Sung Jinwoo Artifact Tier List

Solo Leveling:ARISE Tier List – Sung Jinwoo Artifacts

The best Solo Leveling:ARISE Sung Jinwoo Artifacts and why.

Welcome to DotGG's Solo Leveling:ARISE Sung Jinwoo Artifact Tier List! We rank all the Sung Jinwoo Artfiacts in the game and provide descriptions for each one. This tier list is designed to help you navigate the best and most effective Artifact sets for Sung Jinwoo, ensuring you maximize his potential in various battle scenarios.

TierArtifact Set
SS TierArmed Set [Black Lion]
Berserker Set [Skeleton]
Executioner Set [Behemoth]
Toughness Set [Hard Leather]
S TierExpert Set [Beast]
One-Hit Kill Set [Almighty Kargalgan]
A TierDestroyer Set [High-ranking Demon]
Champion on the Field Set [Red-eyed]
B TierOutstanding Connection Set [Aquamarine]
Solid Analysis Set [New Hunter]
Guardian Set [Palace Guard]
C TierConcentration of Firepower Set [Viridescent]
Solid Foundation Set [Dragon Knight]
Noble Sacrifice Set [Holy]

SS Tier

Armed Set [Black Lion]

  • Two-Set Effect: 5% attack increase.
  • Four-Set Effect: Ignore 15% of the target's defense when attacking.
    • Why SS Tier? This set is crucial for maximizing Sung Jinwoo's damage output. The ability to ignore a significant portion of the target's defense makes it ideal for high-damage scenarios, particularly in challenging events like the Battlefield of Time.

Berserker Set [Skeleton]

  • Two-Set Effect: 15% attack increase 15% damage increase when HP is 50% or less.
  • Four-Set Effect: 30% attack increase 15% damage increase when HP is 70% or less.
    • Why SS Tier? Perfect for scenarios where Sung Jinwoo takes hits and needs to deal massive damage. The damage boost under lower HP conditions makes it highly effective in prolonged battles and glass cannon builds.

Executioner Set [Behemoth]

  • Two-Set Effect: 8% damage increase when attacking enemies with 40% or less HP.
  • Four-Set Effect: 20% damage increase when attacking enemies with 70% or less HP.
    • Why SS Tier? Excellent for finishing off weakened enemies, ensuring high damage output during critical moments of the fight and during speedruns.

Toughness Set [Hard Leather]

  • Two-Set Effect: 8% crit rate increase.
  • Four-Set Effect: 32% increase to crit damage.
    • Why S Tier? Crit rate and damage are vital for Sung Jinwoo. This set amplifies his main damage source, ensuring consistent high damage output.

S Tier

Expert Set [Beast]

  • Effect: 25% chance to increase attack by 0.8% per crit, stacking up to 100 times. The four-set effect doubles this.
    • Why S Tier? Great for long battles where stacking attack boosts can lead to substantial increases in damage over time. Performs great when paired with Toughness Set.

One-Hit Kill Set [Almighty Kargalgan]

  • Two-Set Effect: 25% increase in ultimate skill damage.
  • Four-Set Effect: 40% reduction in ultimate skill cooldown.
    • Why S Tier? Ideal for scenarios requiring burst damage, such as boss fights or speed runs. When combined with the Destroyer Set, it becomes even more potent.

A Tier

Destroyer Set [High-ranking Demon]

  • Two-Set Effect: 25% increase in Power Gauge Acquisition Rate.
  • Four-Set Effect: Charges the user's power gauge by 50% at battle start and also increases the user and their team member's Power Gauge Acquisition Rate by an additional 20%.
    • Why A Tier? Provides a strong start by quickly charging your ultimate, making it a solid choice for fast-paced battles and speedruns.

Champion on the Field Set [Red-eyed]

  • Two-Set Effect: 5% attack bonus for 4 seconds when landing a crit.
  • Four-Set Effect: The Attack Increase effect can now stack (limited to 4 instances max)
    • Why A Tier? Consistently useful in various situations, providing a reliable boost to attack power. It goes well with the Toughness Set.

B Tier

Outstanding Connection Set [Aquamarine]

  • Effect: Increases user’s and team members' attack by 12% when tagging out (28% for 15 seconds with four-set effect).
    • Why B Tier? More suitable for support Hunters. Sung Jinwoo's limited tagging out opportunities makes this less effective for him.

Solid Analysis Set [New Hunter]

  • Two-Set Effect: 15% Damage boost to enemies in break state.
  • Four-Set Effect: Increases break effect by 30% against enemies with elemental weakness.
    • Why B Tier? Decent but situational. Better options are generally available.

Guardian Set [Palace Guard]

  • Two-Set Effect: 30% increase in shield effect.
  • Four-Set Effect: Increases damage when a shield is activated by 10% for 10 seconds.
    • Why B Tier? Shields aren't meta right now, making this set less effective for Sung Jinwoo.

C Tier

Concentration of Firepower Set [Viridescent]

  • Effect: 20% increase in mana expenditure, but also increases damage dealt and basic skills by 5% (18% with four-set effect).
    • Why C Tier? Better suited for Hunters. The increase in mana expenditure and limited benefit for Sung Jinwoo's playstyle make it less effective.

Solid Foundation Set [Dragon Knight]

  • Two-Set Effect: 18% damage increase for basic attack.
  • Four-Set Effect: 18% damage increase for core attack and charges core gauge by 60.
    • Why B Tier? Shields aren't meta right now, making this set less effective for Sung Jinwoo.

Noble Sacrifice Set [Holy]

  • Two-Set Effect: 8% HP Increase
  • Four-Set Effect: 8% Attack decrease but increases members' attack by 8%
    • Why B Tier? The worst set for Sung Jinwoo since it reduces his attack at 4-set.

For Sung Jinwoo, the best sets focus on maximizing attack, crit rate, and crit damage, ensuring he can deal substantial damage while shredding enemy defenses. The Arm Set, Berserker Set, and Executioner Set are top-tier choices, while sets like the Toughness Set and Expert Set provide significant benefits for high-damage scenarios.


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