Increases the players Critical rate and Critical rate damage, huge DPS multipliers. and are usually very sought after once the user is able to deal respectable damage.

It multiplies damage dealt (base 50% more damage) if a Crit hit occurs (base 5%). Crit rate and Crit damage slightly gives less % values the more points (From artifacts or leveling up) you have on them.


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